Tokyo Revengers Manga Ending Explained: Check Why Its Ending Is So Contentious?

On November 16, 2022, the final volume of the Tokyo Revengers manga was released, capping off five years and a total of 29 volumes. After the manga's concluding chapter, interest in Ken Wakui's story, which has become a global hit, may wane rapidly while fans await the next season of the anime.

In particular, the raw scans of the manga's final chapter have been released, and it looks like a major letdown. In this article, we'll read about the controversial conclusion of Tokyo Revengers Manga and explain why it was written the way it was.

Tokyo Revengers Manga Ending Explained

The final chapter of Tokyo Revengers was scheduled for release on November 16, 2022, but raw images have been posted online, hinting at a shocking conclusion for the series. Wakui has certainly had us on our toes, but even dedicated readers of the series may be left scratching their heads over the events of the last chapter. This is what takes place.

Like many other characters in the series, Takemichi Hanagaki traveled across time to bring back the Tokyo Manji Gang. He then issued a challenge to his buddy Mikey and the recently formed Kanto manji Gang, which led to a bloody conflict.

Mikey stabs Takemichi in the stomach, and Takemichi wobbles to protect his friend from the evil within himself. In the last chapter, Takemichi goes back in time one more, this time ten years ago, and runs across Mikey, who, surprise!, recognizes him.

Both of them come to the same conclusion: they have traveled through time and found a future in which Shinichiro, Baji, Draken, Emma, Kazutora, and the rest are still alive. That encounter was not the final one.

Tokyo Revengers Manga Ending Explained

They are so thrilled that they begin running around the streets shouting that this is a miracle. They later appear on a rooftop, plotting their eventual vengeance against the future.

The two of them eventually reached adulthood and established a successor to the original Tokyo Manji Gang. Near the end of the chapter, we see the two reunited on the same rooftop, reminiscing about their past exploits together.

They talk about how they've taken over the entire country, and Takemichi says through tears that the war is ended. This could have been a satisfactory conclusion on its own, as in this alternate history, everyone is instantly secure.

But unfortunately, Wakui gave us another panel, and it was the most startling item in the chapter: Mikey announces, “As of today, the Tokyo Manji Gang is disbanded!!!” What the heck?! we exclaim in unison.

Why is the Ending of Tokyo Revengers So Contentious?

You get why this conclusion stinks, right? While the majority of these explanations may seem obvious, we'll go over them one by one anyhow. First of all, that's not a very logical way to wrap things up.

It's just not right. Since Tokyo Revengers is an action manga with heavy Yanki elements, the plot is expected to have brutality, death, and possibly an unhappy resolution. No, the story doesn't have to have a tragic ending, but it also doesn't have to be pleasant.

Because of this, a happy ending of this sort seems forced. It doesn't mesh well with the preceding narrative or the established tone of the genre. Wakui did add unnecessary complexity to the plot by constantly going across time, which allowed him the ability to change anything he desired.

And sure, we're used to it by now, but why? He had already altered the plot so many times that it would be pointless for him to do so once more. And yes, he's done it again, but why did he have to wrap things up in such a tepid fashion?

Each time trip diminished all the excitement and shocks we'd seen in the manga up to that point, but we'd grown accustomed to that by this point and thought that it would all make sense in the end and that the plot would just… develop into itself. Then there's this.

An actual slap. A slap in the face of the story's creators and the fans. Everything that happened in the novel, including the growth of the characters and the suspenseful moments, was for naught.

Tokyo Revengers Manga Ending Explained

Everything was nullified, erased, and replaced with an artificial conclusion that made the whole event seem like a fun game for kids. We'll receive a full explanation, I'm sure, but nothing in Tokyo Revengers' background could possibly explain this turn of events.

Fans all over the world are understandably outraged by this insult, and they have every right to consider Tokyo Revengers to be among the worst manga of recent years. The worst possible outcome is to be expected if a great plot is ruined in this way.

Moreover, everything appeared to have been for naught. The total course of action. Nothing was gained. The conclusion not only destroys all we've experienced, but also replaces it with something that has nothing to do with reality.

Yes, there will be many who defend it, and in the end it may not seem so ex Machina, but the fact remains that it is one of the most unnatural and idiotic manga endings ever written.

It's as if the ending was written by someone who hadn't read the first 277 chapters of the manga. That's why so many readers of the manga are upset with its conclusion.

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