Titane Movie Small Details And Ending Explained

Psychiatrist Julia Ducournau will direct Titane, a psychological suspense film set in 2021. The story revolves around a young woman who gets a titanium plate surgically implanted into her skull after suffering a head injury.

As a result of this, she develops an odd fascination with autos. Heads up: This film isn't for the faint of heart. The video leaves you with any questions, and I've put together my interpretation of it here. Here's a breakdown of Titane's narrative and finale, with spoilers.

Titane: What Does that Mean?

An extreme metal, Titanium is known as “titane” in French. David Guetta and Sia's song Titanium employs the metal in the same way: “I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose, fire away fire!

Other inert metals, such as Iron, lack the toxicity that Titanium does. These characteristics also sum up Alexia's persona in the film, which is an influential person yet lacking human feelings, which has led to her being a serial murderer.

How Did Alexia End Up Where She Was?

The evident addition of Titanium to Alexia's skull after that horrific tragedy necessitates speculation regarding her history. It's clear from their vehicle drive that the father and daughter have a terrible relationship that may even be abusive.

Alexia's past of s*xual abuse had already rendered her callous and self-destructive before the tragedy. Her physical and psychological well-being will be further compromised due to the incident.

In the Movie What Do Cars Represent?

Alexia seems drawn to cars because of her history of trauma and her decision to embark on a life of self-destruction. Her head was injured as a result of a collision with a vehicle. Her father, the automobile driver, is to blame for her mental distress. As a moth drawn to a flame, she returns to her father despite the torture he has inflicted on her.

Alexia is now a motor show exotic dancer, years after her injury. It appears that she will be staying with her parents for the time being. Alexia's mother is either unaware or in denial about the relationship between Alexia and her father.

Titane: What Drives Her to Murder?

Because of her past, Alexia is emotionless and prone to killing. The hairpin Alexia is sporting is her weapon of choice. With her precision killing, Alexia reveals that this isn't her first encounter with a stalker.

Other persons discovered deceased in similar situations have been reported on the news. Alexa disposes of the corpse from the parking lot because the automobile would have led the cops directly back to her, even though it isn't featured in the movie.

We observe Alexia having s*x with a coworker in the following sequences. This girl's metal nipple has Alexia just interested in her. Soon after, she viciously murders her coworker and two other men at their home.

At this point, Alexia is acting erratically and attacking anyone she perceives as a threat to her safety, so we don't know what's going on. After Alexia is knocked to the ground, a lady runs away.

Although she is not seen on television, this young lady probably provides information to the police, allowing them to link the killings to Alexia. Why did she murder them? Alexia also kills her parents by putting them in a room and setting the home on fire, as she had previously done.

Because the police are chasing her, she decides to chop her hair and injure her nose before approaching them and pretending to be Adrien, a missing child.

Titane: How Did Alexia Become Pregnant Because of a Car?

Everyone wants to know the WTF question! Using the automobile as a metaphor for s*x is okay. The car serves as a metaphor for the event that caused the trauma. Having Alexia's father as the father of her child makes him a more probable choice.

She is still living with her parents, and it is possible that he s*xually molested her off-screen. When Alexia's mother urges her to get her tummy examined by the father, Alexia grabs his hands and asks him to go lower, but he walks away. This is a sign of something that hasn't been seen yet.

One of the other possibilities is that Alexia was s*xually attacked by a person who worked at one of her motor exhibits. Motor oil is used to replenish all fluids related to reproduction, as seen by inspecting the engine compartment.

Alexia views things this way. Only motor oil fills her mind's eye instead of blood or milk; she sees nothing else. This demonstrates her disconnection from her human ego and body and how machine-like she feels.

How on Earth is it Possible to Keep a Pregnancy a Secret Like that?

As a viewer, you should know that the film is based on a fictional story. There are countless off-screen occurrences that we are never privy to. Even while it appears as though Alexia is in the middle of a hurried pregnancy, like in the film Old, the events we witness take place for eight months rather than a few weeks.

In the early stages of pregnancy, Alexia uses tape more efficiently to disguise her pregnancy and the fact that she is a woman. Even stepping out without a loose jacket would have been difficult to do later on.

Vincent's overweight son is undoubtedly a female, and I'm sure many people were whispering behind his back. As far as Vincent is concerned, he doesn't want to hear it.


Where is Vincent's son Adrien?

When Vincent lost Adrien a decade ago, he was devastated. As a result of a lack of proof, officials have given up and closed the investigation. Adrien was either kidnapped or murdered, and we don't know which.

Two images of Adrien struck out to me:

  • Those photographs of him dressed as a lady.
  • During one training session, Vincent has a vision of a burning kid.

To Vincent and his wife, Adrien may have come across as either gay or transgender, and Vincent loathed this. Adrien may have fled because he maltreated him. A darker interpretation is based on Vincent's hallucination of a burning child.

Vincent may have murdered his son. By living in the same house, with Adrien's room intact, he is punishing himself for his wrongdoing. As a result, perhaps Vincent isn't bothered by the fact that this individual doesn't have DNA evidence to prove that they are his son.

“You'll always be my kid,” Vincent assures Alexia. It doesn't matter who you are. A person claiming to be Adrien arrived at Vincent's door, and he accepted it without a second thought. He wants nothing more than a second shot at life.

When it comes to Alexia pretending to be Adrien, Vincent's ex-wife doesn't appear to think she's dealing with her child. She makes it quite plain that she has no intention of working with this individual in any capacity.

She discovers that the impostor is pregnant when she walks in on Alexia. Alexia's sole request at that point is to look after Vincent.

The End of Titane Explained

Alexia gives birth to a titanium-spined baby after Titane, with Vincent as her wet nurse. Alexia's skin tears open, revealing a Titanium lining beneath. Her skull plate gives apart with the delivery effort, and she dies. The film concludes with Vincent holding the infant and saying, “I'm here.”

I'm not sure what the images imply. Her body and soul are made of Titanium. Because of her father's guidance, she ends herself in a stranger's bed and bled to death. Finally, she'd turned into a Titanium shell, with no idea why she'd been acting the way she had and murdering the way she had. However, she was not the only one who perished in her cabin. Her father figure, a stranger, stood at her side.

For an infant with a titanium spine, this symbolizes their strength. Like its mother, the infant has gone through a lot. However, it's here right now, vibrant and calm. Adrien was taken from Vincent because he didn't fit the mold of what Vincent considered normal. Ultimately, he has a grandchild he would raise as his own after adopting a stranger and swearing to love them without condition .

Finding Kin in an Unfamiliar Face

Vincent despised his kid Adrien because he didn't conform to his ideal of what was “normal” for a boy his age. After a decade, Vincent accepted a woman as his son, ignoring his definitions.

She was horrified by her parents and lived with them but ultimately found a father in Vincent, to whom she even said, “I love you.” Vincent takes a step back as she continues to make out with him. Since her father abused her for her whole life, she believes love and s*x are identical.

Being Suffocated by your Skin

Alexia is a robot stuck within a human body, thanks to her captors' cruel treatment of her. To avoid feeling like he's being held hostage by his aging body, Vincent tries everything he can to be physically active. He's been using steroids for a while now.

She is a cold-blooded killer who kills anybody she sees fit. She takes refuge in the fact that she's a son to a stranger. Objectification of women (exotic dancers for a motor show), toxic masculinity (the other firefighters), and more to write an entire post on are some themes explored in the film.

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