Thirteen Lives Trailer Review: Shows the Real Story of the Thai Cave Rescue

Ron Howard, director of films such as Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind, is adapting another extraordinary accurate tale for the big screen in the gripping drama The Cave. The film depicts the true story of a vast network of brave men and women who saved 13 people from a leaking cave in 2018.

The terrifying experience that twelve teenage soccer players and their coach went through in Thailand in 2018 after becoming trapped in a cave for more than two weeks is depicted in the dramatic film Thirteen Lives. Their lives were seriously jeopardized since they had insufficient food and a restricted oxygen supply.

A special rescue operation carried out with the assistance of the Thai government and a group of divers, professionals, and military personnel from around the world made headlines worldwide.

Real-life cave divers Rick Stanton, John Volanthen, Harry Harris, and Chris Jewell are portrayed in the film by Viggo Mortensen, Colin Farrell, Joel Edgerton, and Tom Bateman, respectively. Each of these individuals had a significant role in the accomplishment depicted in the film.

The suspenseful atmosphere and the men's struggle to make decisions that could mean the difference between life and death are brought to life in the trailer for the film Thirteen Lives.

Trailer of Thirteen Lives

When it comes to navigating the cave, Farrell's character, Volanthen, has a saying that goes something like, “It seems easy, but when it's flooded, it's difficult.”

Later on, while trying to figure out how to safely get all 13 people the mile and a half from where they were trapped to the opening of the cave, Mortensen's character, Stanton, encapsulates the gravity of the situation as follows: “You try to dive those kids the whole way, all you'll be bringing out is dead bodies!”

In the end, Harris, also an anesthesiologist, gave the group sedatives to knock them out so they could be transferred safely without freaking out and putting themselves in danger.

During a press conference held online on June 27, Edgerton explained, “He understood that if he didn't give it a try, the chances were that the possibilities were that all the babies would perish regardless.”

The director, Howard, described the plot as “extremely dramatic, intense, and suspenseful” and ensured that the real-life divers were available to provide the actors with training and answer any questions regarding the expedition.


Mortensen continued his remarks at the press conference by stating, “They helped us to not only swim like them and move like them but also to be safe.” “We paid close attention to what was being said.”

Reenacting the scenes on the Australian set gave some actors an all too genuine feeling of what they were doing. Bateman remarked, “I'm claustrophobic, so I struggled pretty much every day” during their time in the elevator. Farrell, for his part, admitted that he was “nervous” throughout the entirety of the filming since “I can't swim.”

However, the real-life heroes were there at every step to assist the actors in conquering their anxieties, just as they had done with the lads when they were in the cave. Howard said, “When people pull together, wonderful things may happen.”

On Friday, July 29, Thirteen Lives will debut in cinemas around the country, and on Friday, August 5, it will become available to stream on Prime Video.

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