Trolley Episode 5 Recap & Review – A Dreadful Secret!

Kim Hyun-Joo and Park Hee-soon star in the Korean drama series Trolley, which is a thriller mystery. The series was directed by Kim Mun-Kyo and written by Ryu Bo-ri. The show will air at 10 p.m. KST on Mondays and Tuesdays on SBS, replacing Cheer Up.

The duration of the fifth episode of Trolley is 60 minutes. In this article, we will read about Trolley Episode 5 Recap & Review in detail. If you want to find out how everything turns out, you'll have to read on.

Trolley Episode 5 Recap

In the middle of Hye-Joo & Soo-planned Bin's visit to their son's cemetery, they are greeted by Seung-Hee outside of her home. Hye-Joo is so taken aback by her unexpected arrival that she is unable to compose herself as a smirking Seung-Hee greets her by calling her a murderer, which seems to gnaw at her.

Seung-Hee becomes mildly curious about Hye-Joo when she asks about Soo-Bin, to which Hye-Joo replies, “He's just some kid I know,” before the two girls exchange numbers & Seung-Hee invites Hye-Joo to meet her Youngsan later.

Hye-Joo is so shaken up that she barely manages to turn her down. When she tells Soo-Bin she's not feeling well and that they need to pay a visit to Ji-grave Hoon's later, she heads back to her room.

After their brief reunion, Seung-Hee continued to contact and phone Hye-Joo, calling her a killer. In the meantime, Joong-Do finds out that Seung-distraught Kyu's mother swallowed a number of pills and is currently hospitalized.

Trolley Episode 5 Recap & Review

Later on, he finds out that another party assemblyman is in a bind since his wife accidentally killed someone with her automobile & then fled the scene. When he subsequently goes to see Seung-hospitalized kyu's mom, the man there throws hands at him & kicks & punches him, accusing him of being the one who killed his son.

A while later, Joong-Do observes Gwi-Soon scrubbing the steps outside his office. While she is grateful to the assemblyman, she does this because she is at a loss for how else to repay the obligation.

Meanwhile, he finds out that despite Joong-expert Do's efforts, Seung-Kyu released the footage that is circulating online. But Joong-Do is resolved to keep up the attempts to prevent Gwi-Soon from hearing about the video's release.

With her search for lip balm ongoing, Soo-Bin initially enters Hye-room Joo's & picks up the ringing phone, only to be confronted by the angry Hye-Joo. When Soo-Bin says she broke into her office to get the lip balm, the woman lashes out at her again for handling her stuff without permission.

The later she witnesses the love between Hye-Joo & her daughter, the more her orphaned heart aches for loving company. In the last moments of episode 5 of “Trolley,” as Hye-Joo goes to Youngsan to meet Seung-Hee, a flashback sequence explains what happened to her & why she is so traumatized by Youngsan & its inhabitants.

Hye-Joo was approached by Seung-Ho, the brother of Seung-Hee, while she was a teenager. Hye-Joo rejected Seung-advances & Ho, thus he sexually assaulted and physically assaulted her when she rejected him.

Because Hye-Joo has no parents to pay for her, his mother tries to bribe her with a college scholarship so that she will not go to the authorities. To make matters worse, Hye-Joo just walks away, presumably having made up her mind to do nothing.

However, she reports Seung-Ho to the principal as he immediately chastises her for accepting money & she notices that his family's name is everywhere in the school. In a quick transition, we see Seung-Ho hang himself to death in the past. Before the end credits run on ‘Trolley,' Hye-Joo meets Seung-Hee in the current day & is astonished to see Joong-Do standing with Seung-Hee & her husband.

Trolley Episode 5 Review

I am so confused as to what Hye-Joo is scared of – I had genuinely thought that she murdered someone with her own hands and is thus running away. But she had been the target of a violent crime. There is no other possible flaw in her story, except of course it isn't the whole truth.

Why she puts up with Seung-constant hee's threats baffles me. For sure, the shock of what happened to her in the past is still with her. But now she's an adult with a kid of her own, and it's been two decades since that happened. Having a daughter nearly the same age as the former her should help her acquire some perspective on the matter.

Trolley Episode 5 Recap & Review

Meanwhile, Soo-bin is only seen looking for lip balm and does not appear at all in this episode. There's something underhanded about her, and I have a strong suspicion that she's having an affair with Joong-do. But we'll have to wait and see about that.

Woo-unexpected Jae's video capture is equally intriguing, and now I wonder if he is working with Soo-bin. Something about this seems a little off to me, although I could be wrong.

The show has introduced an intriguing mystery that I can't wait to find the answer to. Episode 6 of Trolley is frustrating at times, but it tries hard to focus on a compelling plot.