Check Netflix’s Trolley Episode 3 Recap & Review in Detail!

Trolley Episode 3 Recap & Review: This third episode of Trolley's first season isn't very thrilling, but it does a good job of establishing its cast of people. The shadowy history of Hye-joo is slowly being revealed, Joong's conscience is more apparent than his political goals & Soo's enigmatic qualities have been heightened.

To that, we can add the arrival of a new family with apparent ties to the one we already know, and things are shaping up to be rather fun. In this article, we will read about Trolley Episode 3 recap & review. Keep reading to know more in detail.

Trolley Episode 3 Recap

Before the police can arrest him, Seung-Kyun takes his own life, leaving behind a message in which he accuses Joong-Do of murder. While Joong-Do is naturally taken aback by the news, he quickly gathers his staff to deal with the inevitable media backlash.

Fortunately for Joong-Do, the majority of the public supports him, with the opinion being that Seung-Kyun deserved the horrible destiny he received. However, it has a significant impact on Joong-Do and causes Hye-Joo concern as she finds out about it.

Hye-Joo and Soo-Bin, meantime, share some friendly banter before Soo-drug Bin's test. Soo-Bin is curious about Hye-work Joo and agrees to take the drug test. When she is on the street alone herself, she is frequently scared & cautious, as if someone she knows might be a threat is nearby.

Trolley Episode 3 Recap & Review

Meanwhile, Woo-Jae exerts himself to help Joong-Do with his speech and lends him his coat when the Assemblyman's coat is destroyed by the egg that Seung-mother Kyun throws at him. For Joong-Do, the realization that he was responsible for another man's suicide is too much to bear.

Joong-Do visits Hye-Joo, and she attempts to cheer him up a little by embracing him and remembering the days when they first fell in love. Furthermore, she recalls how she has never questioned the generosity of her husband's heart.

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And in the meantime, there's a fresh plotline involving a woman named Ki-Yong and her long-lost mother, who she's traveled to Yongsan to finally meet. It seems like her elderly mother and Hye-Joo have a strained relationship.

Trolley Episode 3 Review

The third episode of the series makes way for some character growth & background & focuses on the relationships & what makes them tick. Episode 3 of Trolley is a tame but somehow soothing viewing since the characters communicate their emotions rather than turning within.

In spite of the fact that it does not in any way startle you, it does provide you with some new information that you can take away from it. The “Trolley problem,” a classic ethical conundrum, is the subject of episode 3 of “Trolley,” & it is through this problem that we learn the series' namesake.

Trolley Episode 3 Recap & Review

The episode lays the groundwork for and discloses the show's climactic plot point, which is likely to revolve around a moral philosophical conundrum. This episode does a wonderful job of depicting the chaos that ensues when a family must cope with the fallout of a political crisis. As well as one that affects their immediate circle of relatives.

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On top of that, Hye-joo is going to be thrust into the spotlight with Seung-arrival. hee's It will be interesting to learn the nature of her relationship with Youngsan and why she becomes tense whenever that city is mentioned.

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