What Was Tiantian Kullander Net Worth at the Time of His Death?

Tiantian Kullander Net Worth: Co-founder of Hong Kong-based digital asset firm Amber Group Tiantian Kullander passed away on November 23. He was 30 years old. Many in the banking and finance industry were taken aback by the news of the upstart crypto startup's founder's death, which was announced in a statement late Sunday. Upon his passing, Tiantian Kullander was valued $3 billion, as reported by Newsunzip. In this article, we will read about Tiantian Kullander net worth, his early life, personal life and many other things. Keep reading.

Real Name Tiantian Z. Kullander
Nickname TT
Profession Entrepreneur and crypto personality
Age 30 [as of 2022]
Date of Birth 1992
Birthplace Hong Kong
Hometown Hong Kong
College Durham University
Hobbies Traveling
Famous For Co-founding Amber Group

Early Life of Tiantian Kullander

Hong Kong is the place where Tiantian Kullander was born in 1992. His birth sign is a mystery, but his full name is Tiantian Z. Kullander. He attended a private high school in his hometown all the way through to graduation.

Tiantian Kullander Net Worth

He continued his education at Durham University. His background and country of origin remain unknown. The same holds true for his family background; he has been silent on the subject.

Tiantian Kullander’s Career

Tiantian Kullander worked after graduating. He interned at investment bank Jefferies in 2011. He interned for a few months. Next year, he joined Goldman Sachs Structured Credit Trading. He oversaw PFI as an employee. He worked there for less than a year. He joined Morgan Stanley as an Emerging Markets Trader in 2013.

Tiantian Kullander Net Worth

He excelled at forex and macro trading. He also met Amber Group founders. In 2018, he founded Amber Group after five years at Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley invested in the bitcoin finance company.

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After watching Amber Group succeed, he founded Rook Labs in 2020. TT's Linkedin profile describes the firm as a “virtual mempool” that coordinates, captures, and distributes MEV from on-chain arbitrage, liquidations, system upkeep, and auctions among Defi apps, users, and keeper bots. In 2022, he joined the Fnatic executive team.

Tiantian Kullander Net Worth

It is believed that Tiantian Kullander has a net worth of $3 billion. Because he is one of the primary shareholders in the cryptocurrency companies Amber Group & Rook Labs, he has amassed a considerable wealth. Now that this is out of the way, he is free to spend his money in other enterprises and ventures.

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Tiantian Kullander Cause of Death

The details surrounding Tiantian Kullander's passing remain sketchy. He died peacefully in his sleep on November 23, 2022, as stated in an official statement released by Amber Group. His spouse has now verified the news. It is amazing that such a young celebrity would die of such a tragic reason.

Tiantian Kullander Net Worth

“Tiantian (or TT, as he was fondly called) was vital to the foundation of Amber and a pillar of our success,” reads a statement issued by Amber Group. He was committed to the company's success at every turn. He was a role model in terms of his intelligence, charity, humility, hard work, and inventiveness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Was Height & Weight of Tiantian Kullander?

Tiantian Kullander's weight is approximately 68 kilograms, and height is 5 feet 9 inches.

Was Tiantian Kullander Married?

Yes, he was a married married man and was a father to a boy.


Tiantian Kullander passed away on November 23 at the age of 30. He was co-founder of Amber Group, a Hong Kong-based digital asset firm. Tiantian Kullander is believed to have a net worth of $3 billion. He is one of the primary shareholders in Amber Group & Rook Labs. He died peacefully in his sleep on November 23, 2022, according to Amber Group's official statement.

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