Tilian Pearson Responds to Allegations of S*xual Assault

Dance Gavin Dance stated that on Friday (June 3), vocalist Tilian Pearson would be taking a leave of absence from the band to “seek professional help” following recent s*xual misconduct claims.

A statement released on Instagram said, “We take the latest claims against Tilian exceptionally seriously and have been in extensive conversation over the right action. “. To get the care he needs, Tilian will be taking a leave of absence from the band immediately.

According to a statement released by the band's management team, band members will continue to tour this summer and release their album Jackpot Juicer on July 29. For the simple reason that this is Tim's final documented body of work, we want to make sure that it receives all of the attention that its release merits in celebration of his memory and accomplishments.

There was no known cause of death for long-time Dance Gavin Dance bassist Tim Feerick, who died in April without explanation.

“We always value your input.” Dance Gavin Dance's statement continued, “We know that this is unfortunate and stressful for all those concerned. We ask people to kindly be as understanding as possible while everyone works through this.”


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Dance Gavin Dance was scheduled to perform at SwanFest in Sacramento, California, on April 23. A Reddit user gave a comprehensive account of her interactions with Pearson building up to that performance on June 1. The woman claims she messaged Pearson on Instagram while “clearly under the influence of something,” and that's how she got in touch with him.

After that, they allegedly swapped phone numbers and planned to meet up for a “date” three days before the festival to see how things went. When they returned to the singer's home, she said that she and Pearson were both intoxicated.

Since I could tell he was in the wrong way and dealing with a lot of stress, I offered to lend a hand. I felt confident enough to finish what I started, but at one point, this man chose to slap me across the face,” she said.

“It was an attempt to be s*xy, but it ended up causing a lot of pain. ” My tone was, ‘Hey, um.' Okay, that's fine, but could you ask again next time and perhaps not exert yourself quite as much?' He heard me, paused, and then repeated the action. I mean, that's what I mean. “It wasn't cool that it was hard enough to damage my hearing and briefly cause a coma.”

While Pearson was intoxicated at his AirBnB, he invited the woman over for a drink and a chat, according to the woman she spoke to after SwanFest. The woman claimed that Pearson then made her physically uncomfortable.

Her post said he would grab her and put her back on without saying anything. “My body ached from experience. It wasn't right, and I expressed my displeasure. Even though I didn't want to spend the night with him after all of that, he insisted.

His strange snuggling stance paralyzed my entire body. I attempted to tell him I needed to leave since I was starting to feel uncomfortable, but he wouldn't listen because he wouldn't allow it. To my dismay, he refused to let me leave until I agreed to spend the night with him.

“Each s*xual act was completely consensual,” Pearson insisted when asked about the charges. Pearson's Reddit post, which has since been deleted, was published by Loudwire.

‘I take the issue of s*xual assault very seriously, and I want to reaffirm that there was no moment of anything happening that was not consensual,' he added in an email. In a new s*xual relationship, there is a period of learning one other's preferences, but there is little doubt that our physical contact did not transcend the line into assault.”