Tiktok: ‘Ara Ara’ Meaning Explained! Check Japanese Anime Phrase!

On Tiktok, the Term “Ara Ara” Has a Specific Meaning

The term ‘Ara Ara' is derived from the Japanese language and can mean a variety of things, including ‘Oh dear' and ‘Hmmm,' to name a couple.

The term is frequently used in anime as an expression of taking care of someone, specifically a girl who is taking care of a younger boy she finds attractive and is derived from the Japanese language. This refers to the Japanese slang term'shotacon,' an abbreviation for being attracted to a younger male counterpart.

Is this a way of people becoming more open and accepting of being attracted to'shotacon' stuff, in the same way, that incest/step-stuff has become more of an accepted norm online in recent years?

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As the sisters of anime, Imouto or Loli characters are typically portrayed as submissive. Onee-chan characters are commonly described as more dominant, so this is likely just part of a shift in what is considered funny in the anime meme community.

Anime Videos On TikTok

The anime genre on TikTok has gained a significant amount of popularity, which is not surprising given that anime is one of the most popular television genres in the world. There are 7 billion people on the planet, with 3 to 4 billion between the ages of one and twenty-one. 60 percent of 1–21-year-olds watch anime, resulting in an estimated 2–3 billion people who watch anime worldwide.

The premise of the ‘Ara Ara' trend is to attempt to pronounce the word ‘Ara Ara' in all the different ways it is said on anime television shows. Because the characters that say ‘Ara Ara' are female, most of TikToks are performed by females; however, some males have also participated in the trend.

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One of the trend's most appealing aspects is its sensual effect on the ears; the gentle tone and almost whisper-like manner in which the TikTokers say it creates a very relaxing sound. Some people have said things like “My ears: BLESSED” and “Any ara from you will make people:).”

ara ara challenge

The following are the steps to take to get involved.

Step 1: Go to YouTube or TikTok and search for ‘Ara Ara different styles.'
Step 2: Experiment with different styles of ‘Ara Ara'; and
Step 3: Set up your camera and record yourself performing at least three different ‘Ara Ara' styles; if you wish, you can insert connecting sentences between each style, for example, “or is it the”;
Step 4: Upload the video to your TikTok account and use hashtags such as #araara and #anime to increase the number of views.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does the Anime Character Ara Ara Represent?

As a whole, the phrase “ara ara” is used to express mild surprise, and it's an exclamation that's similar to the English expressions “Oh dear,” “My My,” “Oh Me Oh My,” or simply “Oh My!” Female characters in anime or manga frequently use the exclamation are as a flirty or teasing exclamation to express their sexual intentions toward an older, more experienced male character.

In Anime, What Does the Term Ara Ara Gomen Mean?

What does the Japanese word arara gomen mean? Arara gomen is an abbreviation for I'm so sorry, I'm sorry. In the Japanese language, Gomen nasai (literally, “I'm sorry”) is an informal apology that is less formal than the traditional “sumimasen.” A shortened form is Gomen ne () or gomen (), both acceptable.

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