Top 10 Movies Like Get Out That Burst at the Seams With Shock and Political Commentary!

Jordan Peele made his directorial debut with this psychological horror movie in 2017. It deals with serious topics like race in a different way than any of Peele's previous films. Critics & audiences alike were taken aback by the film. Leading roles are played by Daniel Kaluuya and Alison Williams, who portray an interracial marriage.

Young black photographer Chris Washington is at the center of the narrative of Get Out. His girlfriend Rose Armitage, portrayed by Alison Williams, is white & he is nervous about meeting her family. When he finally senses something is off, unexpected and horrifying revelations follow.

The film's original screenplay earned an Academy Award and several additional nominations. Reviewers and moviegoers alike have nothing but praise for the film. Us, Ma & Spilt are three films that we think are very similar to one another. For these and other great recommendations, be sure to read on.

1. The Purge

Movies Like Get Out

In The Purge, criminal activity is sanctioned for twelve hours once a year. It's the legal system's means of allowing citizens to hold each other to whatever standards they set for justice. This mind-bending film has several sequels because one family has to work together to survive. The family is central to both The Purge and Get Out, although in comparison to the family in Get Out, this one is somewhat less dysfunctional.

2. Us

Movies Like Get Out

After the success of “Get Out,” Jordan Peele returns with another terrifying horror film, “Us.” The Wilson family is the protagonists of this film about their struggle to stay alive when their house is invaded by a group of masked doppelgangers wearing identical red jumpsuits.

It's true that “Us” has more oblique social commentary than “Get Out,” but that won't stop it from igniting wild and controversial hypotheses among viewers, and it will give horror lovers a thrill as they hunt for all the Easter eggs Peele hidden throughout the picture.

3. Ma

Movies Like Get Out

Like Get Out, Tate Taylor produced, co-wrote, and directed the psychological horror flick Ma. The film, which premiered in 2019, is comparable in that it, too, centers on an initial contact that leads to the revelation of numerous disturbing truths.

In the film, many young people plan a party & urge a middle-aged woman to go out & buy booze for them. After developing a rapport with her, they are granted permission to have parties in her basement, with the one proviso that they are not permitted to venture upstairs.

Octavia Spencer's portrayal of the film's protagonist is praised as the best aspect of an otherwise polarising picture. However, it generated $61.2 million on a budget of under $5 million and was well-received by its target group.

4. The Visit

Movies Like Get Out

From Ari Aster's Midsommar to the next film from A24, X, this generation of horror filmmakers has made their aversion to white folks of retirement age quite clear. There are precedents for this, including M. Night Shyamalan's PG-13 horror masterpiece, Get Out, but it seems to have begun with Shyamalan's film.

This discovered footage B-movie has a straightforward premise: two kids are filming a documentary about their trip to see their grandparents. The couple's children initially brush off their erratic conduct as being parred for the course for seniors, but their fears soon become justified.

Although Shyamalan's name has left a sour taste in the mouths of some viewers, The Visit can be discussed with his more accomplished films. A strong supporting performance by Kathryn Hahn anchors the film's emotional core, and the film's intimate, handheld “back to basics” aesthetic keeps audiences on the edge of their seats until the final action sequence.

5. Parasite

Movies Like Get Out

Parasite, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture, is another psychological thriller that manages to inject humor into the horror genre. The film depicts a family that, like a parasite, gradually makes its way into the mansion of a wealthy one.

They squander the fortune of the oblivious family until it all comes tumbling down. As a viewer, you'll be on the edge of your seat the entire time because this film is more of a nail-biting thriller than a horror.

6. The Invisible Man

Movies Like Get Out

Based on the same-titled novel by H.G. Wells, “The Invisible Man” provides audiences with yet another relationship-centered thriller featuring heavy doses of gaslighting. The lead character Cecilia Kass is portrayed by Elisabeth Moss, and she is a woman in a violent relationship with Adrian Griffin, a wealthy optics engineer & successful businessman.

She thinks he may have figured out how to make himself invisible, something he's been trying to do for a while. Unfortunately, nobody will believe her. What's more, she's the one they might consider crazy. Like Chris in “Get Out,” Cecilia is manipulated & gaslit throughout the film, leading her to question who she can trust & whether she is, in fact, going crazy.

7. Sorry to Bother You

Movies Like Get Out

Cassius “Cash” Green, the protagonist of “Sorry to Bother You,” works as a telemarketing for the RegalView firm in the surrealist film. Cash is put in a difficult position when his pals propose forming a union. Either he continues to take salaries from a crooked corporation or he backs the activism of his pals.

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While the comedy in Boots Riley's picture is more prominent than the horror, the film is nevertheless clearly focused on exposing capitalism, social issues, and race. Include some political horror in the corpse count, and you have a film that deserves to be on this list.

8. Escape Room

You've probably heard of things called “escape rooms,” and Escape Room is one of those. This film combines thriller and horror elements, and it's based on real-world strategy games you can play.

In this film, the protagonists find themselves in an escape room unlike any you've seen before and must use all their wits to find a way out. Despite the vast differences in plot, the movie's themes of flight and escape are strikingly similar to those of Get Out.

9. The Witch

Movies Like Get Out

Robert Eggers, making his directorial debut with this film, wrote the screenplay and serves as the film's historical supernatural horror film. It adds an entirely new dimension of terror to the situation. You won't be let down if the thought of something darker at work in Get Out intrigued you.

In the 1630s, the protagonist family of this narrative flees their hometown because of a theological dispute, in an attempt to find a new home. Katherine, the mother, has five children and they all vanish after they move to a farm near a forest. Starting with a normal family working the land, terrifying events occur that can only be characterized as supernatural.

Anya Taylor-Joy, Kate Dickie, Ralph Ineson, Harvey Scrimshaw, and Ellie Grainger play supporting roles. The picture received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics, and most viewers agreed. The film's $40.4 million in earnings much exceeded its modest $4 million budget.

10. CandyMan

Movies Like Get Out

It makes perfect sense to watch the 2021 sequel to “Candyman,” which Peele produced and cowrote with its director, Nia DaCosta, and screenwriter, Win Rosenfeld. As he investigates the urban legend of Candyman, artist Anthony unintentionally releases him once again in modern-day Chicago, where the Cabrini-Green projects have been demolished and gentrified.

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An important issue in “Candyman,” much like in “Get Out,” is the harm done to Black people by white supremacists. Teyonah Parris, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, and Colman Domingo are just a few of the fantastic actors in the film. Fans of the original film will appreciate this updated take on the genre.