Check Out Top 10 Best Comedy Tv Shows of 2022!

Top 10 Best Comedy Tv Shows of 2022: Once confined to a handful of primetime 2-hour blocks on the big 4 broadcast networks, the breadth & depth of & variety within, television comedies have recently experienced a meteoric rise.

Once upon a time, on television, you could watch a “sitcom” about the mundane antics of a typical office or family, enhanced by a laugh track & broadcast in front of a studio audience.

Since the advent of “Peak TV,” when more & more streaming services & cable networks were willing to take risks on show creators with unique visions. There has been a greater demand for & supply of content, especially comedies.

Because of this, we are currently experiencing a golden age of the small-screen-com, with a plethora of shows that are not only more cinematic in their presentation but also feature compelling plots, unforgettable characters & of course, plenty of laughs.

All over the various broadcast & streaming platforms available to consumers in 2022, dozens of brand-new series made their debut. Here are the best ones to debut in 2022.

Top 10 Best Comedy Tv Shows of 2022

1. Players (Paramount+)

Top 10 Best Comedy Tv Shows of 2022

A fan of Dan Perrault & Tony Yacenda's mockumentary American Vandal on Netflix might enjoy their new show, which is set in the competitive world of electronic sports. Creamcheese, who has been the backbone of Fugitive Gaming for years despite his obvious egotism, has his worldview completely upended when the team's new owner recruits the 17-year-old prodigy Organizm.

The narrative jumps around in time throughout the season to show us what other players who have been on the team have gone on to do, how Creamcheese's relationship with his own family has deteriorated & what everyone on the team has given up in order to achieve success.

2. Derry Girls (Netflix)

Top 10 Best Comedy Tv Shows of 2022

What has always set Derry Girls apart from other shows is the juxtaposition of comedic, self-absorbed adolescent shenanigans against the threat of terror & violence. McGee doesn't deviate from the formula in the show's third & final season, which premiered on Netflix on October 7.

Seven episodes may seem like a lot, but the 45-minute finale special focuses on the vote for the Good Friday Agreement, which largely ended the violence of The Troubles, so it serves as both an emphatic ending & a bright new beginning for the characters. That was Kaitlin Thomas.

3. Mythic Quest (Apple Tv+)

Top 10 Best Comedy Tv Shows of 2022

The plot of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia revolved around a group of jerks who, throughout the series, increased the ridiculousness of their antics. By reimagining their comedic routines for the gaming industry, Rob McElhenney, Megan Ganz & Charlie Day's “Mythic Quest” delivers a hilarious & touching workplace comedy.

The writing capitalizes on their quirks, creating an entertaining & thought-provoking blend of high art & goofy wit. Danny Pudi, Jessie Ennis, Charlotte Nicdao, David Hornsby & other dedicated actors make the comedy consistently work, in addition to the writing of these characters.

4. Pivoting (Fox)

Top 10 Best Comedy Tv Shows of 2022

After the death of one of their friends, 3 close companions must deal with loss, transformation & consequential choices. As their bonds grow closer, viewers can't help but root for the characters because they so accurately reflect real people.

The Fox show has excellent pacing, is humorous without being overly serious & is a lot of fun. The characters' distinct humor shines through in the quotes, which are both funny & grounded in a kernel of truth. Eliza Coupe, Ginnifer Goodwin & Maggie Q have great chemistry together as the 3 leads.

5. Big Mouth (Netflix)

Top 10 Best Comedy Tv Shows of 2022
Top 10 Best Comedy Tv Shows of 2022

It's only natural that puberty would serve as a rich source of comedy for sitcoms; after all, it's funny. After the wonderful Pen15 left TV last year, Hulu's Big Mouth became the clear frontrunner among coming-of-age raunch comedies & one of the best titles to emerge from the current glut of adult animation.

The show imagines “hormone monsters” & other invisible creatures that personify intense emotions & primal urges attacking the minds of preteens & teenagers, making full use of the animation medium to tell stories that would have been too wild for a live-action cast of child actors.

6. What We Do in the Shadows

Most sitcoms risk repeating themselves after 4 seasons, but What We Do in the Shadows continues to surprise viewers. Nadja's quest to open a vampire nightclub, Laszlo's journey as a harried parent to baby Colin Robinson & Nandor's determination to find his 38th wife are the 3 wacky schemes that unite everyone's favorite Staten Island vampires in the hilarious new season of FX's supernatural mockumentary.

Everything is as brazen & bawdy as usual, but the plot took some interesting turns in Season 4. HGTV took over the show in a parody episode, Guillermo came out as gay & Laszlo's life was turned upside down by becoming a father.

7. The Afterparty

Top 10 Best Comedy Tv Shows of 2022

Despite being co-written by the team behind the gleeful & sharp silliness of “Clone High” & “The Lego Movie,” “The Afterparty” will keep viewers guessing about the killer's identity and motivation right up until the credits roll.

It follows the standard murder-mystery formula but does so in a way that is both fresh & entertaining. This Apple TV+ series not only gets more & more in-depth with each episode, but each episode also follows a different character's perspective & has its own unique aesthetic.

Detective Danner, a wacky investigator with a point to prove after a partygoer's body washes up on the shore, questions every guest. Whether it's an unrequited crush, an old grudge, or a professional betrayal, everyone has a reason to wish Xavier dead.

8. Los Espookys (HBO / HBO Max)

For the most difficult issues, some people prefer to hire a private investigator or psychotherapist. Still, others bypass everyone else & head straight to Los Espookys, a “horror group” from some Latin American country.

For instance, in one episode, a scientist who is being oppressed by her husband hires Renaldo, Andrés & Tati to put him in an immersive illusion where everyone is wearing a mask of his face.

The show's cancellation means we'll never know what Tati's deal is, but the show could have continued for another decade & still not explained things. Catch these 12 rare episodes of HBO Max while you still can!

9. Rutherford Falls

Top 10 Best Comedy Tv Shows of 2022

Rutherford Falls Season 2 is even better than Season 1, which set a high bar for the show's ability to balance comedy & seriousness. All it takes is the first episode, in which Sally & Wayne hunt for a white ghost & try to trap it with objects sacred to white people, to put an end to the show.

Like last year, Jesse Leigh's overachieving high school senior Bobbie gets some of the best lines. Between the laughs & tears, this season digs deep into issues like corporate wrongdoing & the marginalization of people without children in urban planning. The writers make it seem so easy, but it's really quite impressive.

10. How To With John Wilson

Top 10 Best Comedy Tv Shows of 2022
Top 10 Best Comedy Tv Shows of 2022

These reserved cartoonists, like Nathan Fielder & John Wilson, are making the most of the resources at their disposal to share their individual perspectives. From a similar train of thought comes “How to with John Wilson,” in which John records his observations of New York City & organizes them into episodes with unusual names.

His discoveries about himself, which often reveal his deepest thoughts & desires, are accompanied by insightful glimpses into his culture. This docuseries is hilarious because it presents these topics in a tutorial format & shows how they pertain to the everyday lives of New Yorkers.

Season 2 is a hilarious adventure that draws its humor from John's unique characteristics, such as his social anxiety & his complicated relationship with his elderly landlord. Each episode is based on his own life, from his desire to own a home to the difficulty of finding a parking spot in New York City, but it manages to touch on universal themes.

His voiceover runs like a stream of consciousness, suggesting that a night of wine tasting can help you overcome your anxiety about being an outcast. His unintentional thinking about batteries can reveal more about you than hours of introspection.