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Tiffany Jenkins Divorce in 2022: What’s the Reason Behind Author’s Split?

Tiffany Jenkins Divorce: Tiffany Jenkins is a wife, a mother, a motivational speaker, a best-selling author, a comedian, a podcast host, and a former addict. “Juggling the Jenkins” was written by a funny woman named Tiffany Jenkins.

She has more than 9 million followers on all her platforms, and more than 1 billion people have watched her videos.

Tiffany is best known for her funny videos that go viral on Facebook and YouTube, but she is also very passionate about bringing attention to mental illness.

She talks about her past, her drug use, and her struggles with depression and anxiety without any shame or hiding. She has been on shows like “The Today Show” and “The Doctors” that are seen all over the country.

Drew is Tiffany Jenkins' husband, and now the word is spreading on the internet that Tiffany Jenkins is getting a divorce from her husband. Let's find out if the news is accurate or if these rumors are true.

Is Tiffany Jenkins's Marriage to Her Husband Coming to an End?

People are talking a lot on social media about how Tiffany Jenkins is getting a divorce.

  • But the rumors can't be proven because she hasn't said anything about the divorce or how bad things are between her and her husband, Drew.
  • On their 8th anniversary, February 16, Tiffany posted pictures on Instagram with her husband and kids.
  • She wrote in the captions, “Today is our eighth wedding anniversary, and what a magical eight years it has been!”


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A post shared by Tiffany Jenkins (@jugglingthejenkins)

  • I don't usually post about my handsome guy, but today I feel incredibly thankful for his love. Happy anniversary boo kitty f***, and thank you for loving every part of me. (Even the weird ones ūü§£).”
  • So, since Tiffany hasn't officially confirmed or denied that she and her husband Drew are splitting up, we'll have to assume they are still together.

Find Out Everything About Tiffany Jenkins's Past

Tiffany Jenkins tried hard to hide the fact that she was a desperate addict. In 2012, she was addicted to opioids and spent an average of $200 daily on them. She was also given pills in exchange for s*xual favors.

  • Things got so bad that she sold the guns that belonged to her boyfriend to buy drugs. Jenkins was the captain of her high school cheerleading team in Sarasota, Florida, and she had her first drink when she was 18. She stopped going to school after three months.
  • She had a good life, but she liked how drinking made her feel “numb. I looked for it.” Then a friend gave her the painkillers he knew she needed.
  • But Jenkins' mother left her some money in 2009 after using drugs for six years. She didn't spend it on drugs, though. Instead, she put it toward rehab.

Tiffany Jenkins Divorce

  • She started dating a sheriff's deputy, moved in with him, and tried to be the ideal girlfriend.
  • But after a long day at work, Jenkins couldn't resist taking some pills that fell out of a coworker's purse. Before she knew it, she had become hooked on opioids again.
  • She was good at covering her tracks while she led a shocking life behind closed doors. Jenkins agreed to do something se*ual for her drug dealer in exchange for some Dilaudid, which she then injected.
  • Still, she couldn't stop. She pawned the wedding ring of her boyfriend's father to get money for drugs.
  • After being fired from her job in a restaurant in November 2012, she stole her boyfriend's guns, including an automatic rifle and the 9mm pistol he used when he wasn't on duty, and gave them to her dealer to pay off her $7,000 drug debt.

Tiffany Jenkins Divorce

The following day, Jenkins was arrested after her boyfriend noticed the weapons were gone.

  • In jail, Jenkins' opiate withdrawal was so bad that she tried to hang herself with a sheet from a bunk bed. Luckily, a guard came and saved her.
  • Jenkins admitted to committing 20 felonies, including fraud and stealing many guns. She had to spend 180 days in jail and six months in rehab.
  • She said that she hadn't done drugs since she was caught. Jenkins no longer talks to her ex, but she did write him a letter to say sorry.
  • Jenkins started her blog, Juggling The Jenkins, about being a parent in 2017. She talks about getting better and being a mom in funny ways.

She has been married to Drew for five years, and they have a young son and daughter together, as well as Drew's daughter from a previous relationship.


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