Know All About Top Gun: Starring Tom Cruise

Don't you love Tom Cruise? What a Stupid question it is, right? Who doesn't love him? His face, his physic, all is heartwarming. So if you are a great fan of Tom Cruise, would you like to read about his movie Top Gun? I assume that is why you are here( yes, I can read minds). So let's know about this movie, what is it all about, What role does Tom Cruise play and whether it has a second part or not. 

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What is Top Gun all about?

Tony Scott directed the 1986 action drama picture, which was produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer in conjunction with Paramount Pictures. Jim Cash and Jack Epps Jr. wrote the script, which was based on an article called “Top Guns” that appeared in California magazine three years prior.

LT Pete “Maverick” Mitchell and his Radar Intercept Officer (RIO), LTJG Nick “Goose” Bradshaw, are United States Naval Aviators stationed aboard the USS Enterprise, where they fly the F-14A Tomcat. Maverick obtains missile lock on one of the hostile MiG-28 aircraft (played by USN F-5), while the other hostile aircraft locks on Maverick's wingman, Cougar, during an interception.

Cougar is too frightened to land while Maverick dispatches the last MiG-28, but Maverick, violating orders, guides him back to the ship. Cougar relinquishes his wings, citing his newborn kid, whom he has never seen before.

Despite his distaste for Maverick's recklessness, CAG “Stinger” orders him and Goose to Naval Air Station Miramar to attend TOPGUN, the Naval Fighter Weapons School.

Maverick, aided by Goose, unsuccessfully approaches a lady in a pub the day before Topgun premieres. Maverick discovers the next day that she is Charlotte “Charlie” Blackwood, a civilian TOPGUN instructor and astrophysicist. 

After learning about Maverick's inverted manoeuvre with the MiG-28, which disproves US information on the adversary aircraft's performance, Charlie gets interested in him.

top gun

What Was the Source Of Inspiration?

The article “Top Guns” by Ehud Yonay from the May 1983 issue of California magazine, which included aerial photographs by then-Lieutenant Commander Charles “Heater” Heatley, was the major source of inspiration for the film.

The storey described the daily lives of fighter pilots at the Naval Air Station Miramar in San Diego, dubbed “Fightertown USA.” The idea was reportedly turned down by a number of screenwriters.

To create the initial draught, Bruckheimer and Simpson hired Jim Cash and Jack Epps, Jr. According to Epps, the study techniques included attending multiple declassified Topgun classes at Miramar and acquiring experience by flying an F-14. The original draught failed to please Bruckheimer and Simpson, and it is widely regarded as being significantly different from the final result in a number of respects.

On the strength of a commercial, he did for Swedish carmaker Saab in the early 1980s, in which a Saab 900 turbo is depicted racing a Saab 37 Viggen fighter jet, Tony Scott was chosen to direct.

How did Filming Happened?

The Navy made six planes from the VF-51 “Screaming Eagles” F-14 fighter squadron (which Tom Skerritt mentions in his home scene) accessible for the film. When aircraft were flown outside of their usual responsibilities, Paramount paid as much as $7,800 per hour (equal to $18,800 today) for fuel and other operational costs.

The USS Enterprise was used to shoot the aircraft carrier sequences, which featured planes from the F-14 squadrons VF-114 “Aardvarks” and VF-213 “Black Lions.”

Except for the odd flyby that the film team would request, most of the carrier flight deck pictures were of routine aircraft operations, and the film crew had to accept what they could obtain. Director Tony Scott intended to photograph planes landing and flying off with the sun behind them throughout production.

When Was It Released?

On May 12, 1986, the picture had its world debut in New York City, followed by another on May 15 in San Diego.

The picture premiered in 1,028 theatres across the United States and Canada on May 16, 1986, a week before Memorial Day weekend, which was considered a risk at the time.

Top Gun 2 

The Trailer for Top Gun 2 is already out, and fans are going crazy over it. To know more about it, you can just read this complete article “Top Gun 2“.


So now, are you excited to watch Top gun part 2? I am sure you are, so schedule your day and watch these amazing movies. If you haven't watched the first part, don't worry; you can watch it on Amazon Prime or Paramount+. 

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