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Trevor Noah Dating: Take a Look at His Dating History!

It fueled dating suspicions when Trevor Noah and Dua Lipa were caught locking lips in New York City in September 2022. The couple was reportedly photographed on a dinner date at a Jamaican restaurant in the East Village, where they sat close together and stared “into each other.”

They then walked through the downtown streets, where they were seen kissing and embracing. It was the first time the Daily Show presenter, 38, and pop sensation, 27, had been romantically linked.

Trevor has had many partnerships during his meteoric climb to international stardom. Yet, he has previously stated that he does not need to be in a relationship surrounded by love. “I realize that if I love myself and have friends and family adore me.

“I am constantly in a state of love,” he told Citizen. co in 2016. “I realized happiness is a choice; happiness is hard work.” He was dating Jordyn Taylor, a luxury real estate agent and the creator of the NGO Rebirth Homes.

Whose purpose is to “fight human trafficking” and assist survivors in healing. With that said, let's look at Trevor's previous romances before his purported affair with Dua.

Dani Gabriel

Trevor and Dani Gabriel are both South Africans who met while Trevor was still living in South Africa and honing his profession. According to the Daily Mail, they met in 2014, and she supported his comic career.

She was frequently by his side during his tours and backed him when he was named the new presenter of The Daily Show in March 2015. “I knew you had it in you, and they saw it as well,” she said on Twitter. “Now the rest of the world can enjoy it.” I couldn't be happier.”

However, the dynamic combination split up shortly after he got the job. According to the Daily Mail, it could have been due to the physical distance between them, as Trevor relocated to New York City to pursue his goals. At the same time, Dani was committed to her physiotherapist practice in Cape Town.

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She spoke to the site in April 2015, when she was 28 years old, but she did not explain why she and the talk show presenter split up.” Yes, he's going through a significant transformation, but at the end of the day, he's not a celebrity to me, and he's never treated himself like that.



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“I've told him all that has to be said.” I don't treat him like that, and I don't bring that into my life,” Dani said of their relationship. “I don't need to publicly express my support for Trevor; it doesn't need to be validated by anyone other than him and me.”

Dani also discussed why she and Trevor avoid discussing their relationship or its dissolution. “This world isn't very healthy, so we can't invest ourselves in it right now, no matter how huge it is,” she explained. “It makes no difference in my life.”

Dani has since moved on with her life and is engaged to a photojournalist, Mike, in August 2022. I don't talk about my problems, and Trevor doesn't either. There's nothing else I need to say; whatever is there, and everything else is honestly between him and me.”

Jordyn Taylor

Trevor, 31, and Jordyn Taylor, 24, made their romance public in November 2015, only months after Trevor and Dani divorced. There is little information regarding their connection. However, the model was previously engaged to a man who tragically died in a vehicle accident in 2011.

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Jordyn named him her “only love” on Twitter a few days after his death, reminding people to “always appreciate the great people in your life.” Trevor may have used his most acceptable flirting tactic, which he disclosed to PEOPLE in 2017 when they were still together, to get with Jordyn.

“Never start with a joke.” “It's the most horrific thing,” he admitted. “Jokes necessitate context. Without context, you're just some random person who arrived and told someone they fell from [heaven], and if you mess it up, you seem worse, and it appears to be an insult. There is no humor! Say hello. That's all!”

Trevor Noah Dating

Unfortunately, their romance ended during the summer of 2018. According to the Times Live, Jordyn confirmed their divorce during a Q&A session on her Instagram in January 2019. “Of course, I have feelings for him.

How could you not fall in love with him?” she wrote in response to a fan's question about if she likes Trevor. “I adore him, but you should know that we split up last summer, but yeah, I adore him.” Jordyn still has a few old photographs of the duo on her feed, as shown above, indicating no bad blood between the former partners.

Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly, 42, who co-starred in 2011's The Roommate with Leighton Meester, started dating Trevor in 2020. By September of that year, it was stated that the two were “quite serious” and “extremely happy.” Unfortunately, they split up by May.

“Trevor has been dating casually in New York for a few weeks. He's been evasive about the details of his divorce from Minka, but he's single,” a source EXCLUSIVELY verified to HollywoodLife.

Trevor Noah Dating

However, a few weeks later, the couple gave their love another opportunity. They appeared to be as content as ever during a stroll through New York in September 2021 and South Africa in January 2022. They stayed together for another ten months before calling it quits for good.

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In May, a source told PEOPLE that the couple had been separated “for a while” and that Minka was handling it well. “She's thrilled,” said another source. “She'd rather be alone than squandering her time with the wrong guy.” As of this writing, Minka looks to be single, and Trevor's first romance following his divorce from the actress would be with Dua.

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