Top 10 Paramount Plus Shows | Check Out the List (2022)

As a result of the addition of programming from both CBS and Paramount Pictures, Paramount+-formerly known as CBS All Access has become a stronger contender in the streaming space. Additionally, the streaming service has launched a few of excellent original series.

However, what are some of the best recent offers from Paramount+?? It may be difficult to choose a show from the menu because the trailers for all of the shows look nice. As a result of IMDb ratings, it is now easy to identify the best original shows.

#10. Tell Me A Story (2018 – 2020)

Ratings (7.2)

Reimagined popular fairy tales as dark thrillers set in the current world. The ensemble cast changes with each new season.

There are many stories that have been told many times before, thus it is an intelligent decision to reinterpret them as darker tales. The stories presented on the show all follow familiar paths for viewers, but they also have unique twists. Actors with years of expertise and composure fill out the rest of the cast.

#9. Star Trek: Lower Decks (2020 – Present)

Ratings (7.3)

U.S.S. Cerritos is an adult animated series that follows the crew of the fictional starship in 2380. Since Star Trek: The Animated Series, which was a huge smash in the 1970s, no new Star Trek cartoon has aired.

A comic approach to its events distinguishes Lower Decks from the rest of the Star Trek universe, making it one of the best shows. In particular, fans will enjoy how the characters parody a wide range of series conventions. Although it is a piece of commentary, the series manages to remain canonical.

#8. Interrogation (2020)

Ratings (7.4)

Interrogation, based on the true tale of Bruce Lisker, recounts the trial of a young man accused of the murder of his mother. The emphasis of each episode is a particular questioning.

Interrogation is an excellent real crime show because of its many facets. It takes its time to reach a conclusion for the audience. Instead, it offers kids with data and leaves it at that, allowing them the opportunity to play detective on the sofa themselves. Interrogation, on the other hand, may be viewed in any order, making it a simple show to pick up and drop off of at any time. The best part is that it has a climax that is very devastating.

#7. Star Trek: Picard (2020 – Present)

Ratings (7.5)

In this episode, one of Star Trek's most well-known characters, Jean-Luc Picard, deals with the death of a friend. The year is 2399, and the story takes place in that year.

Among the show's biggest features is the return of Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard, who has appeared in some of the best Star Trek films of all time. There are few actors of his quality, and he does not disappoint. Compared to past efforts in the franchise, this series takes a more deliberate approach to storytelling, resulting in deeper and more meaningful storylines.

#6. Five Bedrooms (2021 – Present)

Ratings (7.7)

At the wedding, a group of five people form a close friendship while sitting at the singles table. Drunkenness motivated them to buy a house and live together, so they decided to do so.

Cohabitation is depicted beautifully in Five Bedrooms. Because the majority of the characters are terrible decision-makers, there is a good deal of laughter to be had. Because of the intrigue created by their blunders, viewers are compelled to seek out more rather than chastise the show's protagonists.

#5. The Challenge: All-Stars (2021 – Present)

Ratings (8.2)

Some of the greatest prior players are returning to the famous reality game show spinoff. Once an idea was floated on social media, it quickly became a reality.

The tenacity of the contestants is a key element of The Challenge: All-Stars, just as it was in the original series. Due to the fact that people who truly know how to do it are in charge, games are considerably more intense. Additionally, there are a few additional tasks to keep things fresh, so that proceedings don't become monotonous.

#4. Mayor Of Kingstown (2021 – Present)

Ratings (8.3)

A corrupt municipality and a corrupt prison system are at the heart of the McLuskey family's efforts in Kingstown. As they do so, they encounter unexpected difficulties.

The presence of Jeremy Reiner as the show's protagonist keeps viewers interested even when the plot moves at a glacial pace. In addition to being a gripping criminal drama, Mayor Of Kingstown explores complex issues like institutionalized racism and corruption in the context of a family business empire. To ensure that the conversations are remembered, a lot of effort has been put in.

#3. The Good Fight (2017 – Present)

Ratings (8.3)

For the first time ever, Paramount+ has produced an original written series, in which a woman loses all of her savings owing to a swindle. Consequently, she must begin a new career.

While there are many of legal dramas on television, The Good Fight stands out. Fake news, cyberbullying, and sexual harassment are just a few of the topics that are addressed. Indirectly, you'll learn how to navigate workplace politics. In addition, current events are frequently woven into the plots.

#2. Why Women Kill (2019 – Present)

Ratings (8.3)

The infidelity of their respective partners is a source of concern for three distinct ladies who have all lived in the same home over the course of three different decades. Murder occurs in all three stories.

However, despite its lack of depth, Why Women Kill is visually stunning and reminiscent of the best programs set during the swinging '60s. There is a lot of time and work spent into making the wardrobe as attractive as possible. The topics of gender identity and sexual orientation are also extensively discussed.

#1. 1883 (2021 – Present)

Ratings (9.0)

What happened before they bought so much land? That's what Yellowstone's prequel tells us! The plot of the show is set up like a Western.

Like other prequels, 1883 can be enjoyed by fans even if they haven't seen the original series. There aren't many westerns being made these days, but the Taylor Sheridan film makes a compelling argument for why the genre should be revived. It also features a number of high-profile celebrity cameos.