Check Netflix’s Trolley Episode 4 Recap & Review in Detail!

Trolley Episode 4 Recap & Review: The Korean drama series Trolley, starring Kim Hyun-Joo and Park Hee-soon, is a thriller mystery. It was directed by Kim Mun-Kyo and written by Ryu Bori. The series will air on SBS on Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST, which was formerly filled by Cheer Up. In total, episode 4 of Trolley takes up an hour of your time. In this article, we will read about Trolley episode 4 recap & review in detail. Keep reading, to know more.

Trolley Episode 4 Recap

Joong-Do visits Hye-Joo at her workplace and then follows her back to her apartment. Woo-Jae had already warned Soo-Bin about her pregnancy, telling her that if her claims were false, she might as well kill herself or keep a low profile while remaining at their house.

Joong-Do & colleagues start looking into Soong-ties Ho's family & whether or not he assisted them in making any questionably profitable property investments. Youngsan was the target of the investigations, but no one would speak up on her behalf because Yoo-Sin came from the most influential & wealthy family.

Trolley Episode 4 Recap & Review

On the other hand, they learn that Ki-Young is likely Seung-estranged Hee's spouse & may speak out against his in-laws. Joong-Do, however, puts a stop to that line of inquiry, demanding that a different approach be found that doesn't exploit the son-in-law or his marriage.

But Yoo-Sin had a temper tantrum because Joong-secretary Do has been sneaking around town looking for clues to the crime. She pleads with Assemblyman Kang to take action, but he assures her there is no need for alarm.

However, she is unable to do so, so she scolds Ki-Young & sends him away to clean up the mess, which irritates Seung-Hee. She eventually finds Ki-Young & learns that he isn't happy living with Yoo-Sin & is only putting up with her temporarily.

Ki-Yong and Joong-Do arrange to meet, but before their encounter, Ki-Yong finds out that Joong-Do is married to Hye-Joo, who used to be Seung-best Hee's friend in elementary school.

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Before Hye-Joo does, Seung-Hee learns the truth and shows up at her door, where she gives the woman a murderer's grin and a dangerous gaze before dubbing her a murderer.

Trolley Episode 4 Review

Trolley just casually drops another grenade and just walking away for a week while everything blows up for our characters. Ki-young and Seung-history hee are with our key characters have been revealed more.

There are upcoming elections in Joong-do, and all signs point to the complete and utter collapse of their carefully constructed system. The whole Soo-bin debacle suggests that Joong-do, not Ji-hoon, is the father; this would account for his icy demeanor in the corridor and his “JD” tattoo.

Trolley Episode 4 Recap & Review

She may be obsessed with him, which would explain their closeness. Hye-Joo, on the other hand, has a troubled history and prefers to stay out of the limelight as a result. Whether or whether Hye-Joo actually murdered this Seung-ho man is an open question, but her past does seem to be a stain on her character.

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In a clever twist towards the end of this chapter, the program has been developing Ki-young and Seung-personalities hee's in parallel to our main romance. This is a perfect setup for next week's double feature.

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