How to Find a Thermal Weapon in Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 3?

Fortnite users who possess the Chapter 3, Season 2 Battle Pass will be able to gain the Prowler, who will join the ranks of characters like Moon Knight, Black Widow, and Spider-Man himself.

Obtaining his skin in-game, however, takes more than simply rising up, as seen by the addition of new tasks this week, which players must accomplish in order to gain access to their whole set of gear.

The Fortnite Prowler skin, as well as his built-in Emote, can be obtained by completing all of his tasks, which can be found under the Quests page in the Map menu. His bonus “Mark of the Prowler” weapon skin.

Which can be obtained by headshotting three opponents with a thermal weapon, is one of the mission's rewards; this guide will accompany players through the objective, telling them where to acquire a thermal weapon in order to obtain the special wrap.

What Is a Thermal Weapon in Fortnite?

What Is a Thermal Weapon
What Is a Thermal Weapon

When using a thermal weapon, you may detect heat signatures while shooting via the sights. When an adversary is in the distance, it is much simpler to notice them. Only when zoomed in will you be able to observe heat signatures; hence, simply holding the thermal weapon in your inventory will not be sufficient to trigger the effect.

Currently, there is just one thermal weapon available in Fortnite, which is the Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle. This pistol is available in two different rarities: Epic and Legendary. As a result, you should disregard any scoped guns that aren't purple or orange in color while trying to locate one.

You can consume a Thermal Fish to see heat signatures without having to equip any weapons if you like the thermal effect but don't want to be restricted by the scope. If you intend to use Thermal Fish frequently, however, make sure to stock up on plenty of them before you begin to experience this effect.

Where to Find a Thermal Weapon?

Where to Find a Thermal Weapon
Where to Find a Thermal Weapon

A thermal weapon is presently available in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 – the Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle – and it is the only variety available. Players are most likely to discover them in chests, fishing places, and, on rare occasions, as floor loot if they have a rarity of Blue or above.

This highly sought-after weapon may be extremely tough to get, yet there is one guaranteed drop location on the map.

Huntmaster Saber
Huntmaster Saber

Known as the Huntmaster Saber, this monster may be located in a variety of locales around The Island. A member of the Imagined Order, he aids in the leadership of the struggle against the Seven and travels to wherever that conflict may take place on the planet.

This week, the Battle for Coney Crossroads is in full swing, which means he may be located in the middle of the IO Airship at that location. He will very certainly move as the season unfolds and the struggle progresses. Taking down Saber will not be simple, though, for the Airship is densely populated with IO guards.

Players should prioritize landing on the blimp first, acquiring weapons, shielding up, and dealing with any annoying players before attempting to take on the boss. Taking on the monster should be done last.

Concentrate on taking down the lesser IO Guards, clearing the Airship, and snatching the unvaulted Jetpack as quickly as can. Head down to the lower levels to aggro Saber and begin chipping away at his health – if you're playing in a group, enlist the assistance of your teammates if possible.

Huntmaster Saber
Huntmaster Saber

Saber has the ability to teleport around the Airship, thus players should attempt to bring him up to the main level of the airship, which provides the most room for combat. The key to bringing him down is to maintain a safe distance.

While his Mythic weapon is fairly imprecise, as is typical of most bots, it can deal some considerable damage. In addition, he possesses a short-range spin strike that drags in opponents and does 40 damage in one hit.

Because the main region provides lots of space for players to fly away and cover some ground before Saber can teleport them back to the starting point, having a Jetpack is advantageous.

In addition to this, make sure you have enough ammunition to take him down. There are a good number of ammo boxes and chests for players to plunder on board the Airship, but don't be afraid to flee if the conflict becomes too fierce for your liking.

Huntmaster Saber
Huntmaster Saber

Due to the fact that Saber cannot replenish his health or shield, players may always return to finish him off. Then, after he dies, takes the Mythic Thermal Rifle from his body and starts shooting people in the head.

Fortunately, Loopers are not needed to headshot human people in order for the challenge to be successful; instead, striking the skulls of IO bots on Airships or at Battle Sites will do the trick.

Players in teams that are deficient in bots can also aim for the heads of downed players, who are considerably easier targets than standing players. After you've taken three headshots, go to the Quests menu and you should see that one of the Prowler tasks has been completed.

Fortnite is presently available on Android, the Nintendo Switch, the PC, the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 5, the Xbox One, and the Xbox Series S/X.


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Here's A Gameplay Clip For Better Understanding

Where to Find Io Hunter and Get Thermal Weapon?

IO Hunter
IO Hunter

During the last wave of the battle between The Seven and the IO, an IO Hunter will spawn and attack. For this week, the combat and the IO Hunter may be found near Coney Crossroads, underneath the blimp where Huntmaster Saber is stationed.

Get a weapon you're comfortable with and a good supply of ammo, then take down any IO Guards you come across in the vicinity of the base. In order to appear, the player must reach the third wave of the game. He's the adversary with the two health bars above his head on his chest.

When the IO Hunter is defeated, he will drop an Epic Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle as a reward.

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