Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 236 Release Date, Recap and Where To Read?

Tsukasa and Himari want to take Nasa and Asimo on a double date in the upcoming chapters. So much awesomeness has already been packed into the comic, and more is on the way!

We have to wait because the manga is on hiatus for a month, and the article specifies when it will return. While we do get some answers about Himari's love interest, those who have doubted her proximity to Nasa will also be put to rest.

Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 235 was released on April 30 with the lengthy title, “I'm going to be sure to stress to all my children the importance of never ever neglecting their marriage ever,” in contrast to the previous chapter's succinct title.

The focus shifted away from Tsukasa and his immortality powers and onto the second ship of Tonikaku Kawaii, where viewers were treated to additional information about Himari and Asimo. In this article, we will read about Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 236 release date in detail.

Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 236 Release Date and Time

On May 25, 2023, at midnight JST, Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 236 will be made available online. If you enjoy this romance and Thrill manhwa, you may also enjoy Weak Hero.

Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 236 Release Date

Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 235 Recap

When Himari goes to see her father's grave, we get a glimpse into her past as seen through her memories. The death of Himari's father when she was young means that she has few memories of him.

She was still a tiny child when he passed away, but the image of his face is all but forgotten. But if Himari has learned anything from her recent misfortune, it's that life is short.

Himari turns to Asimo, trying to engage him in conversation by bringing up the subject of their entrance exam. Himari asks Asimo if he's going to Utokyo, but she does it with an extremely irritated expression on her face, so even if Asimo answers yes, he feels guilty about it.

Asimo inquires Himari if he is in any way a bad fit for Utokyo. Himari's startlingly honest response that she can't see herself staying with him if he moves to Utokyo stunned Asimo. When Himari inquires as to whether there are any other universities in the Utokyo area, Asimo suggests Gakushuin but warns that admission is competitive there, too.

Himari sees no way around it, so she breaks the news to Asimo that their school days are coming to an end. When Asimo presses her for an explanation, she explains that she fears losing her right to walk around in a cute uniform once the school year is over.

She then lifts up her skirt and asks Asimo to peek if he wants to, further embarrassing Asimo, who flatly declines. Himari gives him another chance, but Asimo still declines. Then she turns serious, telling Asimo that his carefree days won't last forever.

She fantasizes about how great it would be if their youth could last forever. Tsukasa is now in the spotlight as she reflects on her superpower and how Nasa warned her that she might rule the world for evil if she chose to do so.

When Aya comes up to her, she dwells too long on the emotions she felt at the onset of her power. When Tsukasa inquires as to her presence, Aya explains that she thought Tsukasa took herself too seriously and consequently came to find out why.

Tsukasa fumes and tells her to focus on her college entrance examinations instead. Aya adopts a smug smile and informs Tsukasa that she has accomplished everything she wants to before the end of her senior year because she has extra time on her hands.

Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 236 Release Date

Since she now knows that Nasa is extremely preoccupied with something, she turns her attention to Tsukasa & asks if she has any free time. Aya warns Tsukasa that he should be conscious of the fact that when Nasa focuses on anything, he forgets about everything else.

Aya assures Tsukasa that things will improve if the two of them spend more time together as a couple once she has finished scolding her. Tsukasa is taken aback because she had not anticipated such a statement from Aya.

Tsukasa returns home convinced that Aya is right and that Nasa is acting in her best interests. When she returns home, she finds herself extremely lonely; Nasa greets her with open arms, but she doesn't believe him and instead proposes a date.

Himari, meantime, has asked Asimo out on a date.

Where You Can Read Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 236 Online?

Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 236 is available only on Viz in English. There are no more official release websites for Tonikaku Kawaii at the moment, but you can buy it in hard copy from Amazon and Bookwalker, and keep a watch out for discounts!

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