Trolley Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review: Will Joong Do Turn on Hye Ju?

Spoilers for the ninth episode of the first season of the Netflix K-drama Trolley follow. In contrast to previous episodes, which have relied heavily on a cliffhanger at the end, episode nine of Trolley is much more subtle, giving us plenty of discoveries but strategically placing them throughout the programme.

The show's trajectory is clear at this point, but it will be interesting to see what role Gwi-soon plays if she begins to feel pity for Seung-hee as the story progresses. In this article, we will read Trolley Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review. Keep reading to know more.

Trolley Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Trolley Season 1 Episode 9 Recap 

After finding Ji-phone Hoon in Joong-drawer, Do's Hye-Joo was left gasping for air. Her haste to greet Soo-Bin is thwarted when she discovers the latter is not in her bedroom. While Hye-Joo is telling Yeo-Jin what she has discovered, Yeo-Jin helps her calm down.

Yeo-Jin tries to contact Joong-Do, but he is in the middle of an important meeting. He does answer the phone when Hye-Joo calls, and he becomes concerned as his wife coughs and sputteringly tries to address the news of Ji-death Hoon before collapsing to the floor and being sent to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Soo-Bin goes to the shop and introduces herself to the proprietor as “Mother,” revealing that she has been lying about being an orphan. Although it was partially untrue, it turns out that she was indeed abandoned by her mother when she was a child.

Her mother has moved on with her life and is currently enjoying the company of another daughter who has no idea who Soo-Bin is. She's so uninterested in life that she doesn't care how her pregnant daughter is doing or how she got there.

Trolley Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

When Soo-Bin leaves her store in a huff, she leaves her phone behind, and her pal calls to say hello to her mom as her lover. Soo-Bin later finds out that her mother gave her phone to the suspect man after this incident.

Gwi-Soon sees the footage and becomes enraged at the Assemblyman for meeting with the man who killed her grandchild. She is too upset to be comforted at the moment, despite the efforts of Joong-Do, Hye-Joo, and Woo-Jae.

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After hearing the news from Yoon-Seo, Hye-Joo hugs her husband and apologizes for being so harsh when she realized how much she had been going through compared to what he had been going through. Before the end credits roll on episode 9 of Trolley, Soo-Bin phones her own number, and her friend who blackmailed Hyeong-Tae with her picks up.

Will Joong Do Turn on Hye Ju?

Legislator Nam has already betrayed his kid & is looking for someone else to blame for his death, so I have no doubt he will turn on his wife. At a news conference, Assemblyman Nam formally demanded that Ji Hoon be prosecuted to the greatest extent of the law & he permitted his wife Hye Ju to evict Ji Hoon from their shared apartment shortly after he was released from prison.

Hye Ju & Joong Do have been happily married for almost 8 years & their union has been strengthened by their shared values & perspectives on politics. Yoon Seo's mother, Hye Ju, remains at home to raise him; she & Yoon Seo never discuss politics or his job. Up until Ji Hoon passed away & Seung Hee entered the picture, everything was running smoothly.

Ever since then, Hye Ju has been blackmailed into paying Youngsan a visit, which has thwarted Woo Jae's efforts to uncover her background. Assemblyman Nam's probe into the real estate issue involving himself & Lee Yoo Shin is hampered by Hye Ju's blackmail.

Despite Joong Do's warnings, Hye Ju approached Soo Bin too closely. Hye Ju is currently franticly searching for Soo Bin, even sending a text message from Soo Bin's phone, which is now in the hands of JD, a notorious blackmailer & pimp who is currently having a meeting with the advisor to Assemblyman Kang.

Hye Ju also privately criticized Joong Do for caring about victims of dating abuse & “desiring justice.” After Ji Seung Kyu's father assaulted her husband in the hospital, she sided with him and his parents & now feels like a complete idiot.

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As an aside, if Joong Do and Hye Ju were having sexual relations, she would have seen the mark on his chest. Since the Seung Hee affair, this appears to be the first episode where the two engage in any sort of physical activity together.

Trolley Season 1 Episode 9 Review

There are several major plot points brought to the forefront in this episode, setting up the rest of the season in a thrilling fashion. This chapter further solidifies our suspicions that Joong-do is not telling the whole truth.

Knowing that Seung-parents kye could try to take action against him, he invented the entire incident at the hospital. Well, he's smart enough to know that's a ruse, so he shot the video as a backup to use against them if necessary.

Trolley Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

It demonstrates his astuteness and familiarity with the cutthroat nature of the political arena. Hye-Joo can allow Seung-hee to stir up problems and go against her, but Joong-do & Woo-Jae can easily turn that & destroy her whole family, given the filth they've unearthed.

This brings up the trolley dilemma again. Given that the show has been meandering for quite some time, it was refreshing to finally see some progress and receive some substantial explanations in this episode.

There's little doubt that the Soo-bin predicament is intriguing, and the cliffhanger suggests she could soon be in serious trouble. However, the upcoming episode should be really interesting to see.