Tulsa King Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review: Who Killed Stacy?

Tulsa King Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review: Dwight (Sylvester Stallone) is having his crew trained to shoot by the General and Mitch (Garrett Hedlund). Why? With Dwight's professional family in New York, they have two fronts to defend. Meanwhile, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, there's trouble brewing with the Black Macadam's biker gang. Martin Starr's Bodhi is so uneasy about using a gun that he won't even practice with one.

Jay Will's character, Tyson, cares more about making a good impression than he does about actually succeeding. Grace is the only hope because she consistently hits her marks, just as her father taught her to do before he committed suicide last year.

Grace asks Dwight for an apology, and he offers one for turning their quiet lives upside down. Since they are in this “s**t” together, she demands that Dwight take the helm and guide them out.

Tulsa King Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review does contain spoilers!

Tulsa King Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

All of Dwight's associates, with the exception of Grace, are learning to shoot from Mitch, but they're all terrible. She assures Dwight that she'll take necessary precautions to safeguard herself, but she also urges him to think about how his actions will impact their lives before taking any action.

Dwight tells Mitch that he needs a lot more tough guys on his team & asks Mitch to put him in touch with some. Stacy confronts Caolan about Roxy, but he brushes her off by saying that he has no idea where she is.

At the Bred 2 Buck, Jimmy The Creek is approached by Dwight, Bodhi & Mitch who want to sell him on the idea of opening a casino under his name. He was informed of the compensation he can expect & the measures taken to protect him from legal action.

Dwight also requests that Jimmy help him locate more experienced Indian fighters like Bad Face to add to his crew. Chickie is debating how to handle Dwight as the funeral for Pete takes place in New York.

Tulsa King Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Stacy & her superiors are meeting with FBI agents who are still looking into Dwight's whereabouts in Tulsa; however, Stacy is doing everything in her power to divert their attention to Waltrip. She informs them that Roxy may have left a clue involving bank accounts on Caolan's laptop.

The two ready-to-go ex-cons are introduced to Dwight by Mitch, whom they both know from the rodeo. As Tyson is leaving home, his father tells him to take care of himself & that they will no longer try to change his mind.

When Jimmy questions Bodhi about working with Dwight at the casino, Bodhi reassures him that the rewards will outweigh the risks. Upon hearing this, Jimmy decides to give it a go. When the corrupt police stop Tyson & Dwight, they are on the road.

Dwight says he'll take care of it & then leaves while pretending to reach for a gun in his jacket pocket. He makes them feel threatened enough to back off, & he and Tyson are free to leave. Stacy sees her therapist, who tells her she seems to be avoiding dealing with the real issues in her life.

Chickie calls Dwight to say he's going to Tulsa to make amends & put the past between them to rest. It's all a ploy to get close to Dwight before killing him. Caolan accuses the police of failing to do their job by not bringing Dwight in & he vows to deal with the situation himself. At dinner, Armand's wife tells him she's worried about him.

She claims she no longer recognizes the man she married if he persists in his criminal behavior & that she, therefore, desires a divorce. Stacy approaches Dwight as he waits for a taxi outside his hotel & informs him that Caolan's bar was just raided & that an arrest warrant has been issued for him.

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She begs him to lay low & lead a normal life, but Dwight has no interest in doing so. He engages in a mild flirtation & she brings up his friendship with Margaret. Caolan & his lieutenant ride up behind them as they converse & open fire.

Tulsa King Season 1 Episode 8 Review

This series could not have lasted for only one season. Tulsa King, Episode 8 brings more of the same while we wait for something to happen: rearranging chess pieces on a board. Tulsa King has been more set up than the actual story so far. Every episode is like taking three steps forward and two steps back.

Dwight has been released from prison and is attempting to start a new life apart from the mob he still serves, but he still can't bring himself to completely cut all ties. There's no way he'd ever return to the group that abandoned him for 25 years in prison before sending him to Tulsa as punishment.

Since his trip to New York was so disastrous, he prefers the idea of moving his family to a new city to start over. I doubt I'm alone in hoping that, with the new government in place, he will no longer be able to send funds back to the gang. Being in Chickie's employ is very different from being in Pete's. This is an extremely embarrassing situation.

When Chickie furls an “uncle Dwight” at Dwight in a lame attempt to show respect, you know he's lost it. What did I realize yesterday as I watched them bury my dad, you know, Uncle Dwight? You're the last thing I have to remind me of my dad. This weekend, I'll be in town. Myself, Vince, and Goody.

Tulsa King Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

At the end of the day, we all sit down together for a meal to demonstrate our solidarity. The part of the story that made Dwight who he is doesn't sit well with viewers: the mob. They're a pain in the neck who want to be recognized for doing absolutely nothing.

Hangers-on enable this embarrassing behavior and prefer to isolate themselves rather than work together to make positive changes. Dwight's brain was in overdrive when Chickie called. He's having a tough time keeping the ranks together while fighting the Black McAdams.

Dwight must have sensed the underlying tension in that phone call. He has excellent discernment of people, so he must be well-prepared. Uncle Dwight's use was like kissing a man right before you smack him. Dwight undoubtedly is aware of this.

Waltrip, who has previously employed thugs and other criminals to carry out his dirty deeds, attempted to have Dwight arrested so that he could take advantage of the rigged justice system and eliminate his rival.

After being locked up for so long, Dwight may have lost some of his skills. Given that he left his gun at home, I suppose so. And, man, isn't it cool when Sylvester Stallone gets to put his teeth into the conversation like that?

He looks like he's having a blast in this role, and he's perfect for it. I appreciated that Waltrip took matters into his own hands & shot both Dwight & Stacy. He missed the mark, but it is getting old to watch men, especially since Dwight has been so hands-on ever since he arrived, bossing around their subordinates.

Dwight is in a tough spot, but maybe Chickie & his thugs will fall victim to the increased attention on him. Even though things aren't going Dwight's way, it'd be best if they did so that he could build a stronger foundation for his business.

It's both appealing & repulsive to him because of his father's association with it. Tyson aspires to be independent, but he's easily influenced. That's why he has such a soft spot for Dwight, who, at first glance, seems to be completely different from his father.

Dwight hasn't even had time to assemble his own band of heroes before they're thrown into the frying pan. They haven't even met each other yet & a few of them can't even shoot. It would be asking a lot of people if Dwight couldn't motivate them with his charisma, humor & intelligence.

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However, he does motivate those around him & the upcoming showdown on the Season 1 finale of Tulsa King promises to be exciting. It's possible that Dwight's journey in Tulsa King Season 2 will be about him constantly building to something that may never come to fruition, so hopefully, there will be less world-building & more pure fun. It's too soon to tell.