Top Boy Season 4: Expected Release Date & Updates!

Almost universal acclaim greeted the release of Top Boy season three on Netflix. The former Channel 4 show, which was canceled in 2013, made a truly triumphant return in 2019, becoming the most-watched show on Netflix in the United Kingdom after it was released in April.

In the first three seasons, the show follows the lives of characters such as drug dealers Dushane (Ashley Walters) and Sully (Kane ‘Kano' Robinson), as well as an impressive supporting cast that includes For Life star Nicholas Pinnock, Michaela Coel, Letitia Wright, David Hayman, and Doctor Strange actor Benedict Wong. The show is set on the fictional Summerhouse estate in London's Hackney.

Several people have commented on the show's ability to depict reality while also shining a light on discrimination, including the show's Irish screenwriter Ronan Bennett, who spoke about it at the Evening Standard's Stories Festival in September this year.

“I come from a demonized community, so I know the importance of showing that people are complex – they do bad things, good things, and they have dreams.”

At the event, Ashley Walters, the star of Top Boy, also spoke about his experiences while filming the show.

In his words, “You can't always turn up on set and be a superhero – my insecurities and anxieties about my performance are what people vibe with,” he says. “Even when the stories are about gritty drama, there's always hope because these people are happy because, for the most part, they don't know any other way to live. Top Boy, in my opinion, represents progress.”

TV critics have compared the first three seasons to the critically acclaimed drama The Wire, noting that, while the first two seasons (each four episodes long) produced for Channel 4 were excellent, the third season in 2019 improved upon both the story and the characters, perhaps as a result of the show's new streaming home, Netflix, providing the showrunners with an impressive 10 episodes to work with. The show's third season is currently streaming on Netflix.

The show's fourth season will premiere in the fall of 2019. It may also be referred to as season two' in some circles, due to the fact that it is the second season since the show premiered in its new Netflix home in 2015.

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Ashley Walters, the actress, appears to be enjoying her time with the streamer. “Top Boy is a raw, real representation of street culture,” he said in an interview with Vice. “It delves into how these characters came to make the decisions they do, and it provides an inside look at what is happening on our streets today,” says the director. It's something that needs to be discussed, and the show isn't afraid to give us the opportunity to tell our story.

In order to make changes, we must acknowledge and understand what is going on in the first place.” Netflix is the ideal platform for this show because there aren't many networks that would be brave enough to keep it as real as it is on Netflix.”

But what does the future hold for Dushane, played by Walters, and Sully, played by Kane ‘Kano' Robinson, as they try to make it through the mean streets of London in Top Boy season four?

Here's everything you need to know about the process.

Top Boy Season 4 Release Date

It was reported at the time of the show's announcement that it would be returning for not one, but two new seasons, which means we've been aware of the show's return for season three for quite some time.

It took two years from the announcement in 2017 to the first episode of season three, but we were expecting season four to arrive sooner than that – at least until the TV industry was hit with delays in the first quarter of 2020.

Drake confirmed at the beginning of last year that new episodes would be released later in 2020, and Netflix agreed a month or so later, according to Deadline. Production was scheduled to begin in the spring of that year, but it was halted as a result of the pandemic.

When it was announced that filming would resume in London in December 2020, fans were overjoyed. Ashley Walters and Kano broke the news to the world in a video clip that was posted on Netflix's official Twitter account: “We're obviously filming Top Boy at the moment. You asked for it, and we made sure you got it. There you have it, the second season. Netflix. Let's get this party started.”

“It's going well,” Walters said (as reported by NME's Friends Like These blog). “The scripts are excellent, and they are extremely tight. We're approaching it from a different angle this time around because I'm executive producing the project, which means I'm much more involved in the creative and script-writing aspects.”

Additionally, he discussed how the pandemic has impacted the production: “Because of COVID, we've lost so many locations, so we're just making do with what we can.” We'll be doing [episode] six one day, then back to one, then back to three the next.

“It's been a challenge, but rest assured that we've got another banger in store for everyone who's listening or watching.” “It's going to be fantastic,” I predict.

Since then, there have been few updates from the production, and with 2021 rapidly approaching, it is looking more and more likely that Top Boy season 4 will premiere in early 2022, rather than later in the year (although watch this space, as Netflix could always surprise us and drop the new season sooner than we expect).

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Top Boy Season 4 Plot

Top Boy Season 4

Those who enjoyed season three are not alone; Top Boy showrunner Ronan Bennett was a fan of the season as well. “Sometimes when you write something for the screen, it just doesn't come out as well as you'd hoped. All of the individual parts are excellent, but when they're all put together, they just don't work as well as you hoped. Clearly, this is different “He told the Metro newspaper. “True to my convictions, I think the new season is fantastic. We are not content to rest on our laurels.”

In other words, we can expect more of the same in season four, with enough new twists and surprises to keep things fresh and interesting.

For starters, we need to figure out what happened to Dris after we heard a gunshot at the end of season three. Many fans are convinced that the character, who has been around since 2011, is still alive – with some even suggesting that he was never shot in the first place after all.

Top Boy Season 4 Cast

Top Boy Season 4

‘Kano' Robinson (Sully) and Micheal Ward (Jamie) will all return for season three's big cliffhanger. Simbi ‘Little Simz' Ajikawo (Shelley) has also been spotted filming on the East London set earlier this year.

David ‘Dave' Omoregie (Modie), Kadeem Ramsay (Kit), Lisa Dwan (Lizzie), and Saffron Hocking (Lauryn) are all expected to return.

Several cast members, including Micheal Ward and Jasmine Jobson, Araloyin Oshunremi, Hope Ikpoku Jr, Kadeem Ramsay, and Alexander Blake, posted a reunion photo on Instagram in July (aka Blakie). It wasn't clear if this was a season-related gathering or a “family” reunion.

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Final Words

That's all about Top Boy Season 4. Stay tuned for more updates and bookmark our site to not miss out on any news. Thank you for reading!