Things You Should Know About Akudama Drive

After witnessing Kodaka's work on the Danganronpa franchise series, Tagushi was motivated to work on the series Akudama Drive, and the two agreed to collaborate. Kodaka's first draught of equally villainous protagonists was inspired by Quentin Tarantino's 1992 film Reservoir Dogs. The project was approved when Pierrot presented his ideas to Too Kyo Games, and Pierrot was asked to collaborate in creating appealing action scenes. In Japan, a manga adaptation has been serialised, and a character CD soundtrack has been published.

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What is Akudama Drive All About?

After a war in which Kant dropped a bomb on Kansai, a new Kansai city was created past the destroyed spot and turned into a vassal state. The Kansai Police Force and the Executioners, who have unique authorization to murder particularly prominent Akudama on-site, work together to supervise offenders known as Akudama.

An anonymous customer sends a message to many competent Akudama, requesting that they release a death row prisoner named Cutthroat before their execution, with the promise of a hefty reward.

Four Akudama accept the challenge and make their way to Kansai Police Headquarters in the hopes of earning a large sum of money. Once inside, they learn that the assignment was part of a broader ploy by their client to get them to collaborate on a bigger job: infiltrating the Shinkansen and stealing valuable goods from a vault at the head of the train.

A low-level Hoodlum who was accidently broken out of jail during the original theft and an average female arrested on a minor charge but obliged to keep up the look of a Swindler are roped into the mission. The squad must work together to complete the task while evading the Executioners who are closing in on them. They had no idea that their work is linked to a horrible mystery about Kant, Kansai, and the justice of a human heart.

akudama drive

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Let's Know the Characters

Akudama  Voiced by Macy Anne Johnson

When she meets Courier, a young woman working at the Kansai Seal Office inadvertently becomes labelled as a criminal. To escape being killed by other Akudama, the girl claims to be a thief named “Swindler” after saving what she believed was a black cat.

Courier voiced by Jonah Scott

A terse guy who, as long as he is paid, is capable to delivering any type of items to any addressee. He has been labelled an Akudama and sentenced to 765 years in prison for the contents of his deliveries and the methods he uses to make them. He relies extensively on his motorbike for transit, escape, and assault, since it is equipped with cables and a built-in railgun, and he also carries firearms as a precaution. He guards the siblings till the last end, when he succumbs to blood loss calmly.

Brawler voiced by Zeno Robinson

An inhumanely powerful fistfighter who adores fighting and just uses his fists as a weapon. His penchant for starting fights and his ability to defy Executioners and police robots alike have earned him a 348-year sentence. Because he is a simpleton, he is easily tricked and resorts to brutal force to solve problems, yet he never abandons his passion for fighting. He was thought to have died in a battle with Master, but it was later discovered that he died of blood loss due to an old wound.

Hacker voiced by Y. Chang

A skilled hacker capable of infiltrating any remotely accessible system. He is in charge of two movable and reconfigurable drones that may be used as hacking tools, weapons, or a homemade hoverboard. Hacker, who is bored with life, considers his illicit tasks like regular games, earning him a 589-year sentence.

Doctor voiced by Brittany Lauda

Her primary weapons are scalpels, which she swings like throwing knives. She is a beautiful expert surgeon, chemist, and all-around medical practitioner. Her medical skills also enables her to cure herself nearly rapidly from injuries, including some that would ordinarily be deadly, by stitching them up.

She betrays the siblings after saving them in order to get her Akudama status and 432-year sentence lifted, and she goes on the hunt for them in order to find a means to control death and life itself. Before she can cure herself, she is slain by Hoodlum and crushed by the mob.

Hoodlum voiced by Kellen Goff

During the Cutthroat theft, a chinpira serving a four-year term at a Kansai jail was unintentionally released. To live, he sucks up to Brawler, but after cutting out Pupil's eye, he considers the latter a genuine buddy. Due to his sadness over Brawler's death, he is deceived by Doctor into becoming her lackey, and after Swindler's pledge of faith in him, he turns against her. Doctor stabs him in the back after slashing her carotid artery.

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Wrapping Up

Since 2014, the series has been in the works. Fans of the steampunk and criminal genres should check out the anime, according to Kodaka. During the production of the series, Kodaka had the notion that the primary characters would be villains. Kaih and Kodaka had several discussions while writing the anime's screenplay, and Taguchi was allowed to determine how to handle it once it was completed.  In terms of storyboards, art director Yoshio Tanioka received assistance from the directors of each episode.