Trolley Episode 3 Release Date: Recap, Spoilers & Where to Watch?

Trolley Episode 3 Release Date: The first episode of Trolley came out on December 19, 2022. It is one of the most popular South Korean TV shows. It is a mystery romance with a group of characters who know each other well. Their lives are turned inside out. Kim Hye-Joo, who is married to Nam Joong-Do, is at the center of this.

Joong-Do is a member of the National Assembly. He doesn't know that his wife is keeping deep secrets from her past. But he has just as many secrets as she does, and they come out at the worst times, right after a shocking reveal in the first episode.

If you've been watching this Korean drama, you might be wondering when the next episode will come out. Well, wonder no more! Here is all the information you need about Trolley Episode 3, including when it will come out, what time it will start, and where you can watch it.

When Will Trolley Episode 3 Come Out?

Trolley Episode 3 Release Date

The third episode of Trolley is set to come out on Netflix on December 26, 2022, at 10:00 pm (KST), but this can change. We don't think the plan will change just yet (sometimes this happens in the K-Drama world.). The fourth episode of the first season of Trolley will air at the same time the next day, on December 27. Each episode runs for about 60 minutes.

Trolley Episode 3: Spoilers

Soon-hong responds to Joong-plotting's do's by delving deeper into his controversies. Soo-bin becomes more involved with Hye-family, joo's especially when more details about her relationship with Ji-hoon emerge. The enigma behind Soo-cell bin's phone possession is solved.

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Jin-Seok and Joong-do must deal with the assemblyman's strong claims. Soo-bin starts to be used as a political instrument. When Joong-do wishes to avoid further scandal, Woo-sharp Jae's political mind comes in handy.

Trolley Episode 2: Recap

At the exciting end of episode two of Trolley, we see that Seung-kyu, the man who was responsible for Gwi-(Won Soong's Mi-won) granddaughter's suicide, has jumped out of his window. But he hasn't left in peace. On his desk is a note saying that Joong-do (Park Hee-soon) is a murderer.

Trolley Episode 3 Release Date

This is likely because the assemblyman's political maneuvering led to the medical student's arrest warrant being issued again. On the other hand, Seung-case kyu's was part of a new crackdown on digital sexual violence. It will be interesting to see how the promised legislative reform will happen now that it will be surrounded by fatalistic controversy.

How Many Episodes Does Season 1 of Trolley Have?

Trolley is a K-drama with 16 episodes. Two episodes come out every week. Keeping this in mind, there will be 13 more episodes after this one.

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Where Can You Watch Trolley Episode 3?

With a Netflix subscription, anyone in the world can watch episodes 3 and 4 of Trolley at the above date and time. South Koreans can watch the episode on SBS every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00, which is also when it is available on Netflix (KST).