Tulio Addresses Fans, Pledges to Invest in Football “Soon”, Announces Surplus in Corinthians | Corinthians

After an hour Threatens organized resistance, Corinthian leader Tulio Montero Alves recorded a video and addressed the crowd this Saturday. The leader described the protest (coffins with leaders' faces and slogans talking about “massacre”) as “democratic and peaceful”. And issued important announcements.

First accounts. According to the balance sheet yet to be released by the club, The The Corinthians had a surplus of PRL 4 million During Tulio's first four months as president: January to April.

The official also promised to “soon” return to invest in professional football in Corinth. After more than six months of management, Tulio has yet to sign any players.

On the contrary, there was the departure of important players. Recently, Casares and Camacho left the club. Ramiro will follow the same path next month, as will Jameson, who is unable to renew his relationship with the Corinthians.

Current leader of the Corinthians Tulio Montero Alves – Photo: Rodrigo Coca / A.G. Corinthians

Check out the President's statement in full:

“Believers, speak up. I would like to speak with you with an open heart and eyes. Today we held a large demonstration at the doorstep of Park Chao Jorge. Democratic and peaceful. He loves the Corinthian club and gives an active voice here. We do everything we can to bring more transparency, investment efficiency and greater success.

In recent times, fans have called for improved management and transparency. What is our answer? In five months, Falconi and KPMG, two of the world’s largest consultants, They are already working on our modernization. We reduce costs in all sectors. Wage cuts are already a reality in football and the club. This year we have already released three financial statements, and in the first four months, we had a surplus of $ 4 million.

In addition, we have made progress in legal deals, while marketing seeks new money in digital businesses, which we have not yet announced. With that, you can be sure: soon, the time will come to invest in football. The current board is aware of this, and we are constantly researching solutions to our needs in a difficult market.

Like you, I am not satisfied. We know the pressure for the results of football, but we must not rush or waste the latest developments. Changing management requires time, patience and solidarity.

In closing: Today's demonstration does not make me sad. Rather. The Corinthian fan who supports, suffers and loves the club knows: the only solution for the Corinthians is good management over the next three years. This is how we are going to deliver a ready and winning club.

This change requires frequent contact with us. Eye to eye, always. That’s why you know everything that happens here. We understand where we want to go and of course it will support. With you on our side, no one is safe.