WWE Referee Tim White Died at the Age of 68 | What Is the Cause of Death?

According to an announcement by WWE on Sunday, longtime referee Tim White passed away. In 1985, White began his career with WWE as a part-time referee while also working as an aide to Andre, the Giant. He was 68.

White would go on to spend more than 20 years with the company. After Andre's passing in 1993, he transitioned into a full-time referee position with the promotion. He handled many of WWE's major event events, including the well-known Hell in a Cell battle that took place at King of the Ring in 1998 between Mankind and The Undertaker.

Dolph Ziggler said in a tweet “Tim White lightened every room he stepped into, and the WWE locker room was auspicious to have him.” Tim White had recently left the company.

“Being with Timmy on many public relations tours was such a pleasure! After we had finished our work, we would gather together, and he would tell us stories about the good old days on the road, and we would laugh until the sun came up. Cheers, sir.”

White, a native of Rhode Island, struggled with shoulder injuries throughout his career. He suffered the first injury during a match between Chris Jericho and Triple H in a Hell in a Cell on Judgement Day in 2002. He suffered the second injury on the final three-count of a match between Jericho and Christian at WrestleMania XX, which ended his career.

Until 2009, he remained employed by the organization in various capacities, including that as a backstage official and talent agent. Tim White began his career in the WWE with the twin job of acting as Andre,, The Giant's assistant.

White worked with the WWE for more than 20 years. (White was in the HBO documentary on the late wrestler a few years ago, and he was included in the documentary.)

White later made the shift to refereeing on a full-time basis and can be seen officiating during the legendary bout in the Hell in a Cell between Mankind and The Undertaker (watch it now with a Peacock premium subscription). White departed the organization in an official capacity in 2009, but due to his participation in the convention circuit, even contemporary celebrities such as Big E are familiar with him:


Several WWE celebrities have also shared their thoughts on the interactions they've had with White over the years, including:







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On Instagram, Jericho shared the following caption: “I will miss him forever.” “The wrestling business will never see another man so devoted to the industry and so proud to be a part of it and to be considered one of the lads as you are.” I love you, Timmy!”

After the news of his passing spread around the business, countless people took to social media to pay their respects and tribute to one of the organization's most cherished people and employees.

White is a well-known figure, particularly among fans who watched WWE during the era known as “The Attitude Era,” because he was present for many iconic moments during that time. Inside the squared circle, he was frequently assigned the duty of refereeing the most significant bouts.

Due to a shoulder injury that he sustained at the Judgment Day pay-per-view during a Hell in a Cell match between Triple H and Chris Jericho, White was forced to reduce the time he spent competing in the ring.

Jim Ross, a legendary commentator, reminisced about White's final encounter at WrestleMania XX in 2021 and remarked that White “was probably as universally liked as anybody on the roster.” Ross made this statement while discussing White's career.

In addition to his accomplishments in WWE, the Rhode Island native ran a tavern called The Friendly Tap in his home state, which was occasionally highlighted on WWE television. The establishment was located in Rhode Island.