Unlocked Review: Beware! It Could Happen to You!

Unlocked” is a thriller movie featuring a notorious serial murderer who finds the phone of the protagonist, Lee na-mi, and starts deleting people from her life. Si-wan Yin's portrayal of the emotionless killer is outstanding, but the film has some sluggish spots and struggles to keep the audience's attention.

While the story is unpredictable, it is not well-crafted social commentary, but a decent thriller that delivers maximum weirdness and terror. In this article, we will read The Unlocked Review in detail.

Unlocked Story 

After a night out, Lee na-mi (Woo-hee Chun) accidentally leaves her phone on a bus, not realizing it could have disastrous consequences. Woo jun-yeong (Si-wan Yin), a notorious serial murderer, happens to be the unlucky person who finds it.

Woo jun-yeong has been known to use victims' smartphones to commit suicide. Woo Ji-man, Woo jun-yeong's father, discovers the bodies of his prior victims and learns that his son is the killer after discovering a plum tree that his son planted when he was a child.

Unlocked Review

Cleverly, Jun-yeong manages to get her phone and then begins using it to start deleting all of the individuals who are significant in her life. For this sociopath, life is just a game. Ji-man still holds some responsibility for Jun-yeong's adversity and is determined to be the one to bring him back home after he ran away.

Unlocked Review

As the emotionless serial killer, Si-wan Yin stuns. At times, he is quite terrible, and I can attest that he has given many people nightmares. Also reliable, though not quite as much so as Si-wan Yin, is Woo jun-yeong.

Her limited abilities are mirrored by the shallowness of her demeanor. Unlocked is notorious for its randomness and the unexpected turns it may throw at you. It also makes no apologies for going for maximum weirdness and terror.

Although the story's direction is unclear at first, it builds up steam and culminates in a captivating scene. That which the audience and the characters have come to accept as true has been radically altered by the plot's surprising denouement.

Unlocked Review

A fascinating character serves as the film's main antagonist. His psychopathic nature and behavior ensure that you'll be on the edge of your seat for the entire show. The film has several sluggish spots where it has trouble keeping your attention.

The pace is painfully slow, especially in the opening half. With the advent of smartphones, it may seem like everyone in the modern world is more linked than ever. But, the documentary Unlocked claims to investigate this paradox.

Unfortunately, this effort is haphazard and only appears in a few places. It's a decent thriller, but it's not well-crafted social commentary.

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