A Coupon for a 20% Discount on Super Bowl Tickets Is Now Available; Prices Are Trending Downward!

2022 Super Bowl Tickets Price-Ticket prices for Super Bowl LVI have dropped across the board in the days after the matchup was announced, with “get-in” costs down by an average of roughly 15% as of Thursday evening.

Prices are still around all-time highs, but it appears that the market has settled down in the days after the hoopla surrounding the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals punching their tickets to the game at SoFi Stadium.

TicketNetwork has propelled itself to the forefront of the more cheap end of the spectrum, with a Super Bowl LVI ticket coupon code good for a 20% discount up to $3,000 off. After that cut, TicketNetwork.com's low-end price is $5,282, which is competitive with TickPick and TicketClub.com, both of which advertise themselves as low-cost ticket resale markets.

The code is TNPRSBLVI and may be used during the ticket purchase process on the checkout page (click the arrow next to “Redeem a Gift Card or Promo Code” to see the entry field).

2022 Super Bowl Tickets Price-From their record, early highs (the average “get-in” was $6,500 Monday), both the low end and median ticket price averages have been falling over the week, with StubHub having the highest minimum price at nearly $7,500.

As of Thursday evening, that amount was still at the top of the range, but it had reduced by over a thousand dollars, coming in at $6,476 after fees. The median price on StubHub has risen somewhat, but this is due to a significant number of ultra-premium listings coming in at the top of the spectrum that wasn't available when we checked on Monday. Despite StubHub's small improvement in the median, the median has declined by an average of almost 11% among the eight marketplaces studied.


2022 Super Bowl Tickets Price-If previous tendencies are any indicator, the negative trend may be about to reverse, making the next day or two a potentially good time to “buy the dip” in stock trading terms. Prices tend to fall in the week following conference championships, but then continue to rise as gameday approaches and supply becomes increasingly tight.

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Ticket Information for Super Bowl LVI

A look at the Super Bowl ticket pricing in Los Angeles in 2022.

Every football fan's most awaited moment has arrived. One of the most anticipated games of the year is the Super Bowl. T

The game matches two of the finest teams in the NFL against each other in a battle for the coveted championship title.

The Super Bowl contains an exciting matchup, new ads, and a halftime performance with renowned performers and unexpected guests.

Tickets are often substantially more expensive than regular-season games because of the prominence of the event.

Here's everything you need to know about Super Bowl tickets, including how much they cost and where to get them:

When will the Super Bowl be held in 2022?

On February 13, 2022, Super Bowl LVI will be hosted in SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.

The Lombardi Trophy will be decided between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams at the Rams' home stadium. For the first time since 1988, the Bengals defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 27-24 in overtime to go to the Super Bowl. The Rams defeated the 49ers 20-17 to go to their second Super Bowl appearance in four years.

The Rams are four-point favourites going into the contest.

What's the best way to purchase Super Bowl tickets?

According to ticket providers such as On Location and Seatgeek, the secondary market is the ideal location for fans to get tickets at a reasonable price. Super Bowl packages will also be available for purchase through other ticket providers.

What is the price of a Super Bowl ticket in 2022?

Tickets start at $6,800.00 for the cheapest ticket and go up to $81,800.00 for VIP seats, according to Ticketmaster, the NFL's official ticket marketplace.

On SeatGeek, the lowest price for a set of tickets is $6,434 per ticket, with prices rising to $7,807 in the higher-level sections.

On Location's 2022 Super Bowl ticket packages start at $5,822.50 per person. Depending on seat placement and package specifications, VIP sections in their Club 67 Hospitality area can cost up to $25,925.00 per person.

As part of their ticket packages, On-Location promises pregame parties, unrestricted bars, NFL legend appearances, live entertainment, gourmet cuisine, picture sessions, and meet and greets. Optional hotel rooms are also available with your ticket.

Is a Super Bowl ticket required for my child?

Yes. Everyone entering the stadium, including youngsters of all ages and even newborns in arms, must have a ticket for the game.

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