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Top 10 Christmas Movies You Should Watch on Netflix (2022)

Top 10 Christmas Movies You Should Watch on Netflix (2022): No matter how you feel about Christmas, everyone loves a good holiday movie. Holiday movies are all about love and friendship, making them perfect for the coldest time of the year. Christmas movies have something for everyone, from couples kissing under the mistletoe to family gatherings.

Streaming services like Netflix make it easier than ever to get in the holiday spirit. Here are the best holiday movies on Netflix for everyone, so you can spend more time drinking eggnog and less time scrolling through your watch list this holiday season. Let's get started…

Top 10 Christmas Movies You Should Watch on Netflix

10. Holiday Rush

A successful radio DJ and recent widower is ready to spend the holidays with his four spoiled children, but then he loses his job and has to cut back during the season of giving.

This movie is about a family and has a heartfelt, uplifting message about what really matters around the holidays.

9. The Knight Before Christmas

This new romantic Christmas movie from Netflix competes with the Hallmark Channel's holiday shows. It's about a medieval knight who is magically transported to modern-day Ohio, where a lonely teacher is getting ready for a loveless holiday season. Romantic hijinks happen as expected, but that doesn't make this cheesy movie any less worth watching.

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8. Klaus

In this cute animated Christmas movie, a spoiled postmaster moves to a faraway, unpleasant outpost, where he meets a woodsman with a fluffy white beard who likes to make toys.

This movie is a creative and interesting new way to tell the story of Santa Claus. There are enough touching moments and heartwarming scenes to make even the Grinch smile. This movie about Christmas was up for an Academy Award.

7. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

This beautiful, funny Christmas movie is full of big names and songs by John Legend. It's about a young girl who goes on a mission to help her toymaker grandfather find his best creation.

The songs and dance numbers will keep playing in your head, and both kids and adults will love the story. You don't need to look any further for a happy Christmas movie that feels new and different.

6. White Christmas

This 1954 movie is one of the most classic Christmas movies and a must-watch during the holidays. It's good for the whole family, as long as you can get the kids to stop watching animated movies, and it has a Christmas spirit that's hard to find elsewhere.

5. Dolly Parton's Christmas on the Square

Dolly Parton is loved by everyone. In this very sentimental Christmas musical, the country legend plays an angel who tries to change the heart of Christine Baranski's Scrooge.

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4. Alien Xmas

Want a little bit of holiday spirit that kids can enjoy? In this cute short animated Christmas special, Grinchy aliens want to steal all the gifts, but a young elf's kind act saves the day.

3. Jack Whitehall: Christmas With My Father

The focus of comedian Jack Whitehall's Christmas comedy special is on his famously crochety father. The Queer Eye gang and a full cast make cameos and try to get his dad into the holiday spirit.

2. Single All the Way

Michael Urie, Jennifer Coolidge, Jennifer Robertson, Kathy Najimy, and Barry Bostwick are all-stars in this new holiday rom-com. Urie's character convinces his best friend to pretend to be in a relationship with him for the holidays so that his family won't pressure him to find a partner.

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1. A Castle for Christmas

In this new Netflix Christmas movie, Brooke Shields and Carey Elwes meet when they both want to buy the same beautiful Scottish castle.

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