Traci Braxton Net Worth 2022: How Did Traci Braxton Pass Away?

The American singer, actress, and reality TV star Traci Braxton had a net worth of one million dollars at the time of her death.

Her rise to prominence began in the 1990s, and The Traci Braxton Show, which she hosted and was shown on BLIS, is widely regarded as the primary reason for her success. FM Radio was quite popular.

Early Life

On the 2nd of April, 1971 found Traci Renee Braxton was born in the city of Severn, Maryland. Both of her parents had strong ties to their respective religious communities.

Her mother was an opera singer before she became a pastor, and her father was a minister. Her mother also became a preacher after singing in operas. Traci Braxton, along with her four sisters and one elder brother, was brought up in a devoutly religious home.

This much was not a surprise. The church choir was where Traci had some of her earliest experiences with singing, and it was there that she gained an appreciation for music.


Early Music Career

Traci Braxton Net Worth

The Braxtons, a group created by Traci and her four sisters, quickly became a household name. Their debut song, “Good Life,” was out in 1990, a year after they landed a record deal.

The Braxtons were dismissed from their record label after the single's failure to chart. The label cited the single's lack of economic success and the difficulties in marketing women of various age groups as reasons for the decision to discontinue production.

When it came time for Toni Braxton to embark on a solo career in 1991, record producers selected her because they believed she had the most promise. They were informed that the label was not interested in signing a group by the other Braxtons.

However, there was some good news. After Toni Braxton's successful solo career, the Braxtons toured the United States as her backing vocalist.

Even though The Braxtons never recorded any singles or an album for Toni, the record label that signed Toni did wind up signing the group.

Her musical career ended abruptly in 1995. A popular story said a new record contract had been signed for her, but it was really owing to her pregnancy, which prevented her from doing so.

Traci Braxton's Net Worth

Traci Braxton Net Worth

When she died, Traci Braxton had an estimated net worth of $800,000 as a singer-songwriter-actress-reality television star.

In addition to being the sister of legendary R&B singer Toni Braxton, Toni Braxton has made a reputation for herself in the music industry on her own merits. Toni Braxton's solo career took off once she appeared on reality television.

It is unfortunate that Traci Braxton succumbed to esophageal cancer on March 12, 2022, at the age of 50.

TV Career

Traci returned to the public spotlight after a lengthy absence with a recurring role on Braxton Family Values, a reality television show.

The show premiered in 2011 and quickly rose to the top of the ratings on We TV. Traci Braxton's acting career began after her first appearance on television. She's been in movies like Sinners Wanted and All In, among others.

Return To Music

Traci's musical career was able to get a new lease of life because of the exposure she received through Braxton Family Values. At the end of the previous year, she signed with a new record company and began production on her first solo album.

In 2014, Crash & Burn was launched and quickly became a hit with audiences across the world. One of the album's most successful tracks, “Last Call,” reached the 16th spot on the Billboard Hot R&B Adult Contemporary chart. The album was atop the R&B charts at number 11.

All of the Braxton sisters were renamed The Braxtons in accordance with Braxton Family Values.

Braxton Family Christmas, the group's second album after reforming, was released in 2015. Traci had not been a part of The Braxtons since their debut record in the 1990s when she was forced to quit the group due to pregnancy.


Traci Braxton Net Worth

Braxton passed away on March 12th, 2022, early in the morning. He was 50 years old.  Her esophagus cancer had progressed for at least a year before she died.

There are four surviving members of her family: her husband, Kevin Surrat, their son Kevin Sr. and his wife Olivia (née Barron), and Kevin Sr. III, their grandchild.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Traci Braxton Pass Away?

Our informant informed us that “Traci's husband was preparing her funeral months before she died.” Braxton was treated for esophageal cancer for a year before she passed away in March.