Trolley Problem, Inc – What We Know So Far

What is Trolley Problem, Inc about?

‘Trolley Problem, Inc.' is a fascinating and thought-provoking new narrative adventure game by Samuel Read-Graves, the executive producer of Gang Beasts, that will be released on the PC in April this year.

With subject matter based on authentic philosophical papers, players will be put under pressure to make decisions about who lives and who dies, as well as the nature of free will and its limitations.

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New employees at Trolley Issue, Inc. are initially evaluated based on their suitability for employment through some basic problem solving that only touches the lives of a few individuals and one canine companion.

The player is presented with two options, after which a countdown begins, with the game challenging the player's section as the time ticks down the minutes. Justifying your decisions in front of any family or friends that may be present? That is, of course, your own problem.

Trolley Problem, Inc

In a series of scenarios that challenge players' beliefs about everything from the medical profession to combat, corporate espionage to nuclear war, religion, and even the nature of decision making itself, Trolley Problem, Inc. will take them on a journey that could ultimately change how they view the concept of free will.

An actual philosophical paper is used as the basis for each of the game's 55 questions, with references to the paper appearing in-game that can be bookmarked and read in greater depth later on.

A comparison of a player's choice with that of the rest of the world will also be made, providing an insight into the minds of everyone who has participated in the game, with decisions shared and aggregated throughout the world.

Key Features

  • A total of 55 very thought-provoking multiple-choice questions are presented throughout the course of 90 minutes of gameplay.
  • Streamer mode enables content creators to interact with a live viewing audience by broadcasting their work.

Trolley Problem, Inc

  • In addition, many profiles allow local players to compare and discuss their options – while global data show which options have been selected by players throughout the world.
  • References to the original philosophical writings are included in the text.
  • There are a plethora of unlockables to be discovered throughout the game.
  • The most bizarre ‘Achievements' that have ever been listed

Final Words

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