Top 10 Shows Like Ginny & Georgia on Netflix! Check It Out Here!

If you're one of the folks who binge-watched right through Ginny & Georgia when it first arrived on Netflix, the wait for Season 2 might be starting to feel a little long.

Starring Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry, the series follows a mother and daughter who move to a New England suburb in the hopes of establishing a new, perfect life, but soon find that Georgia's less-than-idyllic past may not be so easy to put behind.

Season 2 of the dark comedy dramedy has been ordered for 10 more hour-long episodes, but fans will have to wait a while before they can officially return to Wellsbury.

If you're looking for more teen romance or snappy dramedies, here are Top 10 Shows Like Ginny & Georgia on Netflix that should meet the mark, from obvious inspirations like Gilmore Girls to the equally binge-able suburban moms gone bad series Good Girls.


Top 10 Shows Like Ginny & Georgia on Netflix

Let's get the most basic explanation out of the way first. They even make a point of referencing Gilmore Girls in the pilot, which is a testament to how obviously it influenced the dynamic between Ginny and Georgia.

In addition, if the creators of a show you enjoy have included direct references to inspiration, you can bet that it will satisfy your need for further viewing following a binge session.

Gilmore Girls is a classic show from the early 2000s, starring Lorelei Gilmore & her daughter Rory, a witty & endearing duo who deals with love and life in a small town. There aren't many shocking revelations in Gilmore Girls, but if the mother-daughter dynamic is what you're after, you can't go wrong with this classic feel-good programme.


Top 10 Shows Like Ginny & Georgia on Netflix

This drama is an intensified version of the Netflix show Ginny & Georgia, which dealt with comparable topics. Complex issues are discussed as young adults try to find their way in a hostile world. Everything you need to know about Euphoria season 3 is right here.


Top 10 Shows Like Ginny & Georgia on Netflix

The plot of “13 Reasons Why” centers on the suicide of a young girl named Hannah Baker. A classmate and friend, Clay Jensen, is left a series of tapes by her bedside in which she explains her suicide.

Her storyline anchors the first two seasons, which also serve to introduce and develop the supporting cast. After Hannah's storyline concludes, the show shifts to other characters and situations.

A mystery surrounds Hannah's untimely demise, much as “Ginny and Georgia,” another similar tale. Relationship dynamics among young adults and their families are also examined.

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The empathy displayed in “13 Reasons Why” makes it a powerful examination of issues including depression, suicide, drug misuse, sexual assault & child abuse. Fans of “Ginny and Georgia” will especially enjoy the young performers' subtle and superb performances.


Top 10 Shows Like Ginny & Georgia on Netflix

If you fell for Georgia's easygoing charisma and can-do attitude, then you'll love Teenage Bounty Hunters, a Netflix original series with twice as much of the same. The short-lived fan favorite 2020 was created by Orange Is the New Black's Jenji Cohen & starred Maddie Phillips & Anjelica Bette Fellini as twins who stumble into a Bounty Hunting business & decide to make the most of it.

Teenage Bounty Hunters are funny, engaging, and fast-paced television, and it shares a certain vibe with Ginny and Georgia, not just because of the clever dialogue and the southern charm, but also because of the female-driven plot and the absolutely charming ensemble.


Top 10 Shows Like Ginny & Georgia on Netflix

The protagonist, a goth girl named Wednesday, faces a new and dangerous chapter in her life on Wednesday when she enrolls in the Nevermore Academy for the social and metaphysical outcasts.

Wednesday's more mundane concerns include love triangles and other coming-of-age issues as she adjusts to a new environment, encounters death & morbidity frequently, and uncovers a family secret that has been hidden for decades.


Top 10 Shows Like Ginny & Georgia on Netflix

Devi, a first-generation Indian-American kid, is trying to recover from a painful year by becoming more popular at school, but she is stymied by her relationships with her friends, family, and herself.

Devi and Ginny have a lot in common, including the struggles of coming of age in the face of loss, trauma, and often insurmountably harsh relatives and friends.

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Top 10 Shows Like Ginny & Georgia on Netflix

Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Alexander Skarsgrd, Adam Scott, Zo Kravitz, Laura Dern, and the great Meryl Streep are just some of the stars who appear in “Big Little Lies,” a series that won an Emmy.

There are many parallels between this story and “Ginny and Georgia,” despite the fact that it centers on a group of ladies in California rather than teenagers in New England. The tragic death that occurred at the school's glamorous fundraiser has brought these powerful women together.

Their relationship is changing as the police look into what may be murder. There are oaths taken, secrets spoken, and old wounds reopened, all of which shatter their lives irrevocably.


Top 10 Shows Like Ginny & Georgia on Netflix

Whereas “Ginny and Georgia” teeters on the brink of humor and drama, “Dare Me” is a dark drama with its roots deep in the minds of teenage girls. Addy and Beth are both competitive cheerleaders, but the focus here is on their passionate friendship. But when the team hires Colette French, a champion coach, tensions arise.

Competition, jealousy, and family difficulties are just some of the darker themes that “Dare Me” examines. Addy's mother-daughter relationship has some natural conflicts, while Beth's family has serious problems.

In the first episode, a brutal crime happens, raising the stakes even higher. Dare Me, like “Ginny and Georgia,” devotes a substantial amount of time to investigating this stunning occurrence.

Variety's Caroline Framke gave the series high marks, calling it “a sinister suspenseful novel that begs to be devoured. It's conscious of, and plays off of, the fact that it's lush and seductive by making the experience of listening to it eerily alluring.”


Top 10 Shows Like Ginny & Georgia on Netflix

Characters Kitty, Bree, Margot, and Olivia all go to the exclusive Bannerman Independent School. Considering the show is set in a wealthy suburb, it will inevitably be compared to series like “Gossip Girl.”

This series, however, has a more diversified range of characters, and they aren't solely out for revenge like in those other series. The “Get Even” girls come from a variety of social groups, yet they band together to out the school bullies.

They are motivated to seek justice by the phrase, “Don't get mad, get even,” which has become their unofficial slogan. However, their most recent victim mysteriously passes away while in possession of a piece of paper reading “D.G.M.”

Could it be that they're being set up for murder? Glamour writer Christopher Rosa praised the show, calling it “dishy, interesting, and seductive.” Readers who like the mysteries in “Ginny and Georgia” will enjoy this.


Top 10 Shows Like Ginny & Georgia on Netflix

To appreciate how far teen dramas have come, it helps to go back to their roots. Even though the first episode of My So-Called Life aired 27 years ago, the show still manages to feel painfully current and authentic.

In part, this is because of the groundbreaking way it dealt with its protagonist's emotional turmoil; the dissatisfaction of 15-year-old Angela was not written off as typical adolescent angst; rather, it was given the same weight as the sexuality of Rickie, the difficulty of reading for Jordan, or the marital problems of Angela's parents.

At that age, everything seems dramatic, but My So-Called Life understands, like Ginny and Georgia, that sometimes things only seem like a huge deal because they are. Miller, Liz Shannon.