Uncle from Another World Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

Uncle from Another World, a comic isekai-comedy manga written and illustrated by Hotondoshindeiru, is now being translated into an anime, which will be shown exclusively on Netflix outside of Japan.

The Japanese broadcast will start in July 2022, and we should hear more about when it will be available on Netflix soon. What follows is everything that we currently know about the first season of Uncle from Another World on Netflix.

The next globally licensed Japanese Netflix Original comedy-isekai anime series “Uncle from Another World” is an adaptation of Hotondoshindeiru's manga “Isekai Ojisan,” which is titled “Uncle from Another World.”

What Is the Netflix Release Date for Uncle From Another World?

Uncle From Another World
Uncle From Another World

Uncle From Another World has yet to make its Netflix debut as of this writing. We know the date of July 6th, 2022, as a starting point for the Japanese anime airing.

If Netflix waits until all Japanese episodes have aired before releasing Uncle From Another World, we might be waiting for several months.

Trailer For Uncle From Another World

What's the Story of Uncle From Another World?

Uncle From Another World
Uncle From Another World

Netflix has given us a plot summary for the film “Uncle from Another World”:

“Autumn 2017… After being placed in a coma after being struck by a truck when he was 17 years old, Takafumi's uncle unexpectedly comes to after being in a coma for the last 17 years. During Takafumi's visit to his uncle in the hospital, he witnesses the elderly man babbling incoherently and claiming that he has recently returned from a place called “Granbahamal.”

It is pretty clear that his uncle has completely lost his mind. When Takafumi's uncle claims to be in another dimension, Takafumi is at a loss for words, but his uncle uses some magic to support his claims.

After deciding to make a living off his uncle's skills and having no other relatives to turn on for assistance, Takafumi takes him in, and the two of them start living together in an apartment.

During the time that Takafumi spends with his uncle, he learns about his uncle's magical experiences and his infinite passion for SEGA video games. However, there are moments when hearing about his uncle's struggles with loneliness and cruelty makes Takafumi feel both happy and sad.

This fresh and fascinating otherworldly comedy takes place in a nook of an apartment complex, and it focuses on two guys of different generations working very hard to become video content makers.

Who Is the Cast of Uncle From Another World?

Uncle From Another World
Uncle From Another World

The cast of “Uncle from Another World” is filled to the brim with exceptionally skilled voice actors.

Takehito Koyasu is one of the most instantly identifiable voices in the anime industry because of his performances as the evil Dio Brando in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and the Beast Titan Zeke in Attack on Titan. Both of these characters were voiced by Koyasu.

Mikako Komatsu is most recognized for her performance as Senkuu in the anime series Dr. Stone, even though she provides the voice of Rebecca in the licensed Netflix Original series Edens Zero.

Other voice actors include Aoi Yuki and Nobuhiko Okamoto from My Hero Academia's anime series. They give their characters Tsuyu Asui and Katsuki Bakugo, respectively, their distinctive tones.