Top 10 Horror Movies Of All Time: June 2022 | What You Should Know?

Top 10 Horror Movies: The finest horror films are those that give you shivers even if you're lying on a beach on a hot summer day thinking about them.

Just don't peek at the glistening waves to see if a wayward fin is rushing across the ocean.

The finest terrifying movies are the ones that subtly inculcate a slew of new phobias in your subconscious.

Perfectly timed for the moment after you've turned off the light at your bedside.

Because, of course, as soon as your eyes adjust to the darkness, whatever lurks in that gloomy corner will rush towards you.

Which of the following films scares you the most will determine whether that takes the form of a supernatural being or something far more human.

The delight of subjectivity makes identifying the best horror films tough. Especially when we barely have room for 30 people.

The nightmares that lurk below, on the other hand, are terrifying for everyone. There's something for everyone here, whether you're looking for creature features, masked slashers, things that go bump in the night, or creeping psychological horror.

And to deliver you the ultimate in current nightmares, we've combined old school classics with frights from modern young upstarts like Ari Aster and Jordan Peele.

10. 28 Days Later

The film: First and foremost, we must remove the undead elephant from the room. The horror film directed by Danny Boyle is a zombie film.

28 Days Later

Yes, they can go, but it's vital to remember that this heinous bunch is related to Romero's best.

They might not eat Christmas dinner together, but they'd send cards and possibly gift cards to the necrotic children.

The crucial thing to remember is that, regardless of their speed, these zombies are still planet killers.

When Jim (Cillian Murphy) wakes up in a hospital bed, he stumbles out into an apocalyptic London that will never be the same again, much like our friend Rick in The Walking Dead.

Why it's terrifying: 28 Days Later is a nightmare.

This feels like the truest view of the modern British apocalypse as Jim and his fellow survivors search for shelter in Scotland, along with a soundtrack that is both devastating and heart-pounding.

The Infected are terrifying, survivors are skeptical, and the film's imagery of the devastating British landscape is breathtaking.

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28 Days Later is a horrific feast for the eyes and the heart, thanks to great performances from everyone involved.

9. Scream

The film: By the late 1990s, horror had become a little stale.


The masked slasher genre was stumbling along, in desperate need of a big cup of espresso.

Instead, Wes Craven's Scream revitalized the genre with its ideal blend of knowing comedy and terror, despite being mocked into Inception levels of postmodern irony since.

As teenagers, Neve Campbell, Rose McGowan, and Drew Barrymore speak fluent horror films while being hunted down by a serial murderer infatuated with the genre?

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Scream is a modern horror classic, thanks to Courtney Cox, who played intrepid news reporter Gale Weathers in the giddy heights of Friends fame.

8. Alien

One of the best science fiction films of all time also happens to be a superb horror film. Isn't it unjust?


As innocently as any group of adolescent teens headed off to a distant house in the woods, Ridley Scott's original Alien sends the crew of the Nostromo to investigate a distress call from an abandoned alien spaceship.

Not many of them will live to tell the tale, just like those teenagers. Sigourney Weaver is a perfect Final Girl in this film.

7. Jaws

There was Jaws, Steven Spielberg's toothy nightmare, before Jurassic Park, ET, and an eternity before the majority of the cast of Ready Player One were brought screaming into existence.


This is, after all, a horror film. Jaws is terrifying. It was one of the first blockbusters, with people practically lining around the block only to escape the theatre in horror.

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The story of Amity Island's gruesome summer season as Chief Brody desperately tries to keep swimmers out of the ocean is the stuff of horror legends, regardless of whether the shark seems a little ropey now that he gets up close and personal. And, let's face it, you're already singing along with the music.

6. Halloween

Who knew an ancient Star Trek mask could be so frightening?

When director John Carpenter handed his villain a blank William Shatner mask to wear while stalking babysitters around the imaginary town of Haddonfield, Illinois, he created a modern classic.


Jamie-Leigh Curtis, who'd become a scream queen in her own right and the blueprint for other final girls to follow, was another legend produced by the film.

What does it matter if the first scene is illogical? If you don't think a child-murdering his sister while wearing a clown mask is terrifying, you should have your horror fan status revoked immediately.

5. The Exorcist

And now we've arrived at the top five horror films of all time. It's almost expected that William Friedkin's masterwork, now in its 40s, continues to loom near the top of so many horror films.

The Exorcist

However, if you see The Exorcist, you'll understand why. This is the story of Regan, the daughter of a successful movie actress who, one day in the basement, distracts herself by playing with an ouija board.

If you've ever wondered why your parents won't let you play with this seemingly harmless item, it's probably because of a young Linda Blair.

Using the ouija board as a portal, an unwanted visitor takes up residence in the young girl, and the rest, as the titular exorcist comes, is cinema history.

4. Hereditary

It is said that “home is where the heart is.” It's also where the worst horror lurks, right under the surface of the ideal family.


Toni Collette is the mother of a heartbroken family in Ari Aster's very first (!) feature film.

To keep this review spoiler-free, her own mother's death has thrown shockwaves through their home, and the future doesn't appear particularly, errr, bright either.

3. The Thing

Perhaps you were buried under a blanket of snow and missed John Carpenter's ultimate creature film. It's very understandable.

The Thing

Why don't you defrost by getting closer to the fire? The Monster is a beautifully splattery and violent horror film about a group of Americans at an Antarctic research outpost, including Kurt Russell's R.J MacReady, who take on an extraterrestrial; well; the thing that infects the blood.

It may begin by eliminating canine companions – there's no need to visit DoesTheDogDie (which opens in a new tab) this time – but it doesn't end there.

2. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Some movie names are vague, letting you figure out their meaning as the story unfolds.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Tobe Hooper's ugly, steamy horror film. Nothing delicate.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre's titular weapon is dull.

Five young individuals leave the protection of the globe and travel to dusty America.

The death and depravity they encounter in a house while seeking for gas make the movie a horrific endurance test decades later.

1. The Shining

Even if you haven't seen The Shining, you know it.

The Shining

You know Jack Nicholson's (presumably ad-libbed) “Johnny” and that you might wish to transfer hotel room 237 for another suite.

Not yet? What if you were snowed in a hotel with only hedgehogs?

In The Shining, a man and his family become winter caretakers at The Overlook.

Given that this is a Stephen King adaption (one he hates so much he made his own), winter is bad. The Overlook Hotel hates people.

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