Turning Red Review: What Is The Controversy About Women Health Film?

Turning Red Review: Genre- Fantasy, Animation, Comedy, Kids & Family Original Language: English Director | Domee Shi PG (Thematic Material|Suggestive Content|Language) What causes a disagreement? Turning Red, Pixar’s entertaining new picture about a Toronto girl who discovers she can transform into a (big) red panda; appears to have divided audiences.

Turning Red may have been dragged into bigger ongoing conversations about parents; kids; and — deep sigh — the culture war in the attempt to find an objection; any objection; to this funny little film.

What Type Of Film Is This?

The bulk of the audience appears to like the film’s main character; Mei; a 13-year-old Chinese Canadian girl with strong fannish hobbies and a devoted geek squad.

Turning Red Review

They’ve been praising Turning Red for its distinct elements, such as its early-2000s Toronto setting, its celebration of adolescent girlhood; and, most all; its nuanced representation of a child coping with complex themes of the family; community; and suppressed history.

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However, the excitement around the film in the days following its March 11 release has been laced with drama; giving the sense that Turning Red is Pixar’s most divisive film sincepossibly ever.

Controversy Surrounding Turning Red

“Turning Red” emphasizes the importance of puberty and women’s health, as well as the need for young people to be informed and aware of periods, whether or not they experience them.

Turning Red Review

  • Since its debut, many people have taken to social media to deem the film “inappropriate” for children.
  • While that is not the case; the controversy surrounding Turning Red continues to garner attention and go viral.
  • Perhaps less because many people are upset than because the things that a few people are upset about are simply… odd.
  • The complaints, such as they are; range from assertions that this picture isn’t relatable to persistent dissatisfaction with the depiction of a young lady going through puberty; a youngster exercising autonomy; and the actual reality of — yes, sometimes cringe-worthy — 13-year-old girls.
  • Turning Red will be a deeply familiar narrative to many members of the audience in many ways.
  • Its Toronto setting is rich with local flavor and features that will thrill locals. Mei is a confident, enthusiastic, and school-loving fangirl who is obsessed with boys.
  • Outside of Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers; those adjectives might easily fit millions of teen girls and adult women, but it’s rare to see this kind of femininity warmly; humorously depicted on film.
  • 4*Town; Mei’s favorite band; is a comical mash-up of every early 2000s boy band; complete with nasal vocals; heavy synth; and percussion pads for a nostalgic stroll down the backstreet.

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From Tamagotchi to Sailor Moon, the film is full of clever time references. Many more audiences may be familiar with the film’s loving yet strict parents, as well as the rich Chinese cultural signifiers on show, which have received positive feedback:

  • This critic had a tremendous crush on a boy one year her senior in middle school when she was just a young teen.
  • I’m not sure if we were already dating when I filled my notebook with his name and some sappily romantic words one evening, not realizing that my annoyingly overprotective detective mother would soon uncover the humiliating pad.
  • But I do recall sweating in humiliation, terror, perplexity, and panic when my mother snatched the notebook out from under me (in desperation, I sat on it to try to hide the proof of my adolescent love) and began flipping the pages in shock and wrath.
  • Imagine my surprise as I saw Oscar-winning “Bao” director Domee Shi’s superb cartoon “Turning Red13-year-old “‘s central character goes through a similar ordeal with her mother!
  • Meilin (Rosalie Chiang)—Mei to her friends and family—is an overachieving Chinese-Canadian girl growing up too fast in the early aughts in Toronto, with her budding hormones and changing body.
  • Straight-laced straight-laced straight-laced straight-laced straight-laced straight
  • She may be a student, but no one can stop her from noticing all the good-looking gentlemen she and her best friends routinely swoon over, notably a neighborhood store clerk.
  • That anyone includes Mei’s strict, willowy mother Ming (Sandra Oh), who is enraged when she discovers Mei’s notebook of provocative heartthrob drawings.

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While managing all of these tremendous feelings, what’s Mei to do but turn red and POOF, transform into a fluffy, monstrously cute red panda? (Why hadn’t I thought of this when I was busted in the same way?) Where, more crucially, was this film when I was a kid?)

Turning Red Review: Frequently Asked Questions

“Turning Red” emphasizes the importance of puberty and women’s health; as well as the importance of young people being taught about periods; whether or not they experience them.

Since its debut; many people have taken to social media to deem the film “inappropriate” for children.

“Turning Red,” and perhaps “Encanto,” are regarded as successful representations because they tell captivating stories for everyone, with the communities they wish to honor as the protagonists.

Finally, Turning Red received largely positive reviews from critics and audiences, indicating that the film was a significant success, especially considering its huge Disney+ launch.

While the gap between reviewers and audiences is wide, especially when compared to previous Pixar films, it’s just a strange outlier.

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