Netflix’s Tomorrow Season 1 Review: Is This Korean Drama Worth Watching?

The concept of the hereafter as a place of employment has appeared in a few television series over the years. The first season of Miracle Workers and the Netflix Brazilian comedy Nobody's Looking and The Good Place spring to mind as examples of this.

However, a new Korean television series takes the task of individuals who labor in the hereafter a little more seriously, with more enormous stakes and more altruistic aims.

Opening Shot

A lady enters an abandoned lot after passing under a couple of motorway overpasses.

The Gist

Tomorrow Season 1
Tomorrow Season 1

To prevent an online suicide pact from being carried out, Goo-rye on (Kim Hee-sun) is on hand. She can locate them in time, thanks to the assistance of her Spirit Risk Management Team colleague Lim Rung-gu (Yoon Ji-on), and takes them on a wild journey that leaves them pleading for their lives.

There's a vacancy for a position at Choi Joon-wrong (Rowoon), who's been rejected several times. In the middle of the phone call to his mother, he gets the message that he's been left again.

He observes a man going to leap from a bridge while he muses over it. Goo-ryeon and Rung-gu appear out of nowhere as he wrestles the man to the ground. She tells the suicidal guy that he'll be in for much more pain if he follows through with it.

During the argument, the man decides to jump, and Joon-woong catches him, and they both tumble into the river. It is up to Goo-ryeon to save both men when Rung-alarm Gu goes off, which means he is no longer working.

He wakes up in the hospital, only to realize that he isn't in his own body. An unseen person informs him he is not quite dead but has been rendered unconscious. The Director wants to meet with him because of the error that brought him here.

What is the position of director? Zumadung is a death-management organization. Although they are grim reapers, they have a variety of roles. Initially, Jade Hwang (Kim Hae-sook) appears to be a sweet old lady who gives out vitamins.

Tomorrow Season 1
Tomorrow Season 1

A meeting of all the division chiefs, including Park Joong-Gil (Lee Soo-hyuk), the leader of the Escort Team, is taking place while Goo-reyon is still in the meeting. He informs Goo-reyon that the Risk Management Team has been noticed because of mistakes like this one.

It's Goo-belief reason's that the squad can accomplish better if it has more members. But if she continues to make mistakes, her team will be disbanded, and she will return to the bottom.

After six months of working for them, the Director promises Joon-woong that he can go out and seek whatever job he likes. If he doesn't, he'll be awake in three years. At first, everything feels like an elaborate farce, but as his unconscious body returns, it becomes clear that this is no hoax. Despite Goo-protests, reyon's, the Director assigns him to Goo-squad.

They must first aid a dejected television writer who appears to have a well-known webtoon writer as a competitor. Awoken by Rung-gu, Goo-reyon is confident that they must enter her dreams to discover what is going on.

That leaves Goo-reyon and Joon-woong, her “half-and-half,” to enter the room. It's also a hazardous and harrowing location.

What Shows Will It Remind You Of?

For the second season of Miracle Workers, the “workplace in heaven” theme is reminiscent of the first. Lucifer, or perhaps Reaper, will be a lot more approachable in tomorrow's version.

What's the point of being more approachable? Because the highlighted team is working to prevent people from taking their own lives. Additionally, it has an Evil vibe because of its weekly case-of-the-week approach.


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Our Recommendation

Tomorrow Season 1
Tomorrow Season 1

Tomorrow is unlike most other Korean dramas on Netflix. What makes Tomorrow stand out from other Korean dramas on Netflix, particularly those they license from Korean networks, is that it successfully blends a human tale with elements of science fiction, fantasy, and humor.

Writers Park Ran-i, Park Ja-Kyung, and Kim Yu-jin have already hinted at delving deeper into the lives of the Risk Management Team's three members, including flashbacks to their youth.

Are Zumadung's employees, for example, spirits who were once human, or have they always been spirits? If it's the latter, how did they arrive at where they are now?' What was it like for Goo-reyon when he was in Hell?

We're hoping to learn more about Rung-“young” gu's charge, Goo-reyon, and why he and Goo-reyon chose to travel home simultaneously, even though Rung-gu is only 140 years old. What is the location of his residence, then?

Tomorrow Season 1
Tomorrow Season 1

Of course, Joon-woong is the audience representation here, flitting between the physical and spiritual worlds with unsteady acrobatic grace. His Goo-relationship reyon's is bound to be strained whenever they start into a case because of his inability to pull off convincing personas.

We laugh when she utilizes her skills to make him stop talking or some other subtly hilarious method to keep him in line.

While this isn't the first time we've seen the “workplace in the afterlife” theme, Goo-altruistic reyon's objective of preventing people from taking their own lives is the driving force behind this specific series.

“Afterlife as labor” cliche is reinvented in the film's sequel, “Tomorrow.” we'll learn more about how things work here when we meet the members of the other teams, including Park Joon-Escort girl's Team. WATCH IT.

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