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[UFC]: Witter Belford reveals he will face world boxing legend in August

[UFC]: Witter Belford reveals he will face world boxing legend in August

Retired from UFC From May 2018, Witter Belfort May return to fight on a special occasion next August. On the 19th, the former champion of the main organization M.M.A. The planet's YouTuber will face Mike Holston Speakers Exhibition. The opponent, however, must have been different, according to Belfort.

At a press conference, the former fighter said he was invited to a world boxing legend: “The fight should have been with Holyfield, but he did not accept it. His team agreed. Later, they asked me if I wanted to fight with that person, because he only agreed. We tried many things, but no one wanted to. So, in August, I will face Holyfield.”.

Belport received praise in a YouTube interview on whom it will fight in ten days: “You don’t control life. It should have been Holyfield, but he said no, we are fighting in August. When I was introduced to Tarzan (Holston), I accepted. Because? Because everything is a challenge. “, Announced in Brazil.

For Belfort, the exhibition will be another opportunity to fight the fight: “I try to entertain. People are looking for excuses, but I am looking for solutions. How can I say no? He is respectable. He knew he was reaching for himself, not looking for an easy fight. He agreed to face one of the biggest knockouts in UFC history. ”.

The fight against Mike Holston should be in the same format as the fight between boxing multi-champion Floyd Mayweather against YouTube Logan Paul last Sunday (6).

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