Third Option, Volta Redonda | in the Accompanying Draw, Keys Stands Alone in the Introduction to Santa Cruz the Holy Cross

The third option as a Santa Cruz goalkeeper was to have a positive lineup of archers trained at the Keys Silver Team Aruda. After Mikon Clayton and Jordan, he now stands alone. In his first game for the club’s professional player, at the age of 26, he excelled on the field in a goalless draw with Volta Redonta.

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In Raulino de Oliveira, Keys made four good saves, three of which came from outside shots. Shows security and calm when cross balls and goal exit. Eligible Quality 7.5

Keys Goalkeeper – Photo: Revelation

Keys played in the triangular youth divisions until 2014. Later, he played for clubs in the United States, namely USA and Flamenco-PE. This year he defended Free Palestine by playing in five matches of the Cerkipano Championship. Even without the rhythm, it didn’t disappoint.

Whitinho: Had to play for him and Derlick. He tried to hide his comrade and was in danger of climbing to attack. 5.5

Verinton: 4,5
Brno Calicsto: 4
Jr. Sergei: 4
Eduardo: 4
Terley: 4
Little Piggy: 5
France: 4
Lucas Potatoes: 4.5
Wallace: 3,5
Matson: 4
Carl: 4,5
Frank: 3,5
Fustamonde: He played for a short time. No quality
Leo Kuchcho: Finally entered. No quality

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