Top 10 Minecraft Youtubers! Best Players To Check On YouTube

It's believed that Minecraft is by far the most popular video game on YouTube, and the number of people who watch and create content for it is only growing.

The number of Minecraft content creators has remained around the same as 2022 has progressed. Channels that score lower than the most popular are still establishing their own distinct personalities. In addition, the number of new creators has been steadily increasing.

A player who doesn't like a certain Minecraft creator or channel has many options to choose from in the ever-changing YouTube landscape for this genre. If you haven't already, there are a lot of outstanding content makers worth checking out.

10. LDShadowLady

Top 10 Minecraft Youtubers

LDShadowLady hails from the United Kingdom and is best known for her single-player Minecraft series, Shadowcraft.

Currently working on fresh content for her After Life SMP, the 29-year-old developer has competed in the Minecraft Championship. She regularly features her husband SmallishBeans in her videos.

One of the UK's most popular gaming designers, LDShadowLady, has been active on YouTube since 2010. She has a lot of Minecraft videos on her channel, but she also has a lot of other gaming stuff.

9. iBallisticSquid

Davis Spencer, nicknamed iBallisticSquid, is another UK-born YouTuber who focuses on Minecraft.

Top 10 Minecraft Youtubers

He is a member of the collective MagicAnimalClub and has been on the platform since 2011. Despite his gradual shift away from gaming and into a profession in real estate, he still has one of the most popular Minecraft YouTube accounts.

Regardless, his wit and collaborations with friends StampyLongHead and Ashdubh are well-liked. Since he continues to post films on a daily basis, viewers shouldn't have any trouble finding new content.

8. SSundee

SSundee, a YouTuber from the United States, has been posting Minecraft videos since 2009, and he continues to do so.

The Crazy Craft, SkyFactory 4, and TNT Wars series are some of his most well-known creations, but he also has a long list of noteworthy mod reviews under his belt.

Aside from Sonic the Hedgehog, videos for Fortnite and Among Us have been created by Sundee.

While he took some time off in 2018 to spend quality time with his family and recharge his batteries, he's been back to work and amusing his millions of followers ever since.

7. JeromeASF

When JeromeASF first started making videos on YouTube, he focused on Call of Duty content, but he quickly became known for his Minecraft stuff. Additionally, he maintains a number of other channels, such as Shellshock Live and Town of Salem.

Top 10 Minecraft Youtubers

A few of his buddies, such as Biffle and Sigils and Henwy and Nicovald, have recently collaborated with him. MCC14 was Jerome's first appearance in the Minecraft Championships.

As a member of Team Orange Ocelots in the MCC, he appeared alongside DanTDM, KrtzyY, Mini Muka, and F1NN5TER during his most recent appearance.

6. PrestonPlayz

PrestonPlayz, also known as TBNRFrags, began his YouTube career in 2012 and has since published over 3.7 thousand videos on a variety of games, including Minecraft. There are a slew of more films featuring the Dallas, Texas native, including pranks and challenges.


His YouTube pals include MrWoofless, Lachlan, Vikkstar123, JeromeASF, and Bajan Canadian, all of whom are also members of The Pack. Short skits, amusing films, animated GIFs, and Roblox-related stuff are among the many types of content he posts on his Cosmic PvP server's channel.

5. CaptainSparklez

CaptainSparklez is a Minecraft content creator and musician best known for the music video “Creeper, Aw Man.” His real name is Jordan Maron, and so he has a number of other channels, including a vlogging channel.

His Minecraft videos have been seen more than 3.1 billion times on YouTube. Fortress Fury is his own video game, which he designed himself.

He has a long history of popularity and success as a creator of high-quality Minecraft material, as seen by the fact that several of his videos are currently or have previously been among the most popular on YouTube.

4. BajanCanadian

Since returning from a long break, BajanCanadian has been posting stuff on YouTube with a passion. In 2010, BajanCanadian launched his YouTube channel with a series of survival and hunger games films that have since become popular.

Top 10 Minecraft Youtubers

Since moving to a new server, his survival films have been available again. The makers of the community's Shorts served as inspiration for Bajan's most recent web series, ManSave. The reconstituted Pack, of which BajanCanadian is also a part, produces films with its members, some of which feature Pixelmon.

3. StampyLongHead

More than a decade has passed since Stampy, an English YouTuber, joined the ranks of the community.

In 2011, StampyLongHead became the creator's primary channel and he hasn't looked back since. As a member of the Magic Animal Club, he frequently collaborates with other creators, such as iBallisticSquid, on Let's Play-style content.

Watching Stampy's Lovely Globe is a good place to start if you're intrigued about his work, as he's built a huge number of structures and devices within this one world and video series.

2. Dream

Despite the fact that Dream does not have as many subscribers as other creators, the number of people who have watched his videos has skyrocketed.

Top 10 Minecraft Youtubers

The dream is one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels ever, and his collaborations with Sapnap, GeorgeNotFound, Tommyinit, BadBoyHalo, and many more are quite successful.

YouTube's Streamy Prizes have given him many gaming category awards for his Dream SMP manhunt videos, which have been viewed millions of times.

1. TheDiamondMinecart

DanTDM (the TDM stands for The Diamond Minecart) is an English content developer specializing in Minecraft. Over the course of his time on the platform, Dan has amassed over 26 million subscribers and 18.5 billion video views, earning him a Kids' Choice Award and even a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Top 10 Minecraft Youtubers

For his YouTube Red series, he has also traveled to numerous other countries and was briefly ranked the richest YouTuber in 2017.

Many of his newest videos feature him playing games with his young son Asher, making them ideal for a family audience. He has also written on previous Minecraft releases and snapshots, including previews of the future Wild Update, which is currently under development.