Top Secret Starring Val Kilmer, Can You Miss It?

Let me tell you about a Top Secret. No, No, I am noting talking about something personal; I am so sorry if I made gave you false hope of telling you my top secret. I will just tell you about a comedy movie named Top Secret. Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, and Jerry Zucker wrote and directed this 1984 American action comedy film.

This movie stars Val Kilmer, whose documentary “Val” was released in July and started streaming on Amazon Prime in August. Don't forget to watch the documentary as it is worth watching.

top secret

What is Top Secret All About?

Nick Rivers, an American rock singer (“Skeet Surfin'”), travels to East Germany (which is shown as being similar to Hitler's dictatorship) to play at a cultural event that the East German government uses as a cover for a military operation aimed at reuniting Germany under their control.

During a dinner, Nick meets Hillary Flammond, a member of the local resistance organisation who is trying to evade the authorities. To get to know her, he pretends to be her date and performs an impromptu song and dance (“Tutti Frutti”), mistakingly believing he had been invited to do so, much to the joy of Hillary and the diners but to the chagrin of General Streck, the architect of the “reunification” scheme.

Later, Nick meets Hillary at a dance, where she expects to meet the opposition leader but is instead met by the police. Nick saves her, and the two attempt to flee, but Nick is apprehended, and Hillary is able to flee.

He is brought to a prison and interrogated and tortured, but he has no knowledge of what is going on and does not break. As part of the government's scheme, Johnny winds himself in the secret prison lab of Dr. Paul Flammond, a brilliant scientist creating the “Polaris naval mine,” a weapon capable of destroying the entire NATO submarine fleet.

The East Germans threaten to murder his daughter Hillary if he does not work. Nick has been apprehended and is set to be executed.

top secret

Choosing of the Cast

Kilmer was selected when the filmmakers saw him in a play with Sean Penn, and Kevin Bacon called Slab Boys. He dressed up like Elvis Presley for the audition. The female protagonist, Lucy Gutteridge, had recently starred in the Royal Shakespeare Company production of Nicholas Nickleby.

The release Story of the movie

The video was tested at many universities, and the length was reduced from roughly two hours to 90 minutes as a consequence of audience feedback. The picture was supposed to be released on June 8, 1984, but Paramount moved it back to June 22, causing several exhibitors to get enraged. Although rumours circulated that the studio was unhappy with the film's quality, the official explanation was that Paramount didn't want to compete with Ghostbusters and Gremlins.

Jon Davison, the producer, refuted this claim “The studio has a lot of faith in the film. Otherwise they wouldn't have bothered. The fact that they've bothered to muck up some of their relationships with exhibitors demonstrates their belief in the film.”

How much It Earned?

Despite the fact that the picture was a box office flop, it still made $20 million. The film has a 75 per cent approval rating on review aggregate Rotten Tomatoes, based on 48 reviews with an average rating of 6.6/10.

Wrapping Up

Now it's time for you to include these two movies in your schedule because you can't miss them. But are you thinking about where to watch this movie? So you must know that Top Secret! is currently available on Amazon Prime or Paramount+. Top Secret! is available for rent or purchase on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, and Google Play. Top Secret! is available to watch for free on Pluto. 

You will have to spare 1 hour 35 mins for this movie because it is this much longer. Before saying Bye, I would remind you that you can visit our website whenever you want to for any series or movie content.