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While the cold weather has arrived, bikinis, beaches, and bucking the established order of things are still in style over at Netflix, where winter has yet to come. Do you require any evidence? To be released on streaming provider Netflix in January 2022

Too Hot to Handle will have a new ensemble of flirtatious singles for its third season. And if the first two seasons of the popular series are any indicator, Season 3 of the show will be hot in more ways than one come fall.

Too Hot to Handle Quick Facts

First episode date: April 17, 2020
Language: English
Narrated by: Desiree Burch
Network: Netflix
Genres: Reality television, Dating game show
No. of series: 3
Too Hot to Handle Season 1 Release Date: April 17, 2020
Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Release Date: June 23, 2021
Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Release Date: January 19uary 19 2022


Netflix Vice President of Unscripted and Documentary Series Brandon Riegg stated to Variety, “The secret is out—we're pleased to bring Too Hot to Handle back for two more seasons in a tropical paradise.”

It was only a few weeks before the show's scheduled release on the streaming site that it was renewed for a third season.

The first season was seen repeatedly by many individuals during the early days of the pandemic when tropical trips (flirting with random strangers) seemed like a distant past for most people.

As a follow-up, in June 2021, Netflix lured a new set of singles into spending one month in a vacation villa where they were barred from touching one another—a trademark twist that differentiated THTH from previous island-based dating shows.

Too Hot To Handle Season 3: Everything You Need To Know | Glamour UK

According to Riegg, fans will not have to wait long to witness our new participants' attempts (and failures) to comply with Lana's strict rules, including several twists and shocks along the road. In addition, “Netflix users worldwide fell in love with the hilarious antics of season one,” Riegg stated.

This is everything we know about Too Hot to Handle Season 3 as we prepare for another season of sexual tension on the television show (with that omniscient, Alexa-like robot reigning over it all).

Season 3 of Too Hot to Handle Will Premiere. When?

Too Hot to Handle review: Netflix reality show undermines its trashy appeal - Polygon

While the iron is still hot, drop it! It's just too hot to deal with right now. Season 3 will premiere on Tuesday, January 18, 2022, and will last six episodes.

The streaming service will broadcast new episodes every Wednesday this season, as opposed to Season 2, when half of the attacks were released all at once.

Too Hot to Handle Has a Trailer for the Third Season

Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Location, Details

  • There is one available right now! The two-and-a-half-minute movie begins with breathtaking views of beaches and mountains, followed by the words “True Love Requires Real Connection,” which flash across the screen.
  • When the scantily dressed contestants find out what show they're on, they're in shock, as you can imagine.
  • It is revealed to them that Lana serves as the show's “virtual assistant,” and she warns them that there will be “no kissing, excessive touching, or sex of any kind” on the show's set.
  • The fact that one male contender characterizes Lana as “the ultimate c***block” is hardly surprising.

As part of her announcement, Lana reveals that the prize pool for Season 3 has been boosted to an incredible $200,000!

Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Cast Members

  • Beaux Raymond
  • Harry Johnson
  • Nathan Soan Mingomezulu
  • Georgia Hassarati
  • Brianna Giscombe
  • Gerrie Labuschagné 
  • Holly Scarfone
  • Izzy Fairthorne
  • Jackson Mawhinney
  • Obi Nnadi
  • Olga Bednarska
  • Stevan Ditter
  • Patrick Mullen
  • Jaz Holloway 
  • Robert “Truth” DuVaun


When Was the Third Season of Too Hot to Handle Filmed?

Too Hot To Handle contestants reveal REAL reason they turned down Love Island | HELLO!

Abbreviate the phrase as “Too Hot to Handle”! The Too Hot to Handle seasons 2 and 3 were shot in short succession during the late fall and early winter of 2020, indicating that the Season 3 cast's sexless summer will take place at the Turtle Tail Estate in Turks and Caicos, as previously reported.

It is revealed that the lavish facility includes a communal bedroom for the ten single guests and a private suite (reserved for couples that follow Lana's guidelines for making connections) in an exclusive Netflix film, in which Christine Quinn of Selling Sunset narrates.

By putting together two seasons simultaneously, producers may have had an easier time dealing with participants who were taken aback when they learned the show's real name for the first time.

They were under the notion that they were guests on a fictional television show called Parties in Paradise, which comedian Jeff Dye hosted. Season 2 singles were given this impression when they landed on the island.

Season 3 singles were notified that they were on Pleasure Island before the show's actual title—and less-than-pleasant premise—was revealed as Pleasure Island, as depicted in the Netflix video.

Because more time has passed since Season 3 was recorded, it's safe to anticipate that there will be much more off-screen drama to unpack when the program returns in 2019 for its third season.

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