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Tom Daley is Very Proud to Be Gay After Winning Olympic Gold Medalist!

Thomas Robert Daley OBE is a British diver and television personality. The 2020 Olympic winner in the men's synchronized 10-meter platform event, as well as the 2009 and 2017 FINA World Champion in the same event, demonstrate his versatility as an athlete.

He won bronze in the platform event in 2012, the synchronized event in 2016, and the platform event again in 2020, making him the first British diver to win four Olympic medals. Daley also participates in team competitions, where she won the first-ever World title for a mixed team in 2015.

He has won one Olympic gold medal, three World titles, two Junior World titles, five European titles, and four Commonwealth titles.

Olympic Gold Medalist Tom Daley Is Damn Proud to Be Gay

If the common belief about gay people being unable to drive is true, then they may not be able to get a driver's license. The one thing they can do is dive.

The openly homosexual British diver Tom Daley, now 27 years old, won an Olympic gold medal on Monday, capping off a 13-year quest. By a slim margin of 1.23 points, Daley and his 23-year-old diving partner Matty Lee won the men's synchronized 10m platform competition over the Chinese team.

 Daley wins his first Olympic gold here. Since his initial appearance in Beijing as a 14-year-old diver in 2008, he has represented Great Britain at every ceremony.

Daley won bronze in the men's 10-meter platform event at the 2012 Olympics in London. By the time the 2012 Olympics rolled around, Daley had made his debut in the men's synchronized 10m platform event. As a result, he and diver Daniel Goodfellow won a bronze medal.

At a news conference after his victory, Daley discussed his identity as an out homosexual Olympian. He went on to say that he came out as gay in 2013 after having always felt different and that there are more openly out LGBT athletes in these Olympics than at any other Olympics before.

Tom Daley Gay

No matter how alone you may feel right now, I hope that any young LGBT person can recognize that they are not alone, Daley said. Believe in yourself; the world is full of people who want to see you succeed.

He went on to say that the medal has helped him feel more confident in his own skin. Daley remarked, “As a gay man and an Olympic gold medalist, I feel incredible pride in both of those identities.”

Daley's husband, Milk screenwriter and Academy Award winner Dustin Lance Black tweeted his congratulations. “No talk!” “There were so many tears!” he penned.

This married couple welcomed their first child, Robbie, in 2017. Black posted a sweet video of his son (wearing a rainbow-themed T-shirt) playing a video message Daley delivered to his family in anticipation of Monday's competition.

Regardless matter how well or poorly I do, you guys make me feel appreciated, and that makes everything simpler, he added.

Thank goodness Daley had a terrific race and used his victory lap to cheer his loved ones. As reported by The Guardian, Daley also mentioned how having a family has made diving less of a priority for him now.

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To win an Olympic gold medal would mean a lot to me, especially after Rio 2016, when I felt like I didn't perform up to my full potential. Then my husband told me that our child was supposed to witness me become an Olympic champion,” Daley stated.

British Diver Tom Daley Thinks Olympics Should Ban Countries That Execute Homosexual People

Tom Daley, a British Olympic diver, has suggested that the Olympics should bar countries where homosexuality is illegal or punishable by death from participating in or hosting the international competition.

Tom Daley Gay

After winning the Sport Award at the 2021 Attitude Awards on Wednesday, Tom Daley, who won gold in the synchronized 10-meter platform at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and became viral for photographs of him knitting on the sidelines of the games, made the comments.

He noted that he was fortunate to compete in a country where he could be his “real honest self” without fear of reprisal, but he also noted that ten countries still permit the execution of its LGBTQ residents.

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Daley argued that countries like Qatar, which is hosting the 2019 FIFA World Cup, which has strict regulations against those who identify as LGBTQ, should not be allowed to participate in or host the Olympics.

Human Rights Watch claims that being homosexual is illegal in Qatar and that the country has no anti-discrimination laws protecting members of the LGBTQ community.

No laws protecting LGBTQ people from discrimination exist in Beijing, which will host the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Ten nations, including Yemen, Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, and the United Arab Emirates, are considering making being LGBTQ as a capital offense, as reported by The Washington Post.

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Daley, who is married to Hollywood producer Dustin Lance Black, made the statement on Wednesday: “I want to make it my mission over the next — well hopefully before the Paris Olympics in 2024 — to make it so that the countries that criminalize and punishable by death for LGBT people are not allowed to compete at the Olympic Games.”

The Hill has requested a response from the Olympic Committee.

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