Tova Borgnine Cause of Death: Businesswoman Dead at the Age of 80!

Tova Borgnine, a businesswoman and the wife of actor Ernest Borgnine, died on February 26, 2022. This article tells you how Tova Borgnine died and gives you more information about her. If you want to know Tova Borgnine's Cause Of Death, click here and get all the details.

Who Was Tova Borgnine?

Tova Borgnine was a well-known American businesswoman who was born in Norway. She started the beauty company Beauty by Tova. She had been married to the actor Ernest Borgnine.

Here is the story of Tova Borgnine's life. She came into the world on November 17, 1941. She was 80 years old when she died on February 26, 2022. You can find out about Tova Borgnine's death here.

  • Name-Tova Borgnine
  • Age- 80
  • Date of Birth- November 17, 1941
  • Died on- February 26, 2022
  • Birthplace- Oslo, German-occupied Norway
  • Location of Death- Chester County, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Tova Borgnine: Early Life

Oslo, Norway, is where Tova was born. Tiva moved to the United States with her mom after her parents broke up. Her father was a graphic artist, and her mother worked at the U.S. Embassy as a translator.

Tova Borgnine Cause of Death

Tova learned how to act in Manhattan but became very interested in putting on makeup. In 1965, she married Louis Littleton and opened a makeup center.

She moved her business to Las Vegas after her marriage didn't work out. In June 2009, the Fragrance Foundation gave her the Retailer of the Year award.

Tova Borgnine: Career

Tova studied acting in Manhattan, but she also enjoyed applying makeup. She opened a makeup salon after marrying a New Jersey businessman in 1965. When her marriage ended, she relocated her business to Las Vegas to be closer to her mother.

Tova discovered a cactus-based face cream made from a Mexican family's formula in Las Vegas in 1975 and purchased worldwide distribution rights. Her company, then known as Tova9, had approximately $500,000 in revenue by 1977; by 1981, it had nearly $2 million.

She co-authored The Tova Difference: A Promise of Lasting Beauty with Elaine Trebek in 1984. Her perfume, Tova Signature, has been in production since 1983 and has been available on QVC since 1990.

Tova Borgnine Cause of Death

Her firm had 47 employees by 1984, with offices in Beverly Hills and a factory in nearby Arcadia. She had 65 skincare products and 80 employees by 1987. According to QVC, her perfumes made her “a consistent presence at QVC and its largest fragrance vendor” as of 2001.

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QVC paid a seven-figure sum for the Tova brand in 2002. Tova Signature was QVC's best-selling perfume in 2008. In 1998, she received the FiFi Award for Women's Fragrance Star of the Year (Non-Store Venues).

Her fragrance, Tova Signature, was nominated for a FiFi Award from the Fragrance Hall of Fame in 2008. She received the Fragrance Foundation's Retailer of the Year award in June 2009, both for her innovative use of direct marketing to sell her products and for her longevity in the fragrance industry.

Tova Borgnine Marriage

Tova had two marriages. She got married to Louis A. Littleton of Point Pleasant, New Jersey. After 7 years of marriage, they split up in 1972. Tova got married and had one son. Then, on February 24, 1973, she married Ernest Borgnine.

Tova Borgnine Cause of Death

She was Ernest's fifth wife. Before Ernest died, the couple had been married for 39 years. He was 95 when he died on July 8, 2012. As a model and actress, Tova became interested in the beauty industry. She opened a store called “Tova's Touch” on the shore of New Jersey.

Tova Borgnine's Death Cause

According to our Source, Tova died at her home in Pennsylvania on February 26, 2022. The president of Tova Beverly Hills, Michele Uram, said that Tova had passed. What was the reason she died? The cause of Tova Borgnine's death was not known.

The team told people on Facebook and Instagram about the bad news. The group talked about her job and said something about how she went from Hollywood to faraway places.

They also wrote a very thoughtful and sad farewell letter that ended with, “We are sad to tell you that Tova Borgnine, our founder, leader, and friend, has died peacefully. Always the light in our hearts.”

What Happened to Tova Borgnine?

According to Celebdeathnews, Tova Borgnine died when she was 80 years old. We don't know what killed her. She started selling her beauty line, perfume, Tova Signature, and jewelry on QVC in 1991. Tova has been sick for a year and a half and has had a few minor illnesses and health problems.

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She grew her business to the point where it made almost $20 million a year. Tova Borgnine's book “Being Married Happily Forever,” which came out in 1997, is about a happy marriage that lasts forever.

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