Unlocked Ending Explained: Is Jun-Yeong Nabbed?

One of the biggest fears of our generation is losing our smartphones, followed by social media hacking. It may sound handy to be able to store the entire globe in one portable gadget, but doing so would be extremely risky.

Most people are willing to take the opportunity, but there are a few who are so worried about their privacy that they've returned to using traditional phones. The brand-new Korean suspense film “Unlocked” explores the disastrous consequences of misplacing a mobile device.

Nami spends much of her time on her phone, whether she is checking her social media accounts, playing a game, or conducting business on a separate account. Until Nami abandoned her phone on the bus one morning after a night of heavy drinking, everything was routine in her life.

A total stranger had picked up her phone, and she was grateful that this person wanted to return it to her. Na-mi trusted the man she was talking to, not realizing that the woman's voice she was hearing was actually a recording of a man's.

Unlocked Plot Synopsis

Lee na-mi is just another everyday woman who forgets her phone on the bus when she goes out on the town. A mysterious person acquires it, setting off a series of tragic events. The person pretends to be a woman by following phony voice commands. He pretends to be a good Samaritan who only wants to give the phone back.

Meanwhile, police officer Woo ji-man discovers a brutally murdered victim. He then finds a plum tree nearby, which he interprets as proof that his own son, Woo jun-yeong, is the murderer. During a discussion with his wife, he explains why. The desire to grow a plum tree began in Jun-yeong's young mind.

He was in the highlands, where Ji-man had taken him. Later, Jun-yeong escaped from his house. Ji-man has reason to be concerned because the body was discovered buried close to the same tree. Na-mi's phone was also discovered by Jun-yeong. He smashes the monitor after failing to decipher the password.

Later, he sends Na-mi a message saying he broke her phone by mistake and that she may pick it up at the phone store where he works undercover. Na-mi gives him complete access to her account by writing her password into a form at the store. He implants spyware and a hidden camera into her mobile device.

Unlocked Ending Explained

This enables him to follow her everywhere she goes and see what she is up to at all times. He then deliberates on what to do next. He visits her father's coffee shop, where he poses as an ordinary customer who orders plum juice. He keeps running into Na-mi and developing feelings for her.

The goal of his mission is straightforward: eliminate the three most influential persons in her life. Some of the people on this list include her superiors, dad, and closest pal. Na-mi's dad has always had reservations about Jun-yeong, so he advises his daughter to steer clear of him.

The man lures the criminal out of the house with a dropped package and then catches him. Because of her hard work and dedication, Na-mi is ready to receive a promotion in her company. Jun-yeong sabotages this by using her phone to post a picture on social media in which Na-mi publicly resigns from her job and abuses her supervisor and coworkers.

Molecular interactions at the Na-Mi interface Unaware that he is the perpetrator, Jun-yeong sets out to track down the hacker who published the photo. He takes advantage of the situation to eliminate her closest confidant.

Her best friend is likely to be the target of his oblique accusation that the spyware was instead manually uploaded to her phone. Na-mi and her relationship suffer as a result of this.

Ji-Man keeps digging into the deaths of his sons. Na-mi approaches him and his partner, saying that she has been told that the man she trusted is the perpetrator. Ji-man does not let Jun-yeong in on the seriousness of the issue and the three of them plot a trap for her. She thinks his goal is merely to post the footage online.

Unlocked Ending Explained in detail………

Is Jun-Yeong Nabbed?

Na-mi lures Jun-yeong to his place by offering to examine her laptop for spyware if she comes over to his. Ji-man and his accomplice attack him just as he is about to enter Na-building, Mi's hiding out and surprising him.

The problem is that Ji-man doesn't see him as his own son. He acts clueless and asks whether they are really questioning a regular citizen. There is no hard evidence to hold him accountable, so the two Jun-yeong depart.

He sends Na-mi a text saying he can't make it. The three suspect that he is in on their plot. After saying their goodbyes, Ji-man & his partner asked Na-Mi to get in touch in case Jun-yeong ever came back to her residence.

So How Does Jun-Yeong Manage to Grab Na-mi?

Na-mi receives a text from Jun-Yeong after they leave, confirming that he is still spying on her even though she changed her phone. Even if she tries to call the authorities, he still has access to her phone and simply deletes the number.

He then plays an audio recording of her dad warning her to be careful with him. Later, when he's already snuck into her house, he confesses his true identity. If any of the individuals he cut out of her life get in touch with her, he says he'll let her go.

Unlocked Ending Explained

Na-mi is coerced into sending an SMS to the police saying everything is alright. Then he shows her a video of himself with a knife to his neck. After that, Jun-yeong to the restroom.

As Na-mi decides to pursue him, she finds Jun-yeong with a knife to his father's throat while he is tied up in the bathroom's bathtub. Ji-man hears the shocking news that a DNA test was performed on one of the earlier victims, and it was determined to be Jun-yeong.

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