Thor Ragnarok Review, What Made This Average Movie a Blockbuster

While many of you will be surprised and might disagree about the movie being an average, others would agree who watched it with critics eyes. While calling it average, we don't mean the experience to watch the movie was average, but the storyline and plot. We're so much into Marvel Studios movies that we liked almost everything they made.

If you have already watched the movie (which we believe the majority of you must have!), you would agree that it lost the charm several times. Still, it was Chris Hamsworth every time who made us to forget that instantly! While he was believed to be a “miscast” by some at the early stage of Thor and The Avengers, it turned out he was one of the most liked casting in all the Avengers.

Thor Ragnarok Overview

Thor: Ragnarok is an American superhero movie that's directed by Marvel Studios and released by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It is based on the Marvel Comics character Thor. It is the 17th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the sequel to Thor (2011) and Thor: The Dark World (2013). (MCU). Chris Hemsworth appears with Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett, Idris Elba, Jeff Goldblum, Tessa Thompson, Karl Urban, Mark Ruffalo, and Anthony Hopkins in the picture directed by Taika Waititi from a script by Eric Pearson and the writing duo of Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost.

As part of Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor: Ragnarok debuted in Los Angeles (LA) on October 10, 2017. It was released in the United States of America on November 3, 2017. The film garnered positive reviews for its performances and direction by Taika Waititi, as well as the action sequences and humour, with many critics hailing it as the greatest of the Thor films. It earned $854 million, making it the trilogy's highest-grossing picture and the ninth-highest-grossing movie of 2017. Thor: Love and Thunder, the sequel, will be released on May 6, 2022.

The total running time of the movie is 130 minutes. While the budget was as low as 180 million, Thor Ragnarok made a whooping 854 million after release. Making it a huge success commercially as well as highly liked among fans.

Thor Ragnarok Stars Cast

  • Chris Hemsworth
  • Tom Hiddleston
  • Cate Blanchett
  • Idris Elba
  • Jeff Goldblum
  • Tessa Thompson
  • Karl Urban
  • Mark Ruffalo
  • Anthony Hopkins

Thor Ragnarok Plot

Thor is held captive by the fire demon Surtur two years after the battle of Sokovia. Additionally, Surtur reveals that Thor's father Odin is no longer on their home planet Asgard. He adds that once Surtur joins his crown with the Eternal Flame that burns in Odin's vault, the realm will be destroyed at the foretold Ragnarök. Thor is set free, overcomes Surtur, and ascends to the throne, believing he has averted Ragnarök.

Thor Ragnarok sister
Thor's sister

When Thor returns to Asgard, he discovers Heimdall has vanished, and his estranged brother Loki has assumed the identity of Odin. Thor compels Loki to help him find their father after exposing him. With the assistance of Stephen Strange in the Sanctum Sanctorum in New York City, they track down Odin in Norway. Odin reveals that he is dying, that Ragnarök is approaching despite Thor's best attempts to avert it, and that his death will liberate his eldest child, Hela, from a long-ago captivity. Hela was the commander of Asgard's forces, and she and Odin conquered the Nine Realms together. Still, Odin imprisoned her and erased her from history because she had grown too greedy and powerful. As Thor and Loki watch, Odin passes away, and Hela appears, shattering Thor's hammer Mjolnir. She chases after the two as they try to leave through the Bifröst Bridge, pushing them into space. She destroys Asgard's army and kills the Warriors Three when she arrives.

Now that you're not seeing the charm of Thor while reading this article, do you really think the script is doing justice to the mighty name? ANd fulfilling our expectations as an audience? Let's check out some more! Loki and the gladiators arrive to save the citizens, and a contrite Skurge offers himself as a sacrifice to allow them to go. When Thor is confronted by Hela, he loses his right eye, but then sees Odin, who tells him that only Ragnarök can stop her. He sent Loki to collect Surtur's crown and enshrine it in the Eternal Flame. Surtur reincarnates and destroys Asgard, murdering Hela in the process.

Thor, now king, reconciles with Loki aboard the Grandmaster's spacecraft and chooses to lead his people to Earth. However, they are intercepted by a massive spaceship in a mid-credits sequence. The deposed Grandmaster is met by his former subjects in a post-credits scenario.

Wrap up

In no way do we demean the movie or the scriptwriters. It's just the collective opinion of several industry-wide recognised critics and reviewers. The movie, direction, graphics and pretty much everything was beyond satisfactory when seen from a fan's eyes, and if that's the only thing matters, then we're good.

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