WWE Referee Tim White Net Worth: How Much Money He Left After His Death?

Tim White is a retired American professional wrestling referee born on March 25, 1954. He served in the capacity of producer for SmackDown! Brand of World Wrestling Entertainment. White is from the United States.

In addition to the refereeing tasks he was responsible for, White worked as an assistant to André, the Giant, during the 1980s and 1990s. In 1985, White started officiating matches on the side while still employed full-time as André, the Giant's agent. Shortly after Andre's passing in 1993, White began working as a referee on a full-time basis.

He also made frequent appearances at pay-per-view events and WWF television tapings. White was the referee for the legendary Hell in a Cell match on June 28, 1998, at King of the Ring.

The game featured Mankind and The Undertaker. After Mankind crashed through the top of the jail and landed hard in the ring, referee White was about to call off the match out of concern that Mick Foley had suffered severe injuries and required immediate medical attention.

However, Foley begged White not to call off the game, and White complied. Following its conclusion, the match became one of the most notable in wrestling history. After 24 years with WWE, White parted ways with the company on January 9, 2009.

White served as a bodyguard for WWE superstars while they were in his presence for appearances and autograph signings. On April 10, 2018, White will be featured in various interviews for the documentary Andre the Giant, which will air on HBO. He was featured on WWE's Most Wanted Treasures in June 2021.

White passed away on June 19, 2022, when he was 68.

Tim White's Net Worth at the Time of His Death

Tim White Net Worth
Tim White Net Worth

In 2022, it is anticipated that Tim White's net worth will be somewhere in the neighborhood of USD 2 Million.

According to itnwwe.com, the referee with the most experience in WWE may earn up to $200,000 annually. There is a possibility that some will make between $50,000 and $80,000 each year.

White devoted over twenty years to a worldwide wrestling platform such as WWE. He started his incredible career in 1985 as a part-time referee and worked alongside Andre, the Giant.

He also participated in several of the most high-profile matches, such as the legendary Hell in a Cell Match at King of the Ring 1998 between The Undertaker and Mankind.

In his later years, White worked as a bodyguard for the wrestlers. Additionally, he was featured in a few interviews for the documentary Andre the Giant, which was broadcast on HBO. He was a legend in the wrestling world.

Up until 2009, White continued to play an essential role in WWE by acting in a behind-the-scenes capacity as an official and talent agent.

Tim White's Cause of Death


Tim White, a referee for WWE, passed away yesterday at 68. It was a shock when the news of his passing was announced only a few days after the iconic WWE official Dave Hebner had gone away. It is hypothesized that the disease is the root cause of his condition.

The referee got a severe shoulder injury during the bout between Triple H and Chris Jerico in 2002 at Hell in a Cell. He made his comeback the following year at WrestleMania XX but ended up hurting himself again.

White returned to work for WWE and participated in some sketches alongside Josh Mathews. In these skits, White played the role of a melancholy man. It was said that White had, on a previous occasion, made an effort to end his own life by hanging himself.

In the end, he was let out of prison in 2009. The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has updated its website and social media accounts with a new official statement paying tribute to Tim White and acknowledging his passing.

The professional wrestling publication stated: “The news that long-time referee Tim White has passed away leaves WWE in deep sadness. White's family, friends, and fans have our deepest condolences during this difficult time.”