Trolley Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review: What Occurs When Hye-Joo’s Story Goes Viral?

In this article, we will discuss Trolley Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review. Caution! It contains spoilers. The tenth episode of Trolley did a fantastic job of setting up the dramatic conclusion. Unlike previous episodes, this one doesn't leave a lot of loose ends, but it should be interesting to see how Hye-Joo deals with the media storm that could cause tensions to arise between her and Joong-do. Let's read Trolley Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review in detail.

Trolley Season 1 Episode 10 Recap 

Gwi-soon invites Joong-do and Woo-Jae to mill breakfast. The old woman has softened her stance against the assemblyman, even expressing her happiness at being used to help sexual assault victims get justice even if the offenders are dead. “Growing online criticism of Seung-kyu” is “not enough to overshadow the revelation of Namgoong Sol's career as a sex worker,” according to Joong-aides.

Thus, the politician proposing the amendment must discover another criminal case with equivalent facts. Soon-hong interrupts Woo-claim Jae that Joong-do has something useful. Yeo-emotional jin's argument with her ex-boyfriend outside Chae-memorial prompts the restaurant owner to say, “Die too.

Trolley Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

You killed your child. Hye-Joo saves her “family” friend from revenge by having Chae-dad eun leave the house. Yeo-jin remembers how helpful her lifetime friend has been while Soon-hong smugly suggests forging a deal with Joong-do over Yoo-land sin's speculating issues and Hye-guarded joo's history.

Soo-bin visits the restaurant owned by the people she fled, where she contemplates how she may get the money to buy her phone. Yeong-seon tells Soo-bin about Yeo-tragic jin, including how her husband murdered their child before attacking the restaurant owner. Hye-Joo suggests to her angry friend “just stay by my side for a long time” & not apologize.

Yeo-jin pays Soo-bin two million won at her restaurant without hesitation, possibly to get rid of the bothersome youngster. Yoon-Seo pledges her buddy to keep her family's pregnant house guest's departure a secret, while Joong-do “defended prostitution” by exposing Namgoong Sol's suicide and suffering student anger.

Yoon-argument Seo's statement “adultery is worse” than illegal sex work may have harmed her friendship with the person she had told personal facts about her life. Soo-bin leaves Yeo-jin with several messages. The young child initially assumes the restaurant owner did something nefarious to “turn a blind eye” by feeding her seaweed soup.

Soo-bin claims Yeong-seon steals Yeo-money jin's when she's away. Hye-Joo also learned that Gwi-soon will “do everything” to pass Joong amendment to punish people like Seung-kyu after their deaths. Seung-hee is visiting Hye-Joo after convincing Seung-family kyu of her innocence by stating she had planned to write something about Namgoong Sol but decided against it because of the potential ramifications for their son.

Ki-young doesn't trust his wife, and he's annoyed that she wants to play with the book conservator's life. He and Seung-hee abruptly leave for Australia. saying, “Sorry. I can't leave my mum. Hye-Joo nervously meets the Soo-phone man. bin pretends to be Ji-buddy, hoon's, but has Soo-phone.

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The book conservator's previous houseguest has “sticky fingers,” is evil, and has gone “off the radar” in this strange meeting. That, and the shady man wanted to know, indirectly, that Ji-hoon caused Soo's pregnancy. While Yeo-jin sells her restaurant and moves “far away,” Woo-Jae warns Joong-do that Soo-bin may try to blackmail him with her pregnancy. However, the advisor will “package” hoon's Ji-baby news as a “heartwarming story.”

Woo-foreboding Jae's comment, “So there's nothing to worry about unless something else gets out,” worries Joong-do, but he doesn't realize his right-hand man is referring to his son's drug use. While thinking, Ki-young calls Joong-do. Seung-husband hee's decision to reveal Yoo-sin and Soon-real hong's estate dealings is good.

This may assist Ki-young and his wife move to Australia. Joong-do meets Soon-hong in his automobile, reportedly suggesting a new arrangement involving Mr. Park of Youngsan, while Soo-bin plans to get her phone from her dubious source. This man looked jealous of Ji-hoon for getting Soo-bin pregnant.

Yoon-Seo looks with mild scorn at Soo-‘JD' bin's tattoo while Soo-bin changes. Yeo-jin advises Hye-Joo to tell Joong-do her story. The book conservator worries about the assemblyman's amendment's potential to harm Yoo-family's sins and if it's worth the risk. Hye-Joo later agrees to Joong-do publicizing her and Seung-case ho's as long as she doesn't have to appear.

Trolley Season 1 Episode 10 Review

I'm more curious about Yeo-jin and Woo-jae than I am about Hye-joo and her lack of involvement. And the less we investigate Soo-truth, bin's the crazier my theories become. Is Woo-Jae, Yeo-jin, Soo-bin, and Joong-do all a part of some surprising event? Is everyone trying to keep anything terrible from Hye-Joo?

Trolley Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Woo-Jae probably doesn't want anyone to find out what Yeo-jin knows. One must wonder if he is following Joong orders. do's Given how obviously in love he seems to be with him, the answer is probably yes. Nonetheless, from where we stand, there are still certain crucial pieces of the puzzle missing that we need to know in order to theorize further.

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Episode 10 of Trolley is intriguing and patiently builds up a mystery. A lot of trauma has occurred, and it will take some time to comprehend it all. And yet, it should be against the law that we are still forced to deal with Ki-young and Seung-hee.