Tower of God Chapter 573 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap, Where To Read And More!

There has been a lot of activity in the Tower of God over the course of the past several chapters, and due to the sheer length of these chapters, it can be very challenging to keep track of all the relevant elements.

Khun made the ultimate sacrifice by immobilizing the leader of the Lo Po Bia family so that Baam and his crew could flee the ship. Meanwhile, Baam and Yuri were forced to contend with a number of adversaries, but they were still able to successfully abandon the vessel.

The fans may have had a moment of relief after the escape, but that moment of relief quickly changed into a moment of sorrow as the head of the family revealed that he was aware of Khun's plot the entire time and was only going along with him.

There is no way off the Lo Po Bia ship for Yuri, Andor, and Khun because they have been abandoned there. In the meantime, Baam and his crew are also in a precarious situation because two family heads are heading in their direction.

Will Baam be able to withstand this attack, or will this mean that Checkmate has been reached? Observe the continuation of Baam's exploits as he strives to avoid being married against his will, as well as the additional excitement that ensues as they contend with a variety of terrible adversaries.

This article reveals everything you need to know about Tower of God Chapter 573, so make sure you read it in its entirety!

Tower of God Chapter 573 Release Date

On Sunday, May 28, 2023, at midnight JST, Tower of God Chapter 573 will be made available online.

Let's Take A Look at the Recap of Tower of God Chapter 572

Khun enters the room of the lord of the Lo Po Bia family with a minute and fifty-three seconds to spare before the gate opens, hoping to strike a fair bargain. He introduces himself as a representative of Baam and begins to explain the idea he has come to give.

Khun sends Baam a note informing him that he plans to delay the family patriarch for a while and that Baam and his family should go immediately without waiting for him or Andor.

Tower of God Chapter 573 Release Date

He informs Khun that he would dump him in the Lo Po Bia Mothership Grand Aquarium, where a ravenous beast lurks, and says he doesn't care what happens outside but would gladly hear any request from the irregular.

Khun cuts to the chase and explains that nobody who has entered the tournament, Baam included, is interested in getting married. In light of all the problems, Khun, speaking on behalf of the group, proposes a game between himself and the family patriarch; if he wins, the wedding would be called off and the people will be free to depart.

The patriarch of the family refused and was about to throw Khun in the fish tank for wasting his time when the latter pulled out a chessboard and quickly diverted his attention. During their big voyage, the ten family heads used to play chess together, as Khun informs the family head.

He proposes a game of speed chess with a time constraint of 5 seconds for each move to the leader of the family, telling him that he will give up if he loses before the gate closes, but that if he is able to hold out until then, the family should be allowed to go.

The patriarch of the family informs Khun that he has no interest in playing against an ordinary person. He would be giving Khun the privilege of facing him in a game while gaining nothing himself.

Khun says it wouldn't be a complete loss because they're trying to gather intel from a Lo Po Bia family insider who controls the gate before they escape. Khun asks the patriarch of the family if he is curious about the identity of the hotel's gatekeeper.

He goes on to say that if he were to lose, he would assist in locating the traitors because he despises being exploited by others. The family patriarch is once again challenged by Khun, who must either defeat him before the gate opens or hold out until it does.

If he prevails, he also wants Baam's team to be free to leave without interference. Khun adds that he won't object to Baam's wedding even if he has to get beaten up for it, and then patiently awaits the response of the family patriarch in the hopes that he will agree with him.

The patriarch of the household bites the bait and agrees to play chess. He starts the game by imposing his own conditions on Khun.

What To Expect from Tower of God Chapter 573 (Spoilers)?

The Gods' Temple In Chapter 573, Ye Yuan, our protagonist, resumed his climb up the tower and was rewarded with a bountiful harvest. He was awarded a drop of genuine dragon blood as a reward for making it through the sixth level without making a single error, a treasure of such rarity that it isn't even found in God's realm.

The true dragon's blood is a powerful cultivating instrument that may hasten a warrior's progress in the art. Now that he has this blood, Ye Yuan can stop worrying about his lackluster progress in the cultivation arts.

However, Ye Yuan had to be very careful, as the blood contained energy that was the terrible will of the true dragon. Carelessness in handling has the potential to wipe out even the most admired of fighters.

Tower of God Chapter 573 Release Date

Ye Yuan's body burst open and he struggled to keep the bleeding under control, but he pushed through the pain and continued to train nevertheless. Ye Yuan never lost hope, and he never wavered in his determination to finish the tasks he had set for himself.

Due to its potential to greatly increase a warrior's cultivation pace, this blood is widely considered the most precious resource in God's Domain. Ye Yuan is very careful about how much blood she consumes because she knows the risks involved.

As soon as he accomplishes that, a searing pain spreads throughout his body, and he screams out in agony. Ye Yuan is determined not to succumb to the blood's influence and become a zombie, despite the pain she's been in.

Ye Yuan's training has been given new life as he moves closer to becoming a master of the true dragon's will, and the chapter ends with him experiencing this rebirth. As Ye Yuan ascends farther into the tower, he faces a wide range of new difficulties and possibilities to develop as a person in this chapter.

Where Can You Read Tower of God Chapter 573? 

Naver and Webtoon both host the English and Korean versions of Tower of God Chapter 573.

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