Unhinged 2020 All About Revenge

Action thriller films have always been a priority from the audience's side. And if it includes “vengeance,” then it's on another level. But what if we told you, Unhinged consists of a psychopath as well? That's right, this movie is beyond a regular thriller! Although this movie made a minor profit at the box office, but it's undoubtedly worth watching. We will guide you through all the information regarding the Unhinged 2020 movie. Let's get started.

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Unhinged 2020 Movie Storyline & Plot

Tom Cooper, a vindictive psychopath, is parked outside his ex-house wife's on a wet night. He takes off his wedding band before lighting a match and a bottle of hydrocodone while looking blankly at it. Tom smashes into the house with a hammer and a tank of gasoline, killing her and her lover and setting the house on fire. As he drives away, expressionless, it explodes.

Rachel Flynn, a recently divorced single mother, drives her son Kyle to school amid rush hour traffic the next morning. One of her clients fires her over the phone as she is rushing late for work. She then honks at Tom's pickup vehicle, which is stopped at a green signal impeding traffic.

He quickly catches up to Rachel and apologises, then requests an apology in return, claiming he wants to “reset” and that “people should apologise for everything they do wrong.” When Rachel tells him she has nothing to apologise for, the argument becomes heated.

Unhinged 2020

Tom offers to teach her “what it is to have a horrible day” in exchange. Tom pulls up in front of Rachel at the end of the road and pulls over. He then gets into his car and drives away. She phones her buddy Andy, who also happens to be her divorce lawyer, and makes plans to meet him at a diner.

Tom follows Rachel to her mother's house, where Kyle hides by setting off a quiet alarm. Rachel smashes Tom's van, flipping it, but he gets out and assaults Rachel, then goes into the home looking for Kyle, intending to murder him next. Kyle mistakenly alerts Tom to his hiding position upstairs as he is preparing to head back outdoors. Rachel awakens and enters the home to protect Kyle, but Tom discovers her and the two fight furiously. Rachel stabs Tom in the eye with a pair of scissors as he attempts to choke Kyle, killing him.

When the cops come, Rachel is informed that Fred has survived the attack. Rachel and Kyle head to the hospital to see Fred. A vehicle cuts them off as they drive away, and Rachel restrains herself from honking at the enraged driver. “Good decision,” Kyle replies as he notices this. As the sun sets, they go.

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Unhinged 2020 Movie Cast

  • Russell Crowe as Tom Cooper (The Lead Actor)
  • Caren Pistorius 
  • Gabriel Bateman 
  • Jimmi Simpson as a divorce lawyer
  • Austin P. McKenzie
  • Juliene Joyner
  • Stephen Louis Grush
  • Anne Leighton
  • Michael Papajohn
  • Lucy Faust 
  • Devyn A. Tyler 
  • Samantha Beaulieu
  • Andrew Morgado

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Unhinged 2020 Movie Ratings & Reviews: Stream it or Skip it

First thing first, if you're a fan of thriller, vengeance, and psychopath movie enthusiasts, then we recommend you watch the movie yourself, rather than relying on the critics who haven't produced a film in their lifetime!

The appearance of “Unhinged” in a largely empty release schedule that needs additional movies to show their value is all the more aggravating. Many of us yearn for the days when we could all go to the movies together. But “Unhinged” feels more like an attempt to destroy the cinema than to rescue it.

Unhinged has a 48 percent approval rating on review aggregate Rotten Tomatoes, based on 203 reviews and an average score of 5.3/10. “Russell Crowe makes for a compulsively compelling villain,” the website's critics agree, “but Unhinged lacks enough insight or depth to get significant mileage out of its pulpy plot.” The film has a weighted average score of 40 out of 100 from 36 reviewers on Metacritic, signifying “mixed or mediocre reviews.”

Crowe accomplishes a lot with his great physical heft in Unhinged, and it's a performance worth watching. He embodies the weight of his massive truck whenever he is outside the cab, gliding dully through the cramped spaces of eateries and homes like a blunt instrument with plenty of force but no elegance.

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Wrapping up

Unhinged would be another bland, clichéd, utilitarian B-movie if not for Crowe's moody portrayal. It's changed into a boring, predictable, utilitarian B-movie starring Russell Crowe with the beefy Kiwi on board. The message is obvious for lockdown-addled moviegoers who have waited months to witness an exhilarating big-screen spectacular again: wait a bit longer.