Top 10 Apple TV+ Shows To Watch In 2022

Apple TV+ is the most elusive of the streaming goliaths at the moment while being one of the most prominent players.

When it comes to binge-watching, Netflix has developed a massive empire. Hulu and Amazon Prime Video have found a niche for their original programming. Disney+ lets you know precisely what you'll get when you join up for the service.

If you're looking for something to watch on Apple TV+, you may look at several original shows with no idea what to watch.

To help with this, we're here to help. After sifting through the best and worst of what Apple TV+ offers, we've compiled a handy guide to the most awesome shows streaming today.

From family-friendly shows to mind-blowing mysteries to classic prestige dramas with an all-star ensemble cast, we've rounded up the best of Apple's streaming service to help you find something to sink your teeth into.

#1.The Essex Serpent

Written By:  Anna Symon is the author of this piece (based on The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry)

Cast: Tom Hiddleston and Claire Danes star; Frank Dillane and Hayley Squires, and Jamael Westman round out the ensemble.

Apple TV+ has begun to emerge as a service that can't be ignored or disregarded in its programming, and one of its most recent offerings is worth checking in for. Cora, a recently widowed woman from London, decides to go to the Essex countryside, where whispers of a fabled serpent swirl throughout the village, in this gloomy Gothic drama starring Danes (who is well-suited for this type of period series).

As she travels, she runs into the local vicar (Hiddleston), with whom she strikes up a friendship despite their divergent views on whether or not the serpent exists. Cora's transformation from a damaged woman to a confident woman in The Essex Serpent is depicted through beautiful clothes and fog-draped marshes in the story's setting, a series in which aesthetics are everything.

#2. Shining Girls

Created by: Silka Luisa is the person who made this (based on The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes)

Cast: Elisabeth Moss, Wagner Moura, Jamie Bell, Phillipa Soo, Amy Brenneman, and Chris Chalk make up the cast of this film.

It's an intriguing question: what if there was a serial murderer who could kill women worldwide but could also do so in the past or the future? When we first meet Kirby Mazrachi (Moss) in the Apple TV+ series based on Lauren Beukes' novel of the same name, she's dealing with the aftereffects of a near-fatal attack on her life, but what if they have something to do with something else?

The show begins with a gradual burn, introducing us to the idea and developing suspense and mystery before launching us headfirst into the show's distinctive genre twist. It indicates that when the supernatural elements of the second half of the season kick in, it will be intense, so buckle up and hang on for the ride.

A review by Therese Lacson stated that Shining Girls is an “interesting addition for Apple TV+ for those who appreciate a more creative approach to narrative, unburdened by the constraints of one certain genre.”

#3. Roar

Created by: Carly Mensch and Liz Flahive designed this piece (based on Roar by Cecelia Ahern)

Cast:  In the model, Issa Rae, Nick Kroll, Nicole Kidman, Simon Baker, Betty Gilpin, Daniel Dae Kim, Cynthia Erivo, Jake Johnson, Merritt Wever, Justin Kirk, Riki Lindhome, Jason Mantzoukas, Alison Brie, Hugh Dancy, Christopher Lowell, Ego Nwodim, Jillian Bell, Meera Syal, Peter Facinelli, Alfred Molina are all featured.

None of the previously or currently showing anthology programs captures the lonely perspective of women's experiences in their intricacy, messiness, and confusion. The first season of Roar, which bears some resemblance to shows like Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone, was marketed as a collection of “female fables.”

Although there is an odd absence of gay stories in this anthology, the narratives that do appear are intelligent, insightful, and ultimately vital watching for all women.

#4. Pachinko

Created by: A work of art by Soo Hugh (based on the book of the same name by Min Jin Lee)

Cast: Soji Arai, Jin Ha, Jun-woo Han, In-ji Jeong, Eun-chae Jung, Min-ha Kim, Lee Min-ho, Kaho Minami, Steve Sanghyun Noh, Anna Sawai, Jimmi Simpson, Yuh-jung Youn

It's important to distinguish between series that are mere “drops in the bucket” and those that are “tidal waves of breathtaking achievement.” The same can be said about Pachinko, which has the feel of a timeless epic that spans generations and periods.

The eight-episode Apple TV+ series massively delivers on both fronts, with the final product resulting in one of the best episodes of the year and a show that should end up on everyone's best-of-time lists.

“The series crafts a tapestry that finds as much art in the modest intimacy of dialogues amongst its characters as in the immensity of settings they inhabit across the many decades.”

#5. WeCrashed

Created By: Lee Eisenberg and Drew Crivello are the minds behind this design (based on WeCrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWork by David Brown)

Cast: Kyle Marvin, America Ferrera, and O. T. Fagbenle are also in the model, Theo Stockman, Anthony Edwards, Jared Leto, and Anne Hathaway.

Many streamers have hopped on the bandwagon of casting A-listers to play snake oil merchants in recent years, including Netflix with Inventing Anna and Hulu with The Dropout.

WeCrashed, which covers the birth and fall of the WeWork coworking space and its founder Adam Neumann's attempt to build it into a global brand worth millions, has recently been added to Apple TV+.

However, WeWork's stock price plunged in days, so what happened? WeCrashed is an attempt to trace the rise and fall of the WeWork brand, as well as the rift that developed between Neumann and his wife Rebekah (who is a distant cousin of Gwyneth Paltrow).

Relax and take in the spectacle of the train accident. It was “one of the great cringe shows of the year.” With Leto attempting to dissolve into yet another real-life individual, equally matched by Hathaway's screen intensity,” there may be no better or more adequate explanation for it.



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#6. Severance

Created by: Dan Erickson is the person who made this.

Role(s): Patricia Arquette; Adam Scott; Zach Cherry; Britt Lower; Tramell Tillman; Jen Tullock; Dichen Lachman; Michael Chernus; John Turturro; Christopher Walken

This new drama thriller on the streaming service gives a whole new meaning to “work-life balance.” The plot centers on the controversial in-universe process known as severance — and what happens when workers who work for a private firm voluntarily choose to have their work memories surgically separated from the ones they develop outside of the office.

This is accomplished by having a switch flip in their brains whenever they clock in and out of the office for the day. A new “severed” employee starts to make Mark and all of his coworkers doubt all they know about the current status quo — and what they're doing at work all day.

Scott was the first option for the lead character, and it's obvious to see why. In this half-Black Mirror, half-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind series, Ben Stiller serves as the show's director for several essential episodes.

#7. The Afterparty

Creator: Chris Miller

Cast: Tiffany Haddish, Sam Richardson, Zo Chao, Ike Barinholtz, Ben Schwartz, Ilana Glazer, Jamie Demetriou, and Dave Franco round out the stellar ensemble cast.

Putting together some of the best modern-day heavyweights in a plot that resonates with the millennial generation (aka a high school reunion) is magical. You've figured out a winning formula.

The Afterparty, starring Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, tells the story of a group of friends who find themselves inadvertent suspects in a murder inquiry after the host of their reunion's Afterparty (Franco) is found dead on the cliffs near his oceanfront property.

The detective on the case (Haddish) interrogates each character in their own words, with the accompanying episode changing forms to match the narrator's account. The Afterparty is a genre feast, and the names attached will have you as captivated as the whodunnit itself.

#8. Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock

Created By: Alex Cuthbertson, Matt Fusfeld

Actors: Karen Prell, Donna Kimball, Jordan Lockhart, and Dave Goelz in the title role as John Tartaglia

Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock, which premiered on Apple TV+ in a particularly raucous, colorful, and musical manner, is an exception. Jim Henson's puppets were famous for their practicality, not because they abused computer-generated imagery (CGI).

It's a children's show, but the lessons it imparts can also be applied to adults who watch it, whether or not they have children. But don't take my word for it, “Back to the Rock serves as a heartfelt reminder that there is a joy to be discovered even amid adversity. People and fraggles cannot coexist in fear, and neither can we. We benefit the world when we welcome the other as we welcome ourselves.”

#9. The Shrink Next Door

Created By: Georgia Pritchett is the author of this work (based on the book The Shrink Next Door by Joe Nocera)

Cast: Cornell Womack, Paul Rudd, Will Ferrell, Kathryn Hahn, Casey Wilson, and Sarayu Blue.

There are few things more impressive than two actors who can not only play against type—or even the labeled boxes that we as viewers prefer to fit them into—but also square off against each other while inhabiting roles we're not used to seeing them play in the same way.

The Shrink Next Door, starring Ferrell and Rudd in a plot that's almost unbelievable to be a story, is out now.

“It's impossible not to giggle at the silliness of this situation while still finding the underlying trauma occurring to be deeply unsettling in this tragic true story. The Shrink Next Door pushes Rudd and Ferrell as actors in ways we haven't seen before, and it does so in a captivating way.”

#10. Invasion

Created By: Simon Kinberg and David Weil.

Cast: Among the cast members are Golshifteh Farahani, Shamier Anderson, Shioli Kutsuna, Aziz Capkurt, Billy Barratt, Azhy Robertson, Daisuke Tsuji, and Sam Neill.

As a general rule, when you think of alien invasion science-fiction movies like Roland Emmerich's, you usually think of the vast, bombastic action set pieces that focus more on the devastation and the accompanying war against invaders from another planet than the average, everyday lives of people worldwide before the moment of impact.

Kinberg and Weil's series, which premiered on Apple TV+ in October and wrapped up its first season this month, is a slower burn. Still, it's the kind of series that fills you with a creeping sense of dread while you watch, not knowing what's going to happen but what will happen shortly.

Invasion is a good choice if you're patient and don't mind taking the scenic road. But the international cast (especially Farahani, Neill, and Anderson) is worth the wait.