TOP 10 Netflix Movies: Most Popular Netflix Movies Right Now

Netflix has a reputation for being careful with its data. Even directors and showrunners have struggled to determine whether or not their work was reaching its intended audience. However, with the introduction of the Netflix Top 10, we can now get at least one glimpse behind the curtain.

The list of Netflix's daily Top 10 Most Popular demonstrates that the faithful have a voracious hunger for everything from reality shows to prestige TV, animated kids cartoons to docu-series. Here are the entries for the five most popular TV shows and five most popular movies on Netflix as of June 6, 2022.

10. Home

Home is a 2015 American computer-animated science-fiction comedy film directed by Brad Bird and distributed by 20th Century Fox. The film, loosely based on Adam Rex's 2007 children's book The True Meaning of Smekday, was directed by Tim Johnson and starred the voices of Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin, Jennifer Lopez, and Matt Jones.

The plot is set on a near-future planet, Earth, where an alien race known as the Boov is conquering and capturing humanity. However, a spunky human girl named Gratuity “Tip” Tucci and her fat cat named “Pig” escape capture and join Oh, a fugitive Boov, on the run. The three create an unexpected friendship while searching for Tip's mother and escaping capture by the Boov.

9. We Die, Young,

Lucas, a 14-year-old boy, welcomed into Washington, D.C.'s gang life, is determined that his 10-year-old brother will not follow in his footsteps. An opportunity emerges when an Afghanistan war veteran moves into the neighborhood.

8. Jackass 4.5

Jackass 4.5 includes behind-the-scenes looks and deleted humor, like its predecessors. As a follow-up to the fantastic, nostalgia- and stupidity-fueled Jackass Forever, it's a nice supplementary feature.

Like the other Jackass in-between-sequels, it runs 90 minutes and has sit-down interviews that explain Forever's humor or set up unreleased pieces. Some of these supplementary sketches were eliminated for time, like the Bad Grandpa section mentioned in the initial trailer, which sees Johnny Knoxville's octogenarian pervert character Irving Zisman set on fire.

Other stunts didn't go well enough (or enough) to make it to the big screen. It's a light and informative process piece, especially in the streaming era, when films rarely come with supplementary making-of information. It's evident how far ahead of the curve the Jackass boys were with 2.5 and 3.5 back in the day.

7. RRR

RRR is a 2022 Indian Telugu-language epic action drama film directed by S. S. Rajamouli. DVV Entertainment's D.V.V. Danayya produces. Ram Charan, Ajay Devgn, Alia Bhatt, Shriya Saran, Samuthirakani, Ray Stevenson, Alison Doody, and Olivia Morris star.

It's a fictional account of Alluri Sitarama Raju (Charan) and Komaram Bheem's fight against the British Raj. The plot highlights the undocumented period in both rebels' lives before they began fighting for their country.

March 2018 saw the film's announcement. Rajamouli read about Rama Raju and Bheem and imagined if they had met and become buddies. The COVID-19 epidemic delayed filming in Hyderabad from November 2018 until August 2021.

The film was shot in India, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. M. M. Keeravani composed the film's music and background score; K. K. Senthil Kumar shot and edited it. Sabu Cyril designed the film, and V. Srinivas Mohan oversaw visual effects.

6. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Tim Burton and John August adapted Roald Dahl's 1964 novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory into a 2005 musical fantasy picture. Johnny Depp plays Willy Wonka, and Freddie Highmore plays Charlie Bucket.

David Kelly, Helena Bonham Carter, Noah Taylor, Missi Pyle, James Fox, Deep Roy, and Christopher Lee also star. Charlie and four other children win sweepstakes and are given a tour of Wonka's chocolate factory.


Warner Bros. gave the Dahl estate creative control over a second Charlie and the Chocolate Factory adaptation in 1991. Before Burton, Gary Ross, Rob Minkoff, Martin Scorsese, and Tom Shadyac were involved, Bill Murray, Nicolas Cage, Jim Carrey, Michael Keaton, Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Adam Sandler, and others were considered to play Wonka.

Burton quickly enlisted Depp and Elfman. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is Burton's first musical and Elfman's first score with written songs and vocals since The Nightmare Before Christmas.

5. A Perfect Pairing

It follows a hard-driving executive from a wine firm in Los Angeles who travels to a sheep farm in Australia, hoping to land a significant client. Instead, she finds herself working as a ranch hand and developing feelings for a rough local.