Triptych Ending Explanation And Also About Aleida Alive Or Not?

The mystery-thriller series Triptych features never-ending suspensive scenes. When Rebecca encountered a woman who looked exactly like her, her life was forever altered. She understood that she had to find out what was true, the search of her real identity is more of a terrifying adventure than a story of resolution.

Web Series Triptych (Season 1) was released on Netflix on February 22, 2023, and it has 08 episodes.

‘Triptych’ What Happened In The Series ?

When Rebecca went to the crime scene to gather a forensic sample, then she first saw Aleida, a lady who looked exactly like her. Aleida had been kidnapped Dr. Julia Batiz and also injured a few innocent peoples during this process. She wanted to shoot Batiz because she was so crazy. Aleida was shot before Batiz could tell the truth to her. Aleida was transported to emergency when Rebecca come to obtain a sample and saw her alive. Rebecca shocked and unable to understand how Aleida had known and addressed her by name. Rebecca was enthusiastic about investigating the case even though she wasn't in charge of it.

The policeman in charge of Aleida's case, to whom Rebecca were dating. Their bond was very difficult to understand. He was a married guy who had lived with Becca for months before deciding to return home when his wife informed she is pregnant. Becca's romantic involvement with Humberto, she had anticipated that he would divorce his wife as he had promised.  But she went crazy and set fire to his car when he failed to fulfill his promise.

After the incident Rebecca started her job and attended AA meetings. From Humberto, she learned that Aleida had a similar outburst in December which complicated the case further. Then she decided to test and match DNA.

Aleida Trujano, the President of an international head-hunting company, and Dr. Julia Batiz was her counsellor. Rebecca wanted to know the reason behind a end of firm by a businesswoman, resulted in such a tragedy. The foremost suspect was Eugenio, Aleida's spouse, since he was the only person who released Aleida from the asylum.

He gave the reason that he wanted to be there for her birthday and he thought she was healthy and stable enough to go home. She made the decision to meet her mother in order to know more about her past, and she worked on Aleida's case privately. However, Her mother strongly denied having a knowledge about her twin sibling.

A breakthrough for Rebecca came with the DNA report's proof that she and Aleida were identical twins. Although her mother eventually confirmed adopting Becca but the social worker involved that she had never mentioned the twin sister. Rebecca was upset that her mother had kept a significant secret from her all her life, but she was aware about the illegal nature of the adoption.

Rebecca was even more determined to figure out what went to goes wrong in her life after learning that Aleida was her twin sibling. Before she could ask her sister, who had been admitted to the critical care unit, she received a news that Aleida had passed away. She was following Eugenio to determine something he was hiding, she realized that Aleida had actually passed away when she saw him at the cemetery. Rebecca was unaware that she had a second sibling who was also taken interested in Aleida.

Ending Explanation Of Series ‘Triptych’

Rebecca discovered evidence at the hospital that suggested they might have taken part in a Nazi cloning experiment, but she quickly realized that this was all a plot to hide the truth from them.

Dolores, Rebecca's mother, made Rebecca read a narrative about the triplets, who were split at birth as part of an experiment. When Rebecca saw a photo of Dr. Meyer and Dr. Batiz at her apartment, she immediately recognized the physician from the article. Now that she was aware of the danger the doctor posed, she requested Humberto take her mother to a safe house.

She also questioned Eugenio's participation in the scheme with the doctor. Tamara got in trouble with one of the investors and his wife, and when she found herself trapped inside the car's trunk, she got in touch with Rebecca. But she was able to get away and meet Rebecca. While the police searched for the doctor and Eugenio, the two left to stay at a safe place.

After entering the safe house, Rebecca realized that it was a trap and that Humberto was involved in it. The house had the same motif that the three sisters remembered and replicated all their lives. Dr. Batiz entered the room, explaining how it was she who had planned it all. Eugenio was innocent, and he, too, was an indirect victim of her experiment. She stated that the room they were in was the room in which they were born, which was why all three sisters remembered the glass motif at the house and replicated it.

Rebecca found that the safe home was a trap and that Humberto was a part of it. The three sisters remembered and recreated the house's motif throughout their lifetimes. Dr. Batiz entered the space and revealed that she was the one who had arranged everything and the room they were in was the one they were born in.

There was no truth to the claim that they were born in an underground hospital. Rebecca and Tamara attempted to assault the doctor. They were kept in separate  transparent cells. Dr. Batiz was pleased with her research. She had collaborated closely with Dr. Meyer, but after he ceased working on the study because of ethical issues and subsequent legal action, she made the decision to carry on in Mexico.

Bernando Saenz, who served as Batiz's mentor, gave her permission to work in the Humanis Vita hospital's division of psychiatric study. She was an egg donor,  had intentionally created the triplet. Therefore, she was their mother. She had been keeping an eye on them after distributing triplets to different socioeconomically diverse families.

Aleida was adopted by a rich family, and Rebecca by a middle-class household, and Tamara was given to an alcoholic mother. The experiment was to see how they grew up as individuals. Since childhood, they have been monitored, during their teenage years they dated  or even their adult lovers, such as Humberto. It was Humberto who encouraged Rebecca’s alcoholism as well.

Aleida’s father, Federico, had found out about the experiment, Betiz killed Rebecca’s father and Tamara’s mother simply for the triplets to suffer the same loss because it was necessary for the experiment. However, the doctor cleared that she didn't want to harm the sisters. She said that Eugenio had only seen Aleida's body but she is still alive.

After breaking out of prison, Aleida turned off the house's power. Tamara and Rebecca made the most of the opportunity and left their rooms. Dr. Batiz was terrified because she was aware that if the sisters fled the house, she would be put in jail for her research. Tamara and Rebecca clashed with the security team.

Aleida was in Betiz's lap when they went to the basement, Betiz had the gun aimed at Aleida, warning the sisters that if they shot her, she would kill Aleida. Ultimately, the sisters were able to save Aleida and bring her back to her spouse. All of it was worked out by Eugenio, who then told Humberto. When Humberto attempted to trick him, he died after met with an accident.

Eventually, the unethical experiment was disclosed to the police, and Betiz's home was sealed. Betiz was kept in the basement by Tamara and Rebecca, and no matter how loudly she screamed but  no one can find her location. Aleida was taken to the hospital. The questions were answered by Betiz, and the sisters experienced magical coincidences that were beyond explanation. Only because they were triplets did Aleida know that her sisters had entered the home without even noticing them. They frequently experienced the same feelings and had dreams about one another.

Is Aleida Alive Or Not?

Dr. Batiz revealed that Aleida has been kept alive in a room of the same mansion for the entire time. However, Dr. Batiz is saved by the sisters, who escaped her, and keeps the doctor at a place where no one can find her.

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